Shadowbrook Quest

This information is taken from the DBI notebook and has not recently been verified to be working. There are no credits on the document, so thank you to whoever.

Shadow Earth:: Shadowbrook


  1. Begin by going northwest from the room one south of the portal

  2. continue going northwest and north until you hit a room with all 4 exits NSWE

  3. go west from the crossroads until you can go Northwest or southwest, Go Northwest

  4. go north until you hit a farm house, get the wax candle and the journal out of the table

  5. go south and southeast, and then east until you get back to the NSWE room

  6. go north, northeast, east, south

  1. Get Matches box

  2. Hold the matches to light the candle

  3. go north west northwest east and north until you hit the oak tree room

  4. The key should spawn in your inventory

  5. Go back to the farmhouse, and east north of the entrance is a well

  6. unlock down

  7. go all down and east talk to the prophet

  8. say Fate, and he'll give you two options, say "I will help you defeat Banos." (or similar) and he'll give you a keystone

  9. go northeast north and you'll come to a split passageway east and west

  10. go West, follow it around until you go to the rift

  11. go south into the rift and you'll be teleported to a cave

  12. go all the way north and down (be sure you have something with water breathing)

  13. go all the way south, and southwest then northwest and up (“speedwalk nnddytsyru” from entrance)

  14. you'll be in a room with a pedestel, Push arrow and walk southeast, northeast southeast southwest down south southwest east southeast southwest south south southeast (approximately) as fast as you can, the door south from there should be open (speedwalk dtqtydsyetsts)

  15. go in and say Banos, he'll give you a talisman, and port you back to the entrance of the caves

  16. Go back to the split passageway and go east this time

  17. Follow it around and go into the rift

  18. from here explore the area until you find the Chained demon towards the north of the area

  19. Say "yes"

  20. and say the option he gives you afterwards "I will collect ten spirits for you" or something similar (Punctuation is important)

  21. He'll give you a soul snare

  22. Go back up to shadowbrook and kill the vexed spirits for a chance to get the captured spirits ** NOTE:: They only spawn at night mud time

  1. Once you've collected ten spirits bring them back to the chained demon and turn them in for the Shadow Dragon Fang

  2. bring the fang to the shrine southwest a bit and east from the chained demon

  3. drop the fang, and sacrifice it at Midnight Mud time to get the "Shadow Dragon Blade"

  4. go west and northwest and southwest and wield the shadow dragon blade to kill the Hellbeast. You'll get the second banos fragment

  5. go back to the split passage and you will auto-drop the 2 shards to get the fragment

  6. Bring the fragment back to the prophet, and he'll give you the blue keystone

  7. Go southeast south from the prophet to get to the southern Split passage

  8. Take the east path and enter the rift, Go to the shrine in the center of the map, and put the candle inside, It'll teleport you inside

  9. answer the riddles west, east, and south of the altar

  10. The East riddle is "A candle"

  11. the West riddle is "fireworks"

  12. the south riddle is "Nothing"

  13. go north to the altar, and you'll get a beryl stone

  14. put the stone in the altar to be teleported down

  15. go south, and say yes, Kill the knight and you'll get the first Castheon shard

  16. take the West passage now and you'll be in a desert area

  17. Go southeast till you can go east, then go northeast

  18. you'll come to a sandstorm, Go north north to get to the Heart of the Sandstorm

  19. from there go northwest, west, north, northwest then north

  20. Tell the merchant You're here to go into the pyramid

  21. He'll ask you for 10 million zeni, say you don't have that much zeni and he'll give you a key

  22. go back into the sandstorm, and go east until you get back to the heart of the sandstorm, go south, and southwest to get out

  1. go back out to shadowbrook, and go north of the oak tree in the cemetery..

  2. Unlock the door, and go north, Kill the monster inside to get the Fragment of Sacred Edge

  3. Repeat steps 44-47

  4. The merchant will take the shard, and give you the pyramid key

  5. Repeat step 50

  6. go southeast until you hit the pyramid

  7. Unlock the door, and put the pyramid key in your bag

  8. go southeast, and the pyramid key will attempt to drop, but won't because it's in your bag

  9. go south, east, and northwest until you hit the casket

  10. say yes, and you'll get the other castheon shard

  11. go back to the split passage, and both castheon shards will drop, and you'll get the fragment

  12. go back to the prophet, and he'll give you the great keystone

  13. go to the opposite side of the prophet, southeast and northwest, and west

  14. go west twice, and kill banos, castheon, and banocastheon to get the head of banocastheon

  15. Turn in the head to the prophet to to get either The devil's mark (power), The Devil's wings( don't remember) and The devil's halo (also don't remember)