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How to connect.

Using your favorite MUD client connect to: dbinfinity.bounceme.net port: 4000


The first thing you're going to want to do in game is type HELP START...

I'm not going to detail every command you can learn and a lot can be learned from the helpfiles within the game if you are especially new.

Typing "hlist newb" will list quit a few helpfiles that are useful.

Continue north and follow the prompts for the Elder Kai. SAY SPIRIT, WEAR ALL twice, and then I highly suggest you say LEARN. If you have other plans you can continue but the easiest mobs (fightable non-playable character (NPC)) in the game are within the tutorial, and one of the only mobs in the game that will heal you.

After you say learn you'll wander north and meet Krillin. PRACtice your skills at Krillin, you can see what you have available by typing ALIST or SLIST.

For example, while in the same room as Krillin type:

prac punch

prac kick

You'll want to check out HELP SKILLTREE right about now. There is no advanced skill tree to show every ability, just keep progressing your skills and you'll unlock them all.

You'll then want to KILL KRILLIN (don't worry he'll come back) and this will begin combat... start using punch and kick and as you raise those skills you will unlock more skills to train. You've now learned 90% of how to get stronger! Raise your powerlevel (PL) and fight bigger guys!

If you want to raise your skills a bit you can also start fights with a technique from your alist/slist. Try 'punch krillin' and you'll start the fight out swinging! This reduces the damage you do with that technique by half and you'll still get some fight lag but you can use it here to raise up kick and punch if you want.

After you are satisfied with destroying Krillin head eastward to Yajirobe and answer his questions, and then after that head to the next room to destroy Saibamen (100 PL) until they drop a key for you.

Puar on the east side of this area teaches you about recovering, and the exit door is to the west.

Ahead in the next area is Tien (200 PL), he is much like Krillin but stronger, and can also help you PRACtice your alist/slist, and SAY HURT to get a free heal. To the west is a small shop ran by Bulma, and Roshi teaches you more about healing to the north. You can work on tien for a while and raise some skills or move on. I prefer to raise punch and kick to 50% to unlock second attack.

Bulma teaches you an important trick, ANALYZE can be used to see stats about your equipment you wear, and also in shops. ANA BUY <item name> will do the trick. Try: ANA BUY BAND.

Buy two of the bands (one for each wrist), a vest, a backpack, and maybe a few of the orbs in case you get lost in the dark. If you don't have enough money just murder Tien a few times. He drops 1000 zeni and you should be able to afford anything from the shop quickly.

Note: It is suggested for Konatsu, and some other races who have access to slash like Ghetti, to complete this next part to get their first sword. Otherwise you'll need to travel to Sonata right away to get one for a Konatsu (HELP SWORD in game), and other races might not have an option for some time. It is required to use some skills.

Up ahead in the next are is Goten and Trunks. They give you a quick tutorial on how a lot of the quests work within DBI. SAY RADAR to know which room north of them to look for the dragon ball. Look for the highlighted words and follow the prompts. I >>really<< suggest you figure this out on your own to familiarize yourself with how quests and navigating works within DBI, but if you're stumped look below for a spoiler. Just pay attention to room descriptions and return to Goten and SAY RADAR between each ball. If you prefer to skip it entirely Trunks suggests "If you would like to skip the Dragon Radar quest say: I know they're not real Dragonballs"

Through the next area Vegeta will teach you about stats. Sorry Vegeta there is no more gravity training!

Navigate a bit further and you'll find Majin Buu (350 PL) that you can fight a few times if you'd like.

Next up is Piccolo who will explain speed tests to you. They appear a few times in areas of the mud, pay attention to your radar and run through quickly so you don't get stuck. If you're having trouble the directions are north, ne, e, nw, w, n, nw, n, u, u. Or alternatively type 'speedwalk nqerwnrnuu'.

Further north is Supreme Kai, follow his prompts and agree to the rules and you will receive a Halo which is a permanent light that you can use up till 1 million PL.

And last stop on your trip is Goku. He'll reward you with a shard of the z-sword which is a held item. If wearing this takes off your backpack try WEAR BACKPACK BACK to wear it on your back instead of holding it.

You can start wandering around in the real world now or continue onto the next page for ideas of what to do!

Tips & Tricks

Personally I hate the standard prompt and like a more condensed one that fits onto one line. This is up to you, feel free to copy the ones below or check out HELP PROMPT for your own options.

prompt &WL:&Y%h &WKi:&C%m &WPL:(&z%x&W/&R%P&W) &G$&g%g %Y&D

fprompt &WL:&Y%h &Wvs &R%y &WKi:&C%m &WPL:(&z%x&W/&R%P&W) AR:&O%z %Y&D

Almost everything can be shortened when you type. You can type SCORE or just SC. This doesn't work for all things since it will default to another command. Such as PUNCH not working as PUN, your character will attempt to do the PUNT social (emote) instead. The game also supports aliases that you can make yourself. Try this one out:

alias 2 punch

Now you can just type "2" and you'll punch!

CONFIG +MOBILE will help you shorten a few things. The biggest one is that it will auto target a mob in the room by just using the "K" command by itself, no need to type out KILL KRILLIN. It will also prevent you from attacking something much stronger than you (in theory).

CONFIG +GAG will reduce the spam you see in battle. Gets rid of hits that do 0 and dodges and blocks from your output.

CONFIG +BRIEF removes room descriptions, turn this one on after you've explored an area, ignoring room descriptions could make you miss something.

Do not forge to go repair often! Your armor will get worn down and you will take more damage.

When you first start using a skill you might think it is weaker than a previous, as percents go up so does damage.

How do I gain PL and Stats?

There's a multitude of factors that determine how much PL you gain when fighting.

The biggest one is your current powerlevel vs the Mobs current powerlevel.

HELP GTIERS This shows you what ranges of PL you should be at vs a Mob to gain most effectively. I usually like to gain closer to x2 so I can fight longer and take less damage. There is a large fall off from gains after x2 however. And when you reach x5 something, you stop gaining altogether.

HELP GAINS. Are you in PK mode? Being a non-hardcore player and being in PK red will get you up to +20% gains. Being hardcore actually comes with a -15% penalty.

Wearing gear can increase your stats and your PL gains. PL gains from equipment will cap out at 20% and stat gains do not cap out, but are dependent on what gear you have. With some of the very best gear in the game you can get around 35% extra stat growth, but don't worry, this takes a long time.

Stats? The best way is to keep fighting and using skills. As you fight Mobs your stats will increase over time. You can also use the workout commands: pushup, situp, and shadowbox. Or you can meditate to raise Spirit. Workouts aren't usually as time effective for stat gains till much much later in your career. I like to find mobs within my powerup range that show green AND yellow +'s next to their name (config +autosense once you have sense maxed, HELP SENSE in game). If you find mobs that sense with both green and yellow that means they're about equal to you but just a little above. You gain stats dependent on your stats compared to an opponent.

It can be tempting to turn on PK Red to gain faster. However with higher gains your stats will struggle more to keep up. A lot of people prefer to gain in PK white and stay in powerup to balance their gains and stats. You can do this however you want and see which you prefer. Stats are incredibly important but PL is still a large factor as well.

Trunks and Goten Quest Spoiler

Radar Map

O - O - 3 - O - O

| X | X | X | X |

2 - O - O - O - 5

| X | X | X | X |

O - O - O - O - O

| X | X | X | X |

O - 4 - O - 1 - O

Go to the corresponding # and do the following commands:

1 - look tree, type tree, leave

2 - enter, leave

3 - push boulder, n, leave

4 - look nest, search

5 - say riddle, say secret

6 - look pond, down, up

7 - type staircase, nw, ne, enter, ne, e, up, head into the next area


Krillin - 50 200 zeni

Saibaman - 100 200 zeni

Tien - 200 1000 zeni

Majin Buu - 350 1000 zeni

Guide submissions / Errors

If you'd like to help with these guides or have suggestions/errors please email:

db _ infinity _ maps AT gmail dot com

Take out the underscores, AT = @, and put a period instead of the word.