All Changes

This is a complete text dump of changes dating back to 2010 (or so) if anyone has a longer list saved somewhere please send them my way. Yokai in game or my email is listed on the home page.

[ 0] Luke      05/20/10 if you encounter any reset problems in levithan... don't bother telling me, you're SOL

[ 1] Ryune     05/22/10 Help events has been updated                           

[ 2] Rendo     05/22/10 Knockdown attacks drop you out of Zanzoken             

[ 3] Luke      05/23/10 help rules and help sharing updated                    

[ 4] Luke      05/25/10 pocket aces have been rebalanced                       

[ 5] Luke      05/26/10 a couple small bugs in arlia fixed                     

[ 6] Luke      05/26/10 coral necklace pl req lowered to 25m                   

[ 7] Luke      05/26/10 *most* everything on Eve can now be targetted using the syntax "eve"

[ 8] Luke      05/26/10 I fixed a few things in castle vegeta as well as gave some of the drops some boosts

[ 9] Luke      05/27/10 if for any reason you have a serrated edges knife with more than 9 maximun damage turn it in or I will rape your face

[10] Kilan     05/27/10 Newbietalk channel added for supernoobs who don't know we don't have a newbie channel. It links to the ASK channel.

[11] Kilan     05/27/10 Gained command gone, PL/KI gained info shows up on sparcheck.

[12] Kilan     05/28/10 Fullreport. Displays LF, Ki, PL, stats, armor, zeni, gained PL, and gained ki.

[13] Kilan     05/28/10 And Dam+, pDEF, eDEF, eDAM.                            

[14] Luke      05/28/10 for some reason the resets for a handful of boss mobs on eve were missing, this has been fixed

[15] Kilan     05/28/10 All changes prior to 5/20/10 have been deleted. 291 changes is ridiculous.

[16] Kilan     05/28/10 "Freport" added as an abbreviation to fullreport.      

[17] Luke      05/28/10 bread problem fixed, don't listen to Rendo :b          

[18] Rendo     05/31/10 antihc flag added                                      

[19] Rendo     05/31/10 SC or SHC androids attempting to make cpu/cores for fusion have them set to antiHC

[20] Rendo     05/31/10 %G and %K added to prompts for plgained and kigained on login

[21] Rendo     05/31/10 Androids get split form.                               

[22] Rendo     05/31/10 Except Moses                                           

[23] Kilan     06/02/10 Made a few minor tweaks here and there.                

[24] Kilan     06/02/10 "Suppress check" command added so you can check what you have your suppress PL set to, without having to suppress to look, or retype it every time just in case.

[25] Kilan     06/02/10 Analyze now shows item weight                          

[26] Rendo     06/02/10 Kilan needs to learn how to code again, suppress check crash fixed

[27] Kilan     06/03/10 Changed mob name that drops BoH to something more appropriate.

[28] Kilan     06/04/10 Bug with analyze and containers fixed.                 

[29] Rendo     06/04/10 Mpdamage changed/fixed.  THINGS CAN AND WILL KILL YOU NOW.  Don't be stupid. :P

[30] Rendo     06/05/10 BBK learned % shit fixed                               

[31] Rendo     06/06/10 Zan Instant sets your focus to 0 because you're totally too busy being super speedy to maintain any focus.

[32] Kilan     06/07/10 Config +/- norestore added, for those pesky restores that just piss you off when you're trying to medgain/LLG. Also, restores display to the admin doing the restore now.

[33] Luke      06/07/10 newbie capsule bug fixed                               

[34] Rendo     06/07/10 Death room in AL disconnected, automatically transports you to the next room in a tick.  Winnerz.

[35] Kilan     06/08/10 Added anti-cheating measures for restores.             

[36] Kilan     06/09/10 Status command changed to pstatus, status command now shows shipstatus like IT FUCKING ALWAYS SHOULD HAVE, YOU DUMBSHIT KARMA.

[37] Rendo     06/09/10 % clan/admin channel bug fixed.  You fags can stop crashing it now.

[38] Kilan     06/10/10 Raz'N'Lak cape changed to back wearloc, like it SHOULD HAVE BEEN. WTF.

[39] Kilan     06/10/10 Cape is both about and back.                           

[40] Kilan     06/17/10 OBC typos fixed.                                       

[41] Luke      06/27/10 Fixed loads of typos in Cordican. Adjusted mob stats, zeni, drop rates, drop programs. Adjusted the spacesuit item, lower stats no armor but gives aquabreath.

[42] Kilan     06/28/10 Pet social added.                                      

[43] Kilan     06/29/10 illegalpk helpfile added, NO THANKS TO MOSES           

[44] Zero      06/30/10 Ok, I'm not so lazy and I proved it! See -> Help newbiecommands

[45] Rendo     07/01/10 Command added for Luke, potential and added trains transfer over on fusions if the seconday > stats/potential.  NOPK gains upped to 80% of normal.

[46] Rendo     07/01/10 Read announcement about change                         

[47] Borfin    07/01/10 Help 'bashing spots' added for nubbinses lost after Newbie Academy.

[48] Zero      07/04/10 All races (except tuffle) have a skill hfile now. Type <help ???skills>. kgr8thx

[49] Luke      07/10/10 spacesuits should actually give aquabreath this time   

[50] Luke      07/14/10 fixed a few things around cordican and eve today, added something special, but you'll only find it on a "lucky" day.

[51] Rendo     07/19/10 Capsule Corporation has opened another wing of its research facilities to the public - this area is good for people of PL 1m-100m.

[52] Rendo     07/19/10 Clan PK bug fixed.                                     

[53] Borfin    07/19/10 Jeweler now accepts Amethyst shit!                     

[54] Borfin    07/19/10 Jeweler never runs out of money or has too much shit on his hands now.

[55] Borfin    07/19/10 EVER.                                                  

[56] Borfin    07/20/10 minor bug in ccarrf fixed.  go nuts.                   

[57] Borfin    07/22/10 Changed some things you probably won't notice unless you're Rekoya.

[58] Luke      08/01/10 The shadowbrook bug should be fixed. Be cautious though, any programs involving 'time' are not exact for whatever reason beyond my control.

[59] Borfin    08/02/10 Made it impossible to crash the MUD by doing something in ToM that shouldn't crash the MUD but does so now you can't.

[60] Ryune     08/10/10 King Yemma's Soul Box is now noauction.                

[61] Borfin    08/11/10 Capsule Corp research has opened another wing: Super Android 13!  See announce.

[62] Borfin    08/12/10 Fixed some things that are annoying to have broken but were broke.  And now aren't.

[63] Ryune     08/13/10 Savage Demon King in Yemma's Vault got a pl reduction due to the slay progs.

[64] Borfin    08/19/10 Changed bladed anklets/bracers.  If you have them, send me a tell.

[65] Borfin    08/20/10 Also changed engraved anklets/bracers.  Alert me and have them exchanged.

[66] Borfin    08/21/10 Glittering Fragments adjusted.  See me for turnin.  Be kapwned if you do not.

[67] Rendo     08/22/10 Quotes section added to the forums                     

[68] Luke      09/02/10 Uberasks room can no longer be abused                  

[69] Borfin    09/02/10 Bloodstone Gauntlets, Saiyan Commander Armor and Saiyan Infantry Armor have been nerfed hard.  Turn yours in or you WILL be pwnaged.  Send me a note if you have it.

[70] Borfin    09/02/10 Adjusted Royal Icerian Ear Clasps, since they're as rare as they are.  IWant new ones?  Pester me.

[71] Luke      09/04/10 fixed kitars                                           

[72] Rendo     09/08/10 help fusion updated for crybaby queers                 

[73] Rendo     09/13/10 Konatsu mods and stats tweaked.                        

[74] Picard    09/13/10 i have mudding and coding working on phone...  i > you...

[75] Borfin    09/14/10 Talling fails at build.                                

[76] Luke      09/16/10 Help RPREWARDS has been updated.                       

[77] Rendo     09/17/10 New rule.  Batman would beat Snake.  Arguing in favour of Snake = banned.

[78] Rendo     09/17/10 Additional new rule.  If you don't call Raykar something offensive when he logs on, you're banned.  100% serious.

[79] Picard    09/17/10 MCCP (mud compression crap) i believe is crashing us.  Does anyone realy use this?  I mean seriously get out of dialup..  I will be looking to either A: upgrade it or B: remove it.  

[80] Rendo     09/18/10 If the MUD shutsdown for any reason, don't bug me, NHL 11 is mine.

[81] Picard    09/18/10 temporarily disabled mccp to see if it prevents crashes..

[82] Picard    09/19/10 bug for logging in and putting your name in twice fixed..

[83] Picard    09/19/10 all mccp crap gone.  no negative affect notice.  except for the no crashes :o)

[84] Rendo     09/19/10 Fixed newship issue, die in a fire.                    

[85] Picard    09/19/10 well newship really fixed...                           

[86] Picard    09/20/10 hard limits set on hcalc to prevent stupidity...       

[87] Picard    09/20/10 fixed the gunseat bug..                                

[88] Picard    09/20/10 sigattacks aren't broke seinks is just to l33t for the coding.  and i'm not fixing it right now.  dont' use double quotes use single quotes..

[89] Luke      09/22/10 Help Benchmarkrewards added.                           

[90] Luke      09/22/10 Help Benchmarkrewards2 added.                          

[91] Picard    09/22/10 unbridled fury added to dual hydian fusion             

[92] Borfin    09/22/10 Super Android 13 mobs tweaked.  Some hit harder, some hit softer, some hit with certain requirements, some don't.

[93] Borfin    09/23/10 Poisonous drafts nerfed after consideration.  Expect slightly more danger.

[94] Borfin    09/23/10 Bethany's hands can no longer be full.                 

[95] Borfin    09/23/10 Isaac's hands can no longer be full.                   

[96] Borfin    09/23/10 Gamma Program's hands can no longer be full.           

[97] Picard    09/23/10 now lower immortals can't pcrename upper ones..        

[98] Picard    09/24/10 ggm now adds a very small amount to gold gains...      

[99] Picard    09/25/10 "restore all hate" added when the mud pisses us off.  It sends everyone to 1 lifeforce and 1 ki.  

[100] Picard    09/25/10 did some code optimizing in racetalk.  let me know if i broke it..

[101] Picard    09/25/10 flag pain added for rooms at the request of ryune.  it won't kill you but make it easy for mobs to pwn you...

[102] Picard    09/25/10 the void in frieza's castle has pain now too.  just because i love it soo much

[103] Borfin    09/27/10 No more ITing into Deadzone.  You actually have to do the quest.  Deal.

[104] Borfin    09/28/10 Speedwalk is no longer allowed in Frieza void.         

[105] Borfin    09/28/10 KOS-MOS made slightly more evil.  Beware on smob day!  

[106] Picard    09/28/10 customizable hate messages added for imms              

[107] Borfin    09/28/10 Convenient zipper added for pleasuring Picard          

[108] Borfin    09/29/10 Can no longer hide in Jeweler room due to freaky bug shit.  Also, Jeweler is now ITable, as was intended from the start.

[109] Borfin    09/29/10 Slight change to Yardrat cuz Kilan is boobs.           

[110] Borfin    09/29/10 Missed a room prog I added years ago in jeweler.  Derp.

[111] Rendo     09/30/10 restore all hate doesn't set you to 1hp/ki if you're fighting

[112] Luke      10/02/10 aurora bandages have been nerfed cause they're crazy hax. let me know if there are any problems.

[113] Borfin    10/03/10 The Jeweler has packed his junk and moved from lowly Penguin Village to the Constellation of Endurance!

[114] Borfin    10/03/10 It should be worth noting that after the changes SA13 greatly unfavors melee spam-attackers and favors people who try to match something's PL and actually type commands to kill it.

[115] Picard    10/03/10 penguin_village is poofed.                             

[116] Borfin    10/03/10 MAN WHAT A SHITTY AREA IT WAS ANYWAY.                  

[117] Borfin    10/04/10 No longer possible to crash MUD by doing bad things in jingle village.  YOU BAD BAD PEOPLE.  NAUGHTY.

[118] Borfin    10/04/10 Can no longer crash the MUD by being a fuckwad in vessen

[119] Borfin    10/04/10 Also, if you find a way to get to Penguin Village that we missed, alert us.  You are NOT supposed to get there.  thanks

[120] Ryune     10/08/10 Channelrules updated                                   

[121] Borfin    10/12/10 Made Popo, more Popo.                                  

[122] Borfin    10/14/10 Popo is no longer pacifist.  I would really advise against attacking him though.

[123] Borfin    10/14/10 In other words, Popo will @&#^ you up.                 

[124] Picard    10/15/10 pain flag tweaked because i guess i'm too nazi         

[125] Picard    10/15/10 pain tweaked it takes 5 life.  and 10 max ki per tick. 

[126] Borfin    10/17/10 Monkey's Paw buffed due to popular demand              

[127] Rendo     10/18/10 Gordo PK abuse cheater issue fixed.                    

[128] Luke      10/20/10 fixed some things around leviathan                     

[129] Ryune     10/28/10 Lowered drop rate on Testament and Fixed minor bugs with PotK

[130] Ryune     10/28/10 by lowered i mean made harder                          

[131] Ryune     10/29/10 Fang Scouters Fixed, They now have a scan limit.       

[132] Ryune     10/30/10 Fixed some key issues with PoTKs.                      

[133] Ryune     10/30/10 Old Fang Scouters need to be exchanged. Failure will result in a steal of them.

[134] Ryune     11/03/10 Z-Sword is now non-transferable.                       

[135] Ryune     11/10/10 multi-lined macros now include the clause: Multi-line macros/aliases include, but are not limited to entering multiple commands at once via cut and paist.

[136] Rendo     11/24/10 Pain flag removed from FC,  it made the area useless. :P  Not cool Picard, not cool.

[137] Rendo     11/28/10 All SMOBS now have an mpdelay upon death stopping the same person from chain killing.

[138] Borfin    11/30/10 It was done yesterday, but nocontainer put all bug was fixed by Rendo.

[139] Rendo     12/02/10 Tomb Demon's don't drop zeni anymore.                  

[140] Ryune     12/03/10 You can no longer gain off of Tomb Demons.             

[141] Ryune     12/07/10 Tomb demons are gainable again so that drop loads, however they are extremely evil now...You have been warned.

[142] Ryune     12/07/10 Evilness Removed from Tomb demons. Problem = Fixed, Not gainable again

[143] Borfin    12/19/10 Made some items in Super 13 different.                 

[144] Rendo     12/19/10 Mpdamage should be fixed, shut upz.                    

[145] Borfin    12/19/10 Stuff happened.                                        

[146] Rendo     12/25/10 Jerk move?  Maybe.  After using the HBTC you must have 2.5 hours of logged play to enter.

[147] Borfin    12/30/10 The Vendetta Spacestation is now in on Furiza.  Go die in it.

[148] Borfin    12/30/10 As always, report bugs.  Don't report bugs and be kapwnified with malice and anger and rage.  In that order.

[149] Borfin    12/31/10 Adjusted Rakam's penis size, it was too big.           

[150] Borfin    12/31/10 or maybe it was bug fixes.  I forget                   

[151] Borfin    12/31/10 Changed something in Arlia nobody will likely ever find or care about but it's there stuf.

[152] Borfin    01/01/11 what?  bugs in a new area?  that never happens         

[153] Borfin    01/01/11 gila monster tooth is now 50k PL req                   

[154] Rakam     01/02/11 Dreina is now an IT point for Vessen.                  

[155] Ryune     01/04/11 Z-sword fixed. They now act as a Konatsu sword like they should of to start with.

[156] Borfin    01/11/11 Admins had too much free time and could actually complete tasks. This has been fixed

[157] Borfin    01/11/11 Popo is now not impossibly hard to kill.  It's just very improbable.

[158] Borfin    01/11/11 Popo now drops Proof of Popo when defeated.  He is also wearing it.

[159] Borfin    01/11/11 See announce for more Popo news.                       

[160] Ryune     01/12/11 Finally got around to a zeni boost to the yemma's vault mobs. The guards and thiefs should drop 2k and the savage demons should drop 2.5k

[161] Borfin    01/12/11 Darkhaven has been revamped by the awesome Luke.  Old Darkhaven is dead.  You are not supposed to be there, if you find a way there let us know.

[162] Luke      01/13/11 shadowbeasts in new darkhaven now respawn as the right color

[163] Ryune     01/19/11 finally fixed SNEAKY demon and strong cave DEMON's     

[164] Borfin    01/21/11 Bloodstone gauntlets changed to be repairable.  Again  

[165] Borfin    03/01/11 Infernos fixed.  Also no longer drops zeni, hoarders.  

[166] Rendo     03/03/11 Haven't done anything in weeks, maybe months.  Here's my latest addition.  Fbump social.  Lock it down!

[167] Borfin    03/12/11 Demon King no longer stomps most noobz.  Most.  Should still heed his warnings.

[168] Borfin    03/14/11 I repeat; you do not belong in Penguin Village.  Do not go there.  Capsule Corp port re-smashed.

[169] Borfin    03/20/11 Help Hardcore updated to be less confusing to newbies.  Old helpfile is at Help Hardcore_Benefits.

[170] Borfin    03/30/11 Nanotech Grey-Matter Implant adjusted.  See me to get it traded in.

[171] Borfin    03/30/11 smashed a lot of bugs.  You probably won't notice, but holy crap we will.

[172] Borfin    03/30/11 Adjusted a bunch of things in Yasai Jungle.  Do you have gear from there?  Check with me and make sure it doesn't need to be exchanged.

[173] Borfin    03/30/11 fix fix fix fix fix                                    

[174] Borfin    04/03/11 It is no longer possible to bypass certain parts of the Arlia quest by being a nutwad.

[175] Borfin    04/06/11 Fixed more broken crap.                                

[176] Borfin    04/06/11 Because the program was borked from day 1 Saiyan Hobos are no longer passively aggressively passive-aggressive.

[177] Borfin    04/06/11 Final Stronghold's last area now has an out.           

[178] Borfin    04/06/11 NOBODY READS CHANGES                                   

[179] Borfin    04/06/11 lol luke.                                              

[180] Rendo     04/11/11 Did my 1 coding change for 2011, not coding again till 2012.

[181] Borfin    04/16/11 Stuff that can crash MUD in jingle village.  BORFIN STOMP

[182] Ryune     05/15/11 Some of the mobs in Vendetta have been changed to be slightly more favorable with their drops.

[183] Borfin    06/08/11 Nothing happened.                                      

[184] Rendo     07/03/11 Inconsequential change                                 

[185] Ryune     07/03/11 Added sentinel flags to two of the mobs i missed.      

[186] Borfin    07/04/11 Lotus Temple items tweaked; needed to happen for a while.  Turn in your quest reward(s) if you have them.

[187] Borfin    07/04/11 Tweaked a BUNCH of overpowered crap.  If your Dark Haven items haven't been changed, see me.

[188] Borfin    07/04/11 Tweaked two potentially abuseable progs in Leviathan.  Maintained the danger of the area, but shouldn't be as easy to sit there and gain off of stupid stuff I seriously doubt it was intended for you to gain on.

[189] Borfin    07/10/11 Fixed Yardrat so spar partners can't abuse.            

[190] Borfin    07/11/11 Tweaked Master's Karate Gi.  God that thing was strong.

[191] Borfin    07/11/11 Tweaked something else only higher ups will see.  Prepare to see the prices of Temple Knight items increase.  If people ever get rid of their current stocks of 500 of them.

[192] Borfin    07/12/11 Fixed a bug in Yardrat Forest that prevented you from being able to "sense planet" players in it.  Or on Yardrat for that matter.

[193] Ryune     07/18/11 The Executioner in Dark Haven isn't butt fucking insane anymore. However he still has some bite to him.

[194] Ryune     07/18/11 The Behemoth Crab on Eve actually drops 2 items now instead of just being a griefing mob with no reward.

[195] Borfin    07/18/11 No longer possible to gain like crazy by exploiting crap in Vessen.

[196] Borfin    07/19/11 Help Jeweler fixed.  Far, far too late.                

[197] Borfin    07/24/11 nerfed more OP crap                                    

[198] Borfin    07/27/11 Buffed Blade of Dancing Lights.  No, not the stats.    

[199] Borfin    07/27/11 Changed the Pendant of Silver Flame to match Dancing Lights' adjustments.

[200] Borfin    07/27/11 Removed antihc flags from both.                        

[201] Borfin    07/29/11 Added Konatsusword flag to Blade of Dancing Lights.  Enjoy your OP weapon that nobody will ever get.

[202] Borfin    07/29/11 OR WILL THEY                                           

[203] Borfin    07/30/11 Tweaked Nyan-Nyan Headband and Zarbon's Royal Tiara to coincide with their PL requirements and relative difficulty to obtain to the Yemma's Helmet.  Both received slight buffs.

[204] Borfin    07/30/11 Buffed Lightning Pair of Skates and Speed of God.      

[205] Borfin    07/30/11 Changed Pumpkin Helmet.  Now offers 20 con, 5 int rather than a smattering of stats.

[206] Borfin    07/30/11 Changed Rijdite Kite Shield, Ak'nathil.  I wouldn't call it a buff but they're more useful.

[207] Borfin    07/30/11 Tweaked the Soul of an Arlian Princess to coincide with the Kite Shield/Ak'nathil changes.  Old: 15 str, 15 spd, 20 con, 20 int.  New: 15 str, 20 spd, 15 int, 20 con.


[209] Borfin    07/30/11 Rijdite Plate Armor also changed to be more defensive, while Kite Shield and Ak'nathil are more offensive.

[210] Borfin    07/30/11 All of the above Forgotten Eras changes have been made with both int/con and speed/str builds in mind.  None of the items now favors one or the other.

[211] Borfin    07/30/11 Smoothed out the stats on Rijdite Ring to coincide with above change.  Overall, lost 1 item point, still more useful than before.

[212] Borfin    07/30/11 AND I'M DONE FOR A YEAR                                

[213] Borfin    08/01/11 Magnetized wristlets and anklets have had their stat points redistributed to favor melee builds.

[214] Rendo     08/01/11 Speed stat changed to do everything the other stats do and then some.  Only applies to Edie.

[215] Borfin    08/01/11 Changed the items sold in Rose City's Jewelry Shop in Hydia.  Instead of having stats every which way some benefit melee, some are defensive, some are offensive, some benefit int/con.

[216] Borfin    08/01/11 Fixed Crystal Bangel -> Crystal Bangle, because Talling can't spell.

[217] Borfin    08/01/11 Updated Hydian Battle Gauntlets, Hydian Battle Boots, Hydian Expandable Body Armor.  Hydian Battle Boots are now layer 96.  The others have had their stat points redistributed.

[218] Borfin    08/01/11 The above change does not benefit any specific build.  

[219] Borfin    08/01/11 Updated more old items.  To avoid cluttering up Changes, look to Announce board for lists.

[220] Ryune     08/04/11 Some items that were really jacked up in north city = fixed. Still more to come with fixes for north city.

[221] Rakam     08/04/11 It was all me, don't let the change fool you!          

[222] Borfin    08/05/11 Tweaked help hardcore.                                 

[223] Borfin    08/14/11 Help weaponstats, help statpoints and help maxarmor have been made available to the general public to clear up confusion as to how these changes will work.

[224] Borfin    08/14/11 This will be reverted after the items have been changed.

[225] Borfin    08/14/11 VM-2 chip is buyable because Viola is a herpderp retardface and the quest for it is a walking pile of bugs that means you would never ever get the chip anyway.  Will change when I remake the quest.

[226] Borfin    08/14/11 The Hero stickers have been updated and now are layer 256 instead of 128.

[227] Borfin    08/15/11 Updated: limbo.are, dragonballs.are, cou.are.  See announce board for details.

[228] Borfin    08/15/11 Konatsu sword guy now gives the Flaming Sword at 10b PL instead of 5b PL to coincide with the sword's changes.

[229] Borfin    08/16/11 Konatsu sword guy now gives stuff based on -BASE- PL not current PL.  WTG whichever builder flubbed that up.

[230] Borfin    08/16/11 Nerfed Popo's crazy 5000 damage attack.                

[231] Borfin    08/16/11 It is now 1337.  Woo                                   

[232] Borfin    08/16/11 DON'T WHINE IT'S LIKE A QUARTER OF WHAT IT WAS.        

[233] Borfin    08/16/11 Player ships reset message has always been crap.  All this crap about missions.  I made it not that.

[234] Borfin    08/16/11 Updated academy.are, and vnums 600-620 of ims.are.  This could take a while.

[235] Ryune     08/16/11 Yemma's Vault Rewards have been updated to new building codes

[236] Borfin    08/18/11 Final stronghold is now completable.                   

[237] Borfin    08/23/11 Killed the asinine prog on the item that's identical to Nanotech Implant that exists because some imm in the past who will not be named was a fuckwit.

[238] Borfin    08/29/11 Capsule dude on Kanassa because herping derp derpity   

[239] Borfin    08/31/11 fix0rd some brokez stuff i forgotted to save.          

[240] Ryune     09/03/11 Yardrat Forest Items have been updated. Posted changes on forum under general board.

[241] Rendo     09/04/11 Did something, not telling you whut, lolz?             

[242] Ryune     09/05/11 Fixed a minor problem with Yardrat Forest not wanting to give players Rancor Belts

[243] Rendo     09/05/11 racerank claims, and racerank deaths resulting in a loss of rank on log for records/proof of idling/other rule breakage attempts omg this is so long lololololz penis

[244] Rendo     09/05/11 GGM and double gains boost bio ki gains.               

[245] Rendo     09/06/11 Reuseable Repair capsules automatically force you to repair all and say return.  :o

[246] Rendo     09/07/11 Tuffle's can't oozaru now. :P                          

[247] Borfin    09/07/11 Updated IT quest.  There are precisely 2 points people always get stuck.  Always, without fail.  Without.  Fail.  These points have practically no hints to continue.  As far as I'm concerned, this is a flaw in design of the quest.

[248] Borfin    09/07/11 Because of the PL range of the area, Tree of Might's early nofloor rooms no longer exist.  The later ones are still there.

[249] Rendo     09/07/11 Perfect changed to 16x, Ultra to 28x                   

[250] Rendo     09/07/11 Blind isn't prevented from truesight anymore.          

[251] Rendo     09/09/11 Global RPP gains mod added.  RPP already gives the individual their own RPP gains.  Global RPP takes everyones RPP in a pool to boost gains for everyone.  Unfortunately I'm not letting everyone's totals they've already accumulated be used as it'll give insane gains :P

[252] Rendo     09/10/11 Fleeing causes adrenaline now.  Pussy, you know who you are.

[253] Rendo     09/16/11 Updated some commands to do some pretty nifty things.  

[254] Ryune     10/01/11 Lowered the evil smob rabbit's slay from 100% to 40%. It now reflects the drop now.

[255] Ryune     10/07/11 Planet Eve items are now up to date with the new stat point system.

[256] Rakam     10/12/11 Made some gaining mobs in vessen less dangerous. Lowered the drop rate on Reaper's Robes and altered the Heavy Oxygen Tank.

[257] Rakam     10/17/11 Redid the Vessen items to the new item system. I'll post Before/Afters on Forums! You all need to change in Scholar's/Warrior's Anklets... Or else

[258] Ryune     10/17/11 weapons from rakam's update might need to be traded in as well. Check forum for update and compare your own.

[259] Rakam     10/18/11 Adjusted Central Sector's items to the new stat system. Trade in all Dragon's Fires!

[260] Rakam     10/18/11 Also: Changed the drop rate on Federation pins.        

[261] Rakam     10/19/11 Modified FC items! Turn in Icer Cloaks. New stats on forum, yada yada

[262] Rakam     10/19/11 Kanassa Jungles has been updated. I'm telling you. It was MISERABLE. And sadly, you guys. Powerlevels of the items were made to make more sense. You need to turn in all items from Kanassa Jungles! check forum for updates, yada yada.

[263] Rakam     10/19/11 Western Desert too, blah blah exchange Veil's of Determination blah blah

[264] Rakam     10/19/11 Updated Deadzone equipment, added 2 nifty new drops. And fixed the FC things that reverted! Check forums for updates

[265] Borfin    10/19/11 Remember that if flags or powerlevel have updated you WILL NEED TO EXCHANGE YOUR ITEMS.

[266] Rakam     10/20/11 Made Thy Kingdom Come less spammy. Same with Rakam's War Paint

[267] Borfin    10/20/11 Updated Kanassa                                        

[268] Rakam     10/20/11 Hammer Mountains updated, check forums. I doubt anyone ACTUALLY has any of the items needing to be turned in.

[269] Rakam     10/21/11 Zmountains updated. Turn in all items from there, excluding plushies.

[270] Rakam     10/22/11 Rose City items updated, turn in all shop items, Garden Shears and Crystal Brooches from said area.

[271] Rakam     10/22/11 Added a new weapon for konatsu above 100 billion powerlevel! Don't try to obtain it before 100b though...

[272] Ryune     10/25/11 Halloween Town Added, be sure to read the candy sign at the mayor

[273] Borfin    10/26/11 Don't know how it got broke, but Jingle Village shouldn't skip parts of the quest anymore.

[274] Rakam     10/26/11 Updated Capsule Corps items.                           

[275] Rakam     10/27/11 Vendetta and Yasai jungle updated to the new item system. I doubt it, but if you have a Gorren's Gi, turn it in

[276] Rakam     10/28/11 Updated the Snakeway Items                             

[277] Rakam     10/29/11 Fixed Chaos Quest, finally! Thank Borfin.              

[278] Borfin    10/29/11 I am tired.                                            

[279] Rakam     11/01/11 Fixed that stupid elevator in that stupid area named Vendetta. Also fixed something in North City I botched during the change on friday! Blame Borfin

[280] Rakam     11/01/11 Fixed a disattached drop from the Afterlife! Someone go find some Supreme Kai Pants.

[281] Rakam     11/02/11 Updated North City. Fuck you Hao, fuck you.            

[282] Rakam     11/02/11 Fixed that one thing I broke that was broken before I broke it before borfin broke it again.

[283] Rakam     11/07/11 Updated Areukk, check forums for updates. And pity the poor soul who ever used Ragnarok armor...

[284] Rakam     11/07/11 ICERD updated. Blah blah forums                        

[285] Rakam     11/07/11 Updated the Infinity Program. Check the Forums for item updates. (And be sad if you use these items.)

[286] Borfin    11/08/11 Apecat SSJing is no longer as nuts.  Still pretty nuts.

[287] Borfin    11/08/11 Jack-O-Lantern is working as it should work.  Mav broke it somehow, I'm sure of this.  Blame him.

[288] Rakam     11/09/11 North 42 updated.                                      

[289] Rakam     11/09/11 Updated Leviathan.                                     

[290] Rakam     11/09/11 Please note that CORDICAN and LEVIATHAN are two different areas and stop asking about it.

[291] Borfin    11/10/11 RPP benchmarkrewards have been tweaked coinciding with the new item system.  Help Benchmarkrewards and Help Benchmarkrewards2 have been updated accordingly.  Items of note include the removal of layer restrictions and the ability to add procs and gains to items.

[292] Borfin    11/10/11 You can also now have more than 1 benchmark reward after maxing out the first (that's making it +20 to all).

[293] Rakam     11/10/11 Fixed that freaking elevator again. It seems the last change I made to it reverted.

[294] Ryune     11/11/11 Planet of the Kai's items have been updated and the changes off all the items are on the forums general board.

[295] Ryune     11/13/11 The mobs in Yardrat Forest no longer assist.           

[296] Rakam     11/13/11 BGS is updated, only 6 items really needed an update anyway! The rest may seem weak, and thats because it is. <_<

[297] Rakam     11/16/11 Updated Myuu's Lab. Made God Items, more god like. Turn in all God Items.

[298] Borfin    12/03/11 Properly fixed stats on Astral Signet of the Bear.     

[299] Rakam     12/19/11 Added a new aura to match the existing elemental sets, go find it. Or ask, maybe I'll tell you!

[300] Borfin    12/27/11 Floating Metal Spheres no longer instantly equal newbie annihilation.

[301] Borfin    01/10/12 Fixed something with T-4 quest.                        

[302] Rakam     01/18/12 Overlord's Lookout added, new area attached to Earth via an enter prog. Deal with it.

[303] Rakam     01/18/12 Also, if you find any bugs report them.                

[304] Rendo     01/25/12 Gboards Disabled until I isolate which board is broken.  Will restore all the boards, one will likely be wiped.

[305] Borfin    01/26/12 Primarily for builders, something very small.  Concrete numbers for expensive items have been added.

[306] Rendo     01/27/12 Too lazy to find which board was broken, so consider it a board wipe.  If you need anything from the old boards, let me know, I have them all backed up.

[307] Borfin    01/31/12 Buffed Pendant of Silver Flame and Blade of Dancing Lights for new statpoint system.  The former should also be significantly easier to obtain now.

[308] Borfin    01/31/12 The latter as well.                                    

[309] Borfin    01/31/12 RUN CCARRF:SA13.                                       

[310] Borfin    02/04/12 Potara earrings are now 1t PL req and their stats have been updated accordingly.  Turn yours in.

[311] Rakam     02/15/12 Fixed Asgard's broken drop chance. :P                  

[312] Rakam     02/16/12 Take your Colored Mask Fragments outside of bags and packs or I'll destroy you with my megahammer.

[313] Rakam     02/21/12 Nerfed the Saiyan invader's in overlord's lookout, they had high int and a huge chance to use big bang, which... In hindesight was pretty mean

[314] Borfin    02/25/12 Aura of Wind updated.  Turn yours in.                  

[315] Borfin    02/25/12 Updated The Eternal Dragon Statue.  Turn yours in.     

[316] Rakam     03/17/12 Popo doesn't assist anymore.                           

[317] Rakam     03/20/12 Made the flaming rat a newbie light again. Idk why it was made 10b and had stats added to it...

[318] Borfin    03/21/12 Mr. Popo can no longer leave Kame's Lookout.  CLANG, PRISON DOORS CLOSE BITCH

[319] Rakam     03/27/12 Because I couldn't figure out why the mask fragments weren't working, I changed the way the Tri-Tune Mask was dropped.

[320] Ryune     04/09/12 Made it so Rancor belts are give able...Hate how nogive fucks up armor repairing

[321] Rakam     04/09/12 Fixed the Chains of Hellfires stats. Turn in old ones. 

[322] Rakam     04/11/12 Fixed the Avatar of Water... <_<                       

[323] Rakam     04/16/12 Fixed the misleading sign on Namek and the stupid CoU system on Armada.

[324] Rakam     04/17/12 Fixed DuCate's inability to recognize being given Symbiote Bracer's.

[325] Rakam     04/17/12 Blame Luke for making the - in the item gray and not white. <_<

[326] Ryune     04/25/12 The savage demons in Yemma's Vault no longer stone spit.

[327] Rakam     04/27/12 Made the enterance and exit to Overlords a bit less... Impossible to find.

[328] Ryune     04/27/12 Changed Fat ass's (Veritas) instant kill room. Might remove the worthless area all together. Still thinking on that one.

[329] Rakam     04/27/12 Made the heavy oxygen tanks not silly 'spensive. They cost 1.5m now.

[330] Rakam     05/08/12 Fixed DuCate. He will no longer GIBE you items and will GIVE them to you... <_<

[331] Rakam     05/09/12 Frieza's ship finally added to the new item system, check forums for Befores and Afters.

[332] Rakam     05/10/12 Fixed the vortex of Phantoms.                          

[333] Rendo     05/12/12 Fixed a bug.  Quota met for the year.                  

[334] Rakam     05/15/12 Made the... Beautiful Sword not so much better then it's high-end counter parts. :/

[335] Rakam     05/15/12 Turn in your old ones, too.                            

[336] Rakam     05/16/12 ... <_< Kind of... Dunno if it works to spawn this silly Avatar... but uhh... I uhh, added 2 new obtainable auras to Overlords lookout. Go figure it out.

[337] Rendo     06/10/12 One Billion Zeni Bank Note's now redeemable for 1b zeni

[338] Rendo     06/30/12 Nerfed shit,  See announcement.                        

[339] Ryune     07/05/12 Area reset time for Yardrat Forest is now 10 minutes instead of 15.

[340] Luke      07/24/12 The landing pad to cordican has been moved, and isaac is now an IT point

[341] Luke      07/26/12 The 'Mithris' items have had their no-trade flags removed. Exchange your old ones if they still have the old noauction/nocontainer/groundrot/deathrot/nogive flags.

[342] Rendo     08/05/12 Negative stats from new eq change fixed.               

[343] Rendo     08/05/12 By stats I mean, pdef, damroll, edef, edam             

[344] Rendo     08/12/12 help multiplaying updated because people are retarded and forget when I tell them things, so the unwritten rules are now written.

[345] Rakam     08/12/12 Made the battle place in that shit hole known as rebel base have an exit.

[346] Rendo     10/08/12 LLG ranges changed from 10, 25 and 50 to 20, 40 and 60.  Fuck off.

[347] Rendo     10/08/12 Saiyan gains increased a smidgen because black people cry about being underpriviledged even though they have bigger penises to compensate

[348] Luke      10/09/12 Isaac has been restored as the IT point for the Cordican shipwreck, and the landing pad has been moved once again.

[349] Rendo     11/23/12 Some faggot broke something, I fixed it.  Go fuck yourselves.

[350] Ryune     11/26/12 Yaks and Goretusks no longer assist                    

[351] Luke      01/07/13 Guru can now unlock your potential if you cannot find a player with the Namekian Elder rank.

[352] Rendo     01/09/13 DropInfo rule removed.  This was my idea alone.  Praise me.

[353] Ryune     01/11/13 Took out stonespit in yemma's vault. Also changed progs back to how I had them.

[354] Luke      01/12/13 Goku is awesome. Go give that guy a high five and spar a bit. He's got a lot of new tricks to teach you.

[355] Luke      01/16/13 Goku is looking for sparring partners.                 

[356] Luke      01/19/13 Transporters added to Capsule Corp for the following areas: ICERD, Arlia, EvE, and Frieza's Ship.

[357] Luke      01/21/13 Goku now has the autofollow flag, which means he will pursue you if you try to flee. If you're not prepared to fight him all the way through, do not engage him.

[358] Luke      01/21/13 The Chaos EQ from North City has received a significant and much needed buff. As a token of good faith to our old players who lost a great deal of their gear in the EQ bug, pnote me or Rakam and we'll bestow this item set to you. Please be honest with these requests. If we suspect you're lying, it will lead to unfortunate consequences for your pfile.

[359] Luke      01/23/13 If you meet the powerlevel requirement, you may now reach the Planet of the Kais by asking Yemma about the 'Z-Sword.'

[360] Luke      01/27/13 A "4th" ending to the Darkhaven questline has been added--one to help make the others more obvious for new players unfamiliar with certain types of item programs.

[361] Luke      01/27/13 The no-transfer flags for Faith, Spirit, and Thy Kingdom Come have been removed. Go wild, guys.

[362] Luke      01/27/13 The Dark Starlight Armor, Shield, and the Cloak of Night Flame and Shadow from Leviathan have also had their no-transfer flags removed.

[363] Luke      01/28/13 Kanassa Jungles has been updated.                      

[364] Luke      01/28/13 The boss mob for Leviathan should actually be worth your time to camp now. Drop rates increased to something that won't make you pull teeth.

[365] Luke      01/31/13 The Bird of Paradise has had its drop rate changed significantly. Just so that it's clear, the more 'gems' you collect from trading feathers, the higher the drop rate for the feathers becomes. Fair warning, your greed will cost you.

[366] Luke      01/31/13 Due to the exits on planet namek being broken, the "Elder" in the newbie village now fills the role of awakening power in the event a player cannot find someone with the Highest Namek rank.

[367] Rendo     02/01/13 Yearly coding quota met.  Luke has building stuff to play with.  Sucks for you guys.

[368] Rendo     02/01/13 Statreset command added.  Costs 25M multiplied by however many times you've used it.  You cannot gain PL grav training if you've used this if you have trains remaining.  When all trains are used, you can gain PL grav training again.

[369] Rendo     02/01/13 Namek Elder will only awaken your potential if the ranked Namek Elder is not online.

[370] Rendo     02/03/13 We're not DragonMon Infinity a Pokemon/DB Hybrid MUD, expect lets of awesome changes in 5 seconds.

[371] Rendo     02/03/13 You can now capture other players and use them to battle people.

[372] Rendo     02/03/13 Players can evolve, but only if they're white.         

[373] Rendo     02/03/13 Players can breed to make new pokewarriors who are completely AI controlled taking on aspects of both parents.  The new pokewarriors get 1 of the trained stats from the father and 1 from the mother

[374] Rendo     02/03/13 Some Goku mobs renamed Ash, some Vegeta mobs renamed Gary

[375] Luke      02/04/13 Hydian and Human race rank names adjusted to be more fitting with DB:I setting.

[376] Rendo     02/04/13 Fixed a coding bug that wasn't listing Konatsu rank sword damage, though it was still doing more damage.

[377] Rendo     02/04/13 Konatsu Virtuoso and Blademaster while wielding a konatsu sword nuke armor a lot faster than normal.

[378] Rendo     02/04/13 Through lengthy meditation, races with over 1m ki will now be able to medgain.

[379] Luke      02/13/13 New social: @Rakam                                     

[380] Luke      02/13/13 The shady man now gives 25k zeni for death certs to encourage more pk. There might also be a chance to load something -extra- special.

[381] Rakam     02/15/13 Made Exalted Radiance a bit more desirable, trade in older ones.

[382] Luke      02/18/13 nodrop eq removed from the chaos gear                  

[383] Luke      05/29/13 Long overdue, but Help RpHistory has been added.       

[384] Luke      07/29/13 Praetorius Folly has been removed from DBI             

[385] Luke      07/29/13 The Final Stronghold has been removed from DBI         

[386] Luke      07/29/13 The Corrupted Forest has been removed from DBI         

[387] Luke      07/29/13 Drake's Lab has been removed from DBI                  

[388] Rakam     07/29/13 Re-fixed god items to what they were before Revert. See note, turn in 100b pl req ones, or else.

[389] Luke      07/31/13 South City has been removed from DBI                   

[390] Luke      07/31/13 Sector Eight has been ADDED to DBI                     

[391] Luke      07/31/13 IT point for Sector 8 is Alice                         

[392] Luke      07/31/13 All transporters that used to send you to South City have been changed to direct you to the new Sector Eight, including Yemma.

[393] Luke      07/31/13 Konatsu's now have the melee move... SLASH             

[394] Rakam     07/31/13 Only useable with Konatsu sword                        

[395] Rakam     07/31/13 Removed the new konatsu skill, Blame Zavrik            

[396] Luke      07/31/13 Removed a few needless skills from the Konatsu alist   

[397] Luke      08/01/13 Magic-Demons now have the melee skill... Cannonball    

[398] Luke      08/01/13 The "forum" social has been updated.                   

[399] Luke      08/01/13 I'm slowly updating the content of the wiki, but for the most part all of the "Setting" information is now part of our new RP Age

[400] Luke      08/03/13 Now that our normal forums have been repaired I've reverted the forums social so that we can show new players our website. We will be posting RP logs here as usual. Yay.

[401] Rakam     08/13/13 Obituaries tell tales of Nyan Nyan Kitty the very annoying. Demon King Piccolo is being hailed as a hero for the murder of said monstrousity. Turn in all Demon King Piccolo Capes

[402] Rakam     08/13/13 Fixed the non-existent way to shadow earth, it's on the east side of bear city now, still uses 'enter' and fixed the program to not put you in south city anymore.

[403] Rakam     08/13/13 Tapion smob added, Maverick Zero is gone (No relation.) Turn in not 100b versions of Tapion's sword (Replaces Z-sabre)

[404] Rakam     08/13/13 Rebalanced the free konatsu swords from Halbradim. Added in a new Konatsu Sword drop (And I don't mean Tapion's.)

[405] Rakam     08/13/13 Nerfed Kanassian moves by a lot. Thank Toth.           

[406] Rakam     08/13/13 Nerfed them even further, Thank Raien for complaining. 

[407] Rakam     08/13/13 Halbradim is a costly bastard, if you're a 100 billion powerlevel konatsu who gives him 10 million zeni he'll reward you.

[408] Rakam     08/17/13 Made Po-Po not retarded.                               

[409] Ryune     08/18/13 Rakam made SDF an actual attack. Love him saiyans, love him hard.

[410] Rakam     08/18/13 Keep in mind it's stuck on slist and I can't fix it because I'm a retard.

[411] Rakam     08/18/13 Made it so Shatter and Bloodfury can start fights.     

[412] Rakam     08/19/13 Janemba smob added, Sneaky Ninja is totally dead. Turn in old Dimenion Rending Blade (It takes the place of an old item.)

[413] Rakam     08/20/13 Nerfed the Diamond Kite Shield a bit.                  

[414] Rakam     08/20/13 The fuck magnified absorption cells no longer high stat 256 hands...

[415] Rendo     08/20/13 Rakam fucks dogs.                                      

[416] Rendo     08/20/13 Demons now have a Night-time damage bonus.  During the night time, they do more damage.  Ranks improve the damage.

[417] Rakam     08/20/13 Remade the Cell 256 but cut off the stats.             

[418] Rakam     08/20/13 Changes something some of you might not notice that I didn't until after I looked for what I actually changed on CoE.

[419] Ryune     08/21/13 Shady man fixed from dirty cheaters we suspect were abusing him

[420] Rakam     08/21/13 Fixed Salome. Was something stupid simple. Blame someone else.

[421] Borfin    08/21/13 Shady Man is fixed.  Took 30 seconds.  Bow before me.  

[422] Borfin    08/21/13 If the track record is any indication that's my fix for the year.

[423] Rakam     08/21/13 Spaceport DELTA is broken. Ships still work.           

[424] Rendo     08/22/13 Player ships wiped, unable to create new ships at the present time.  Sucks :P

[425] Rendo     08/22/13 Ships fixed.                                           

[426] Rendo     08/22/13 Homeworld ships fixed. :P                              

[427] Rendo     08/22/13 Fixed the Friendship Square transfer issues.           

[428] Rendo     08/22/13 Red RPP is being wiped and transferred as Green RPP.  Herp derp.

[429] Rendo     08/22/13 Fixed a nasty helpfile bug that caused crashes for years.

[430] Rendo     08/22/13 Fixed a bug where people could exploit some quest shit.

[431] Rakam     08/22/13 Made double helix not stupidly over priced for no reason, it's expensive in cost for a finisher but slightly quicker then most ki moves.

[432] Borfin    08/22/13 Frieza's Ship now respawns 30% more quickly.           

[433] Rendo     08/23/13 Fixed the RPP bug with Super-Android fusion.           

[434] Borfin    08/23/13 The Jeweler is now a bit more obvious about what he does for newbies.

[435] Borfin    08/23/13 Castle Vegeta revamped.  Mechanics have been completely redone.  For a full list, check announcements.

[436] Rakam     08/24/13 Made the oxygen tank more reasonable.                  

[437] Rendo     08/26/13 Cannot attack anyone participating in teaching mystic or unlocking potential.  After it's over, they are PK Safe for 60 seconds to GTFO.

[438] Rendo     08/26/13 Starting re-balance of styles and base chance to hit.  Berserk style damage lowered.  Cry Kenoya. :P

[439] Rendo     08/26/13 Styles changed for PK/Spars.  Mess around with them, let me know if anything is too out of balance.

**** [440] Rendo     08/26/13 Style damage increase/decrease "balanced" with style base chance to hit. Report any bugs, like ONE SHOTTING EVERYTHING.

[441] Rendo     08/26/13 Speed from gear now affects dodge chance like everything else statwise, it's half effective

[442] Rendo     08/26/13 Tweaked some weekend stuff                             

[443] Rendo     08/27/13 Apparently sig attacks work.  Though they didn't before so there are likely some hidden issues still. 

[444] Rendo     08/27/13 Fixed some style oversights with mobs.                 

[445] Rendo     08/29/13 Fixed a bug with awaken power and dropping below its PL requirement

[446] Rendo     08/30/13 New shapeshifting race added.  It's called Ditto.      

[447] Borfin    08/30/13 by popular demand zoidberg social added, GO ME         

[448] Rakam     08/30/13 Fixed the backwards elevator on Vendetta. Blame Vergel for having a backwards ship, the prick.

[449] Ryune     09/01/13 Mercury Silver Star is no longer a layerable ring      

[450] Borfin    09/01/13 Blade of Dancing Lights's mpfocusincrease during combat should no longer end combat.

[451] Borfin    09/01/13 Popo is evil again.  However, unless you're 10q base, he goes pacifist when you walk in on him.  :P

[452] Rakam     09/01/13 Brought the Cleaver down by a large notch. Turn in old ones or I'll sick borfin on you.

[453] Borfin    09/01/13 woof woof bark                                         

[454] Borfin    09/01/13 Changed Tuffle Battle Greaves to Boots because I TOLD SASUKE THEN AND IT WAS STUPID THEN, GREAVES GO ON SHINS NOT FEET.  THESE THINGS ARE FUCKING BOOTS.

[455] Luke      09/02/13 Updated the flags for Kanassian forms                  

[456] Luke      09/02/13 Kanassian alist has been updated with better attack names and descriptions.

[457] Luke      09/09/13 Hydians now have Sauzer Slash. It's amazing.           

[458] Rakam     09/09/13 Turn in old versions of 10x kame.                      

[459] Rendo     09/09/13 Android-H energy regen lowered.  Focus Ki drain for Android-H increased so they can't focus indefinitely.

[460] Rakam     09/09/13 Talking about Vince or the old immortal Chaos will result in punishments.

[461] Rendo     09/09/13 Death Certificates load to the killer's inventory.     

[462] Rendo     09/09/13 If you kill someone 10x weaker than you, you lose 5% of your base, zeni and RPP.

[463] Rendo     09/09/13 Pokemon Trainer race added.                            

[464] Rendo     09/09/13 AFK                                                    

[465] Rendo     09/10/13 Added some race specific room flags.     

[466] Borfin    09/17/13 Blade of Dancing Lights revamped.  Now has a 15% chance every tick to restore 15 LF and 500k ki, if in combat and wearing the Pendant there is a 10% chance every tick to gain 75 Focus.              

[467] Borfin    09/17/13 Note that these are every tick, not every round.  Know the difference.  Win PKs.  :P

[468] Rendo     09/18/13 Red RPP reset shit fixed.                              

[469] Rendo     09/29/13 1 min pk safe timer added to end of spacewars          

[470] Rakam     09/30/13 Sky Cleave added for Konatsu, higher focus melee move. 

[471] Rendo     12/26/13 Added the ability to add global echos to area/planet.  

[472] Rendo     12/27/13 Added some gravity related shit                        

[473] Rendo     12/27/13 Doubled the percentage gained for focus ki/meditate when you fail since these are vital skills early on and take forever to max.

[474] Rendo     12/29/13 Fixed a bug that was calculating all stat defenses incorrectly

[475] Rendo     12/30/13 Transformations can be flagged with a light flag.  These transformations act as a light source if you have none.  Hurray?!

[476] Luke      12/30/13 Fixed a bug with android six/16 in the ancient lab basement.

[477] Rendo     12/31/13 Added foundation for pbase activity bonuses.  More people that are on, the faster the random events unlock.  No events added yet.

[478] Rendo     01/02/14 Armour no longer gets damaged if you block/dodge       

[479] Rendo     01/02/14 Racial helpfiles now viewable when creating a new character

[480] Rendo     01/09/14 Speed buff via chance to hit formula change.  Get hit more nooblez.

[481] Rendo     01/09/14 Chance to Hit is now systematic instead of random.  If your chance to hit something is 50%, you will hit, then miss, then hit, then miss.

[482] Luke      01/13/14 Fixed a small bug with the Healing Salve in Lotus Temple.

[483] Ryune     01/13/14 increased drop rate of pelts in yardrat forest from 5 to 7 percent. also slight zeni boost

[484] Ryune     01/13/14 perfect pelts also got an increase from 1 to 2 percent 

[485] Luke      01/21/14 Fixed some items from Vendetta space station. If you find any more with proto flags pnote an admin.

[486] Luke      01/23/14 Gero now sells the VM-1 and VM-2 chips. This is a temporary solution until I can fix the quests.

[487] Luke      01/24/14 Feldron has been added to DBI. Pl range is 100m-1b. Good *Luck*

[488] Luke      01/28/14 The Icer soldiers of Feldron have decided to stop being weaklings and will now pose a challenge in battle.

[489] Luke      01/30/14 Fixed some equipment layer bugs for the Tattoos sold in Feldron and a broken death prog.

[490] Luke      01/30/14 Fixed a bug with one of Merron's fight progs.          

[491] Borfin    01/31/14 Icerian Proving Grounds Sages are now more open minded and are willing to teach skills to strangers.  Also like other stuff happened.  And things.

[492] Borfin    01/31/14 The Icerian Armorer in the Proving Grounds has a new toy for icers looking to, uh, prove themselves.

[493] Luke      02/01/14 Destructo Disk and Solar Flare added to the Saiyan alist

[494] Luke      02/01/14 Final Flash now has a 3% chance IK. It's focus cost has been increased to 36 from 35.

[495] Luke      02/01/14 More edits to the Icer soldiers of Feldron. Their day/night flags have been removed and they've been given a chance to respawn on death.

[496] Luke      02/01/14 Also fixed a bug with a missing item from Mercer's shop in Feldron

[497] Luke      02/01/14 More adjustments to spawns/resets in Feldron, and less harsh requirements for certain luck drops in the area.

[498] Ryune     02/09/14 golem in western desert had a drop with no item for vnum. so i created one.

[499] Luke      02/13/14 New Super Mob: Grandpa Gohan                           

[500] Luke      02/13/14 Konatsu forms altered. No more negative stats. Changed the focus of their forms from int based to str based.

[501] Luke      02/15/14 Proof of Body and Soul is no longer a perm'light.      

[502] Luke      02/19/14 New Super Mob: Kami, Guardian of Earth                 

[503] Luke      02/19/14 Yazmin removed from smoblist. Might see a return if I find time to dink with her some day, but not a priority.

[504] Luke      03/21/14 updated/cleaned the rprewards page on the wiki         

[505] Luke      03/22/14 Updated some of the minor edits to the ability slot system on the Age notes page.

[506] Luke      03/22/14 The rprewards changes has had a minor edit. Since several characters in the current age have already aquired or own ships, a "basic ship" is simply free. Any additional upgrades will follow the rewards list on the wiki. We may impliment some type of "repair fee" for ships that reach the maximum upgrades, but for right now, if your ship is damaged or destroyed, the repairs need only be roleplayed to some extent.

[507] Rakam     04/08/14 Edited the konatsu form helpfiles. If you catch any other incorrect helpfiles, or helpfiles that need to be made, let me know.

[508] Luke      05/15/14 The Polluted Delta has been added to DB:I              

[509] Luke      05/15/14 The IT point for Polluted Delta is 'Delta' and/or 'Vemura' 

[510] Luke      05/15/14 Helpfile for Polluted Delta added (help delta)         

[511] Ryune     05/20/14 big geti star has got a face lift. coolers drop cash and some items upgraded to reflect today's standards

[512] Ryune     05/21/14 western desert's emerald orb quest is now do-able and not impossible.

[513] Ryune     06/09/14 hydian scouters now make sense instead of the weakest having highest scan and best having lowest. also have a few stats now

[514] Borfin    06/12/14 i was here.  nothing happened.                         

[515] Rendo     06/25/14 SSJ3 nerfed, fuck off Saiyans                          

[516] Borfin    07/03/14 ATTENTION MINIONS                                      

[517] Borfin    07/03/14 THIS IS YOUR BORFIN SPEAKING                           

[518] Borfin    07/03/14 Mr. Popo drops Proof of Popo.                          

[519] Borfin    07/03/14 He is nearly impossible to defeat.                     

[520] Borfin    07/03/14 Proof of Popo, however...                              

[521] Borfin    07/03/14 Increases your PL by 50x.                              

[522] Borfin    07/03/14 It is a 50x mod.                                       

[523] Borfin    07/03/14 GOOD LUCK.                                             

[524] Borfin    07/07/14 SA13:Tree of Might has had a rope ladder installed in its tree trunk.  Players no longer need to be flying to ascend it.

[525] Borfin    07/07/14 I swear I made that change before.                     

[526] Ikenbon   07/07/14 A new smob has been added to DBI: Kaon                 

[527] Ikenbon   07/09/14 The 'drop' rate for +Blood+ has been increased.        

[528] Borfin    07/12/14 removed one particularly jerk move fuck you point in arlia i added when i was a bit more vindictive.  yay.

[529] Ikenbon   07/12/14 I have changed the mob tags and long description of the "death certificate" shady man so that it's more clear which of the two of them take certificates

[530] Ikenbon   07/12/14 help kicap updated                                     

[531] Ikenbon   07/12/14 Oh, and, btw Blood has been upgraded                   

[532] Borfin    07/14/14 A newbie council rep has wandered into Sector 8 and is passing out capsules to newbies like candy.  Fkin creeper.

[533] Borfin    07/15/14 Tweaked a point in Arlia that screwed people for no reason.  Rejoice!

[534] Borfin    07/15/14 Partially Ripened and Fully Ripened Fruits of Might are now exchangeable.  Engorged ones are still too heavy.  Also, I'd advise caution when handling the Fully Ripened ones, especially if you don't think you can handle it.

[535] Borfin    07/16/14 Jim the Gemeler has moved into CoU next door to Gem the Jeweler!  He's still setting up for business but will happily discuss his trade with anyone who asks.

[536] Borfin    07/16/14 The freaking file is called CoU.are, eat me            

[537] Ryune     07/16/14 heartchips stats and pl changed from 2b and 15con to 100b and 2str spd int and 10con. still boosts heart for humans

[538] Ikenbon   07/16/14 Rearranged the stats a little bit on the Rainbow Coral Necklace.

[539] Ikenbon   07/16/14 The mysterious swordsman no longer mpdelays. The drop for her sword has been lowered.

[540] Ikenbon   07/16/14 Kaon removed from smoblist until I have time to work on him

[541] Borfin    07/16/14 Jim the Gemeler has decided he only wants to do business with one person at a time.  (Gemelization Station is now a tunnel room.  See sign at the Gemelization Station.)

[542] Borfin    07/16/14 Fixed a real @&#^ YOU point in IT quest.  A mob that would not repeat his dialogue at the start of his quest now repeats.

[543] Borfin    07/16/14 For good this time.                                    

[544] Riz       07/16/14 All races should have ki heal                          

[545] Borfin    07/17/14 Jim the Jeweler is now capable of exchanging gems all the way through the special glyphed gems his brother Gem seeks.  He has said something about offering to exchange items from his stock in the near future...

[546] Borfin    07/17/14 Also slipped a sign onto CoE since it's becoming pretty bustling there, business-wise.

[547] Borfin    07/17/14 Jim the Gemeler's room is solitary.  Using it to escape PK is, of course, illegal.

[548] Borfin    07/18/14 Jeweler rewards are now listed in Help Jeweler.        

[549] Rakam     07/18/14 SDF might stick around for awhile.                     

[550] Rakam     07/18/14 Something something Ryune and Meditate (A tale as old as time)

[551] Borfin    07/18/14 Jewels are now untradeable, but Jim and Gem can still accept them.  If you have tradeable jewels nbd, but new ones won't be.

[552] Ikenbon   07/19/14 The Ginyu Base has been added to DB:I                  

[553] Ikenbon   07/19/14 help ginyubase added to hfiles                         

[554] Borfin    07/19/14 Jim now requires 5 jewel fragments at the highest tier, up from 2.

[555] Borfin    07/19/14 Yemma's Vault now drops the Sapphire line of jewels.   

[556] Borfin    07/19/14 Next adjustment for shards will be to conversion rate.  You will be permitted to upgrade your gems at the current rate for a fixed time if you have shown a concerted effort at obtaining them.

[557] Ikenbon   07/20/14 the aliens in the healing pits of Ginyu Base can now upgrade androids

[558] Borfin    07/20/14 Topaz shards + Kingstone drops added to Castle Vegeta.  Help Jeweler updated with Kingstone reward.

[559] Borfin    07/20/14 Jim can now Gemelize Topaz shards!                     

[560] Ikenbon   07/20/14 The large dog on namek is no longer aggressive... no more accidental newb deaths.

[561] Ikenbon   07/20/14 cleaned up some bugs in ginyu base                     

[562] Ikenbon   07/21/14 drop rate on cybernetic enhancements from ginyu base have been lowered and the cyborgs have had their stats buffed a bit. Be careful if you're farming down there, they do use lots of IK

[563] Ikenbon   07/21/14 The equipment from the Salome's Castle quest has been adjusted.

[564] Borfin    07/21/14 Various mobs in Castle Vegeta have been adjusted.  Several now respawn, many drop zeni and all of them do significantly less damage during combat.

[565] Borfin    07/21/14 Several mobs have been added to the area as well.      

[566] Borfin    07/22/14 Jim now has a very small chance to give random rewards to anyone who gemelizes Shard-tier gemstones!  The random rewards can be found in Help Randomrewards, which will be updated with future changes.

[567] Borfin    07/22/14 Yes, this does already reveal two winners.  :P         

[568] Ikenbon   07/22/14 Lots of typos cleaned up in Ginyu Base                 

[569] Borfin    07/24/14 Combat-Suited Police Units in SA13 no longer perform combo attacks, and are no longer capable of firing multiple attacks in one round.  In addition, they have a much smaller % on performing any attacks at all.  Be forewarned that Mecha-Suited Police Units and Combat-Suited Police Units still perform their combo move when both are active.

[570] Borfin    07/25/14 Mecha-Suited Police Units are no longer aggressive toward players under 1t current powerlevel, up from 100b.

[571] Rakam     07/27/14 Made the bosses in Overlord's work... Properly         

[572] Ryune     07/27/14 slays at end of potk before z-sword have been removed  

[573] Ikenbon   07/30/14 The Intro to DBI has been updated.                     

[574] Borfin    08/02/14 Jim has adjusted his conversion rates.  See announcement for new rates.

[575] Borfin    08/02/14 Made Jim the Gemeler's Return function a bit more obvious in the room desc.

[576] Borfin    08/04/14 The soldier seeking guidance from the General in the third leg of Forgotten Eras on Arlia should no longer vanish if the wrong input is selected.

[577] Rakam     08/04/14 Redescriptioned Shatter and rebalanced it. (It's the Demon-Demon fusion skill.) to not be so garbage. Stay tuned.

[578] Borfin    08/05/14 Bios can once again complete IT quest.  Considering adding a network of teleports for Androids.

[579] Borfin    08/05/14 Also, made it so androids can't get into IT quest in the first place.  Kind of dumb to be able to get in and then find out sprint boots don't fit.

[580] Borfin    08/08/14 BA skill Ki Burst's descs have been updated, and it looks a little prettier.

[581] Borfin    08/09/14 Jim has reverted to his previous conversion rate.  If you were trying to Gemelize uncut rubies earlier today, you have until tomorrow morning to convert them at the reduced rate.

[582] Borfin    08/09/14 Shining Amethysts also.                                

[583] Borfin    08/10/14 Ignoar last two changes.                               

[584] Rendo     08/15/14 One day in the future, something will happen and maybe it won't break the MUD.

[585] Borfin    08/20/14 The Deadzone is now capable of dropping the Sapphire line of jewels.

[586] Borfin    08/20/14 Jim is offering a new special!  See announcement.      

[587] Borfin    08/20/14 Tweaked Jim's speech progs so he's a tad less confusing.

[588] Borfin    08/20/14 Between speech progs, room description and helpfiles Jim now details the Gemelization process quite nicely.  We cannot be held responsible for lost items while performing transactions with Jim.

[589] Borfin    08/20/14 Rhinestone pendants are now Alexandrite Pendants.  Let me know if you see any references anywhere where this hasn't been changed.

[590] Borfin    08/22/14 Jim now requires three Fragments in order to create a glyphed Jewel, down from 5.

[591] Borfin    08/22/14 Gem the Jeweler now gives significantly more zeni per Jewel.  A helpfile will be added with these prices.

[592] Borfin    08/22/14 Help Gemrewards now depicts the zeni rewards Gem will give for jewel shards.

[593] Borfin    08/22/14 Several changes to Icerian Proving Grounds.  Now drops the Topaz line of jewels, mobs are less dangerous and respawn more frequently.

[594] Borfin    08/22/14 ^ Also, mobs are now capable of both dropping their items (either shards or equipment) and respawning on the same death roll.

[595] Borfin    08/22/14 Super Android 13 still has secrets no one has yet to discover; namely, in the shops.  There are now more clear hints to these secrets.

[596] Borfin    08/22/14 It is now much more obvious how to obtain the Blade of Dancing Lights from SA13.  Konatsu should be especially interested in this weapon, as should anyone with a Frozen Pendant of the Silver Flame.

[597] Borfin    08/23/14 Phil at Phil's Protectorate in SA13 and DuTore in Overlord's Lookout now properly repair items.

[598] Rakam     08/23/14 Elder items in Vessen Village have been reworks. Daio Kaioshin Armor, flowery Necklaces, Saiyan Champion belts and uh... blades of Hellfire need turns in for full effect. Others should be fine. If your said item previously listed has a race only flag (Excluding Infused Flesh Coating, Namek Warrior Vest and Blade of Hellfire) then see an admin for a turn in

[599] Rakam     08/23/14 Buffed the Elders in Vessen also. If Legion in Demon King form is crazy powerful, let me know.

[600] Rakam     08/23/14 Fixed that stupid husky puppy to work with people resting and not just sitting.

[601] Rakam     08/23/14 You should be able to IT to Dutorim on Overlords lookout now

[602] Rakam     08/23/14 Absolutely wrecked Reaper's drop chance.               

[603] Borfin    08/27/14 Few days back, but I cut the drop rate of the Pendant of the Silver Flame from 10% to 6%.  Should still be totally doable.

[604] Borfin    08/30/14 Blade of Dancing Lights' random in-combat proc now gives 100 focus, up from 75.  (This is a technical fix.)

[605] Ryune     08/31/14 items that reverted in potk have been fixed. not all items were affected. still working on a few progs.

[606] Ryune     08/31/14 The sun and moon gods of potk have been fixed. the real overlord's droprate fixed as well. readded the slays at end potk however extremely lowered from before. 

[607] Ikenbon   09/01/14 fixed parkins                                          

[608] Borfin    09/05/14 Small changes to Icer Proving Grounds.  Gravity rooms now have the htank flag and sages are now slightly clearer about when to return to them to learn abilities.

[609] Borfin    09/05/14 Rendo fixed Blade of Dancing Lights!  And a lot of other shit.  But I think that's the only item with mp_focusincrease on it right now.

[610] Borfin    09/06/14 The description for the Hologram Combat Training Facility on Battlenova Destroyer (aka: Heaven) now properly lists its maximum PL as 10q, up from 500t.

[611] Borfin    09/06/14 Full-Powered Super Android 13 in CCARRFSA13 has been changed!  If you can somehow avoid him knocking you back, you can fight him at even ground.  Think Ikenbon-style mob - super tough, rewards to come.  You will need to coordinate with another player to be able to fight him!

[612] Borfin    09/06/14 Be forewarned: He's an -asshole-.                      

[613] Borfin    09/06/14 He's also senseable/scannable now, so no accidental smashies cuz you're trying to guess his PL

[614] Borfin    09/06/14 Paradox has been removed.  The items available in that area are now all available, at a 0.05% drop rate each, from Super Android 13.

[615] Borfin    09/06/14 Fullpower Super Android 13*                            

[616] Borfin    09/06/14 These items include: an Android Leg Compartment, Suprathyroid Gland, Synaptic Accelerator, Mecha-Icer Body Augmentation.

[617] Borfin    09/06/14 A Multi-Hued Gemstone can now be obtained in CCARRF.  Intrepid warriors will need to scourge both areas for the three fragments to create the Gemstone.

[618] Borfin    09/06/14 Paradox1301 I/O Tech Converter Chip as well        

[619] Borfin    09/07/14 Unbridled Beauty's recovery time reduced by 25%.       

[620] Borfin    09/07/14 Blood Fury (Ghetti-G) is now Bloodlust, is a melee ability, requires 6 beats to recover and ranges from 30 to 35 damage.  (For comparison, Sauzer Blade is 5 beats to recover and ranges 24 to 32 damage.)

[621] Borfin    09/07/14 Reduced Bloodlust recovery beats to 5, cut its focus to 30, increased mindam to 45 from 30, increased maxdam to 60 from 35.  Ghetti-Gs, praise Rakam as he is your god.

[622] Rakam     09/07/14 Human Human skill changed to Flash Dodon. It's quite a bit better then Maximum Kamehameha.

[623] Rakam     09/07/14 Also changed Super Kamikaze Ghost Attack to not suck as a multiskill. It's still pretty bad. But It's... A fair trade off to Halfbreeds being awesome.

[624] Rakam     09/07/14 Added in help fusionskills.                            

[625] Borfin    09/12/14 Full-Powered Super Android 13's driving elbow is a bit less effective at stunning its target.

[626] Borfin    09/12/14 Goku now puts up a fight if you encounter him near Super Android 13.

[627] Borfin    09/12/14 Currently you get nothing for killing him.             

[628] Borfin    09/12/14 Ginger Town removed.  Its reward, -\<Fusion Shield>/- is now -\<Kinetic Shield>/- and drops in Super Android 13.  Also, Goku and Full Power Super Android 13 both properly drop shards.

[629] Borfin    09/12/14 Ignore last note about getting nothing from Goku, go fight him at 6t for a chance at a Fusion Shield, probably some other items as I do some pruning.  He's mean, though.  Not as mean as Super Android 13 but mean.

[630] Rakam     09/15/14 Renamed the Warrior's Bond to Murderous Intent and altered it's stats.

[631] Rakam     09/15/14 Turn in all old Warrior's Bonds                        

[632] Rendo     09/17/14 Heart doesn't stack with Domination anymore.           

[633] Ikenbon   09/20/14 removed the stat req to obtain the t-3 chip from gero  

[634] Ikenbon   09/25/14 Fixed the glowing orbs from the new intro area and made it so you cannot IT to kabito

[635] Ikenbon   09/25/14 The final boss for Leviathan has a much higher chance to spawn. His drop rates have also been adjusted, and a very rare item has been added to his drops as well.

[636] Rendo     10/26/14 Double Damage Player Activity bonus now rolls with double gains.  Various changes to rates at which things occur.

[637] Rendo     10/29/14 The .00-.99 of stats slowly degrades over time.        

[638] Rendo     10/29/14 All races can now be wished for via Shenron            

[639] Rakam     10/29/14 Tree of might fruits are now 10m pl.                   

[640] Rendo     10/30/14 For the time being, damage in PK fights only has been reduced by 50%.  This gives players an effective 200lf.

[641] Rendo     10/31/14 Saiyan dumpster skills that always get deleted fixed.  

[642] Ikenbon   11/02/14 Turles has been buffed, and got a new drop.            

[643] Ikenbon   11/03/14 Made some changes to the lotus temple quest. Giving the salve to the wounded monk will not return the salve to your inventory, also made it so that having the cask in your inventory will trigger the flower instead of forcing you to wear it.

[644] Rakam     11/04/14 Fixed help Sirewards to show proper layers.            

[645] Rakam     11/09/14 Nerfed Blade of Hellfire's damage.                     

[646] Ikenbon   11/13/14 Kaon has been updated and re-added to smoblist.        

[647] Rendo     11/15/14 Weapon accuracy decreased.  Konatsu weapon accuracy fixed.

[648] Ikenbon   11/15/14 All the of the mobs in Feldron have had their spd stat significantly reduced.

[649] Ikenbon   11/15/14 Planet EvE's quest has been repaired.                  

[650] Rendo     11/15/14 2nd and 3rd attacks nerfed, fixed with buff to speed.  2nd attack has a base 50% rate, 3rd is 25%.  Base speed increases this.  100 base speed is 100 2nd 75 3rd and 150 will max 3rds chance

[651] Ikenbon   11/15/14 Hurricane of Lotus Petals buffed                       

[652] Rendo     11/15/14 If you're wielding a weapon, you will miss 25% of non auto attacks.

[653] Rendo     11/15/14 Konatsu's only miss 10% of the time when wielding a weapon since they're swordmasters and shit.

[654] Rendo     11/15/14 Base strength buffs your unarmed damage.  Buffs cap at 150strength.

[655] Rendo     11/15/14 If you are unarmed, your focus gains are increased by 5%

[656] Rendo     11/15/14 Being blind reduces your focus attacks from hitting significantly as wel.

[657] Rendo     11/16/14 Unarmed increases 2nd and 3rd attack rates by a flat 15%.

[658] Rendo     11/16/14 Melee skills can be used in berserk style.             

[659] Rendo     11/16/14 Enhanced damage doesn't apply to weapons for any Android race.

[660] Rendo     11/16/14 Androids cannot use absorb if they're wielding a weapon.

[661] Rendo     11/16/14 Androids cannot ki absorb if they're wielding a weapon.

[662] Rendo     11/17/14 Flee chance reduced, flee lag increased.  All pl loss from deaths reduced by 1%, inclusive with all death reduction benefits.

[663] Rendo     11/17/14 Failing to flee in PVP also has a chance to cause you to stumble and fall.

[664] Rendo     11/17/14 Complainers triumph for now, skill reduction with weapon reduced by 20% instead of 25.

[665] Rendo     11/17/14 Con required for maximum spar timer resets lowered.    

[666] Rendo     11/18/14 Death Certs only drop if you're within 1.5x current pl of the person you kill.

[667] Ikenbon   11/18/14 The coroner has added a new item to his inventory for dedicated killers.

[668] Rendo     11/18/14 Roleplay channel open to public.  You do not need an authorized Bio.

[669] Rendo     11/20/14 Fixed RPP bug with SA fusions.                         

[670] Rendo     11/20/14 Workout/Study sort've fixed if you're attacked.  Just enter it a 2nd time and it'll resume and fail.  Will rework command later.

[671] Rendo     11/20/14 Focus gains more normalized, base int gives decent buffs to minimum focus gained and slight buff to maximum.

[672] Ikenbon   11/21/14 Small bugfix on the shard of the z-sword from the new intro. You should actually get the focus increase while in combat now.

[673] Rendo     11/23/14 Gravity training stats is 50% faster.                  

[674] Rendo     11/23/14 Skills max faster, melee skills especially.            

[675] Rendo     11/23/14 Cecily's skills learn 100000000% slower.               

[676] Rendo     11/24/14 Konatsu Sword abilities are no longer affected by the wield miss thinger dodicky.

[677] Rendo     11/24/14 All skills max at 100%                                 

[678] Rendo     11/24/14 Speed requirements for 2nd/3rd attack lowered.  75 for 2nd, 115 for 3rd.

[679] Rendo     11/24/14 I should specify.  Speed requirements for 2nd/3rd attack to work 100% of the time with aweapon lowered.

[680] Rendo     11/24/14 All Konatsu ranks grant base hit chance bonus with weapon

[681] Rendo     11/24/14 Styles buff chance to hit vs mobs now. <_<             

[682] Ikenbon   11/30/14 Added a small detail to the yardrat temple to make a certain part of the IT quest less frustrating.

[683] Rendo     12/01/14 When someone idles to the point of voiding, if they have a dragonball it'll drop in whatever room they were in before moving to void.

[684] Ikenbon   12/02/14 medgains hfile updated                                 

[685] Ikenbon   12/03/14 Fixed a bug in Drake Lab.                              

[686] Rendo     12/05/14 More speed, more hits, more con, more spars. 123124125215 numbers provided.

[687] Rakam     12/13/14 New zone was released, see Razic's note.               

[688] Rakam     12/17/14 Did something to the spheres and added a secret in Bibidi's Stronghold.

[689] Razic     12/17/14 There is now an additional quest in Bibidi's Stronghold

[690] Ryune     12/17/14 5th day of christmas camps added. elves are at solitar city, coe and kami's lookout. give presents to santa at lookout for cookies. cookies will be able to be exchanged for prizes. list to come in announcement note

[691] Ryune     12/18/14 location of elves and santa changed. soltiar city, sector 8 (near shadow earth portal), yardrat village (near volk and the cheif's hut)

[692] Razic     01/18/15 Some of the mobs in Bibidi's Stronghold have been nerfed - got tired of seeing people die.

[693] Ryune     01/26/15 Cybrus's zeni option has been reduced to 250k          

[694] Rendo     01/27/15 Energy Ball buffed, OP OP OP.                          

[695] Rendo     01/28/15 Bio-Androids can absorb skills from SHC if they are over 10m base.

[696] Razic     02/01/15 Full-Power Super Android 13's powerlevel was tweaked to better reflect the area's range.

[697] Rendo     02/07/15 Fake Time Chamber split entry crash fixed.             

[698] Rendo     02/22/15 Intro area prevents you from gaining over 5k base.     

[699] Rendo     02/22/15 Brief message added to look to let people know Dragon Balls are out.

[700] Rendo     03/04/15 Section of Sector 8 flagged nospawn since there is no to get in there.

[701] Rendo     03/09/15 Maaaay have fixed mpdamage to work properly.  If you experience any crashes from mpdamage related shit, let me know ASAP.

[702] Rendo     03/12/15 Added a cap to the player activity pl boost            

[703] Rendo     03/12/15 Updated alist/slist to actually show practiceable bio-android skills.  Added some more lower level skills to practiceable list for biodroids.

[704] Rendo     03/12/15 Added a tiered ki gain system like focus gains to bio-android tail sucks.  400% increase at top tier.

[705] Rendo     03/13/15 Smobs carry over on crashes/hotboots/resets.  Report any bugs or destruction your face.

[706] Rendo     03/13/15 If an Smob is released, it gives you that event notifier thinger on look like dragonballs do.

[707] Rendo     03/14/15 Makecharge generates more charges as well as increasing your maximum energy.

[708] Rendo     03/17/15 Kaio turd noob lights auctionable.                     

[709] Rendo     03/19/15 SC Tuffles can get Makyo/Heart/WTFE else now.          

[710] Rendo     03/19/15 HAHA NYCLA                                             

[711] Rendo     03/20/15 Lowered makecharge time by like 2.5x or something.     

[712] Rendo     03/21/15 Lowered Bill the Twatlord's slay by a lot.             

[713] Rendo     03/21/15 If splits are resting, they no longer can use transformations, aka it's super easy to get them/yourself to optimal gaining pl for spars.

[714] Rendo     03/23/15 Array's added for Focus/Meditate to make botting harder.  POLLO.

[715] Rendo     03/24/15 Added some backend stuff for Admins for destroying Pollo

[716] Ryune     03/27/15 Made it a bit more noticeable where the shadow earth portal is in sector8

[717] Ryune     04/02/15 cool shades changed. they no long have a 1 to 0 scan range. also luck bumped from 2 to 10. if your shades didnt change contact me for new one

[718] Rendo     04/07/15 Quest Info change - see note                           

[719] Zai       04/08/15 Btw, I updated help itpoints. Hopefully it's actually useful now.

[720] Zai       04/08/15 Ghetti skill helpfiles pretty-fied. More to come.      

[721] Zai       04/08/15 Made most of saiyan skills pretty too. Except a couple. And the shared race ones. Also updated the help saiyanskills, since they had like... 8 more skills since that was updated, apparently.

[722] Rendo     04/09/15 Skills no longer IK, every skill has a crit chance, every skill's multplier is 150% (2.5x damage incase you're a retard)  Will all be balanced later.  Some messages may not show up.

[723] Rendo     04/12/15 Lowered crit multi to 1.5x damage for mobs.  Without proper skill balance, some skills have a huge chance to still 1 shot at even pl.

[724] Ryune     04/15/15 Prices of items in shops no longer inflate due to your zeni stockpile.

[725] Rendo     04/16/15 Can no longer donate for a superpill if one is already active.

[726] Rendo     05/09/15 There is a 10 minute timer when you log on if you're ranked.  If you don't pass the timer and log out, it will not reset the last time you were online.

[727] Rendo     05/09/15 HBTC/Arty boost ki gained from focus ki, similar to medgains boost.

[728] Rendo     05/09/15 Or do they.......                                      

[729] Rendo     05/11/15 Race Ranks for lowest and mid now drop at 48 hours and 36 hours instead of 72 and 48.

[730] Ryune     05/21/15 made the orbs in potk drop better since apparently 20% is too low.

[731] Ryune     05/23/15 the martial artist master in yardrat forest took come community college classes and now can assist androids in installing skills and upgrading stats.

[732] Ryune     06/17/15 perfect and regular pelt exchanges have been fixed through annoying syntax nonsense. same as before just walk in and it will exchange it for you. you'll have to go in and out multiple times if you're carrying multiple pelts

[733] Rendo     07/18/15 Ryune hates PAB RNG, super pill chance nerfed.  Blamed him.

[734] Razic     07/31/15 Nerfed Korra. You're welcome.                          

[735] Rendo     08/21/15 You can now give/drop items if you're resting.  Fucking cheaters.  Report any exploits or die in a fire.

[736] Rendo     08/30/15 Tuffle's no longer count as the Namek Elder for unlocking potential, so you can use the NPC bro again.

[737] Rendo     09/02/15 Surge of Energy Black Star wish was always capped at 5m ki.  If you are over 5m ki you will automagically gain another 2.5m.

[738] Ryune     09/04/15 Tree of might pl req's removed. Top fruit isnt a 30x anymore. it is 15x.

[739] Ryune     09/05/15 I fixed some random shit in potk that could/might of been abused to skip to the end rather quickly. I also added some luck checks for gear drops.

[740] Ryune     09/05/15 best ike added to zmountains. you can IT there again. i suggest inst "best ike" to make sure other mobs dont trip it up with the order of names

[741] Riz       09/15/15 Added some gear to Kayin. Might break stuff might not  

[742] Riz       09/20/15 Panther Eye Necklace has better stats on it now        

[743] Riz       09/26/15 Mr. Popo is back to tending gardens and no longer has dumb, god-tier pl and progs

[744] Rendo     11/04/15 Extended nospeedwalk flag to include Starbridge on Leviathan.  Fuck off, don't care.

[745] Ikenbon   11/10/15 splicer zeni has been nerfed to the ground.            

[746] Ikenbon   11/14/15 DEATHSPLICERS have been adjusted to their original content. Zeni levels restored and then some.

[747] Ikenbon   11/14/15 Skybase Tempest added to DBI                           

[748] Ikenbon   11/14/15 Dballs shouldn't be able to spawn in the command center of sector 8 now.

[749] Ikenbon   11/14/15 Added a door mob to the beginning of the skybase who will let you leave if you say the icer word for "escape" and made the icer codex more uniform (drop the one you have and get a new one for this to update)

[750] Ikenbon   11/14/15 Fixed some echoes with Snow at skybase Tempest         

[751] Ikenbon   11/14/15 fixed some bugs and echoes around the skybase and the verbage orocum uses during one of his scenes.

[752] Ikenbon   11/15/15 Advanced Cybernetic Skeleton's layer has been fixed, if yours is not layer 2, contact me

[753] Ikenbon   11/16/15 Lots of passage areas in the final stretch of the skybase tempest quest have been cleaned up, let me know if you run into any issues.

[754] Ikenbon   11/19/15 The FRZN-1 portion of the skybase quest should work now, let me know if there are any issues.

[755] Ikenbon   11/26/15 Bunny Forest and Rabbit Gang HQ have been removed from DBI

[756] Ikenbon   11/26/15 Bear Forest has been added to DBI, the IT point is Kuma

[757] Ikenbon   11/26/15 Some areas have had their locations rearranged. Hammer Mountains is now connected to the Western Forest and Papaya Island can be found east of North City's beach.

[758] Rendo     11/27/15 Saiyan Invaders now target Bear Forest because they hate Bears.

[759] Ikenbon   11/27/15 Adjusted the stats of all the animals in Bear Forest, lowered their respawn rates (increasing their pelt drop rates) and lowered the damage of their special skills.

[760] Ikenbon   11/27/15 Fixed a bug with Lorren and large animal pelts, took a look at eagle feather headdress' (something odd is going on here, report any other problems), and Lorren can now repair armor.

[761] Ikenbon   11/27/15 Steel Bear Claws have had a minor adjustment to their stats and a their armor reduced.

[762] Ikenbon   11/27/15 Heavy Prayer Beads weight has been reduced to 3500     

[763] Ikenbon   11/30/15 Kill you fighting gi and the man who drops it buffed.  

[764] Rendo     12/31/15 Fuck off Riz, mobs can't donate.                       

[765] Ryune     01/05/16 Ragnarok battle armor has a nerf in armor. its upgrade apocalypse battle armor got a slight stat boost and armor upgrade to match its difficulty.

[766] Rakam     01/05/16 Turn in all Ragnarok Battle armors and Apocalypse Battle armors to admins to get the updated stats.

[767] Rakam     01/06/16 Wrath of God changed to Way of God, turn them in if you have an old Wrath

[768] Rakam     01/06/16 Resistance of God changed to Voice of god, turn in old one.

[769] Ryune     01/14/16 One of the jewel fragments from ToM and SA13 has been added to final form Turles.

[770] Rendo     01/15/16 Magic-Demon IK protection crash fixed.                 

[771] Ryune     01/17/16 The Glittering Fragments from SA13 and ToM have been given wear flags which trigger the multi-hued gem to spawn. If you spawn one give it to gem, not jim!

[772] Ryune     01/20/16 The repair mob on potk took your cash but didnt repair your gear. he's been replaced with a machine from cc who doesnt scam ya. report other armor fraud mobs to me and i'll replace them.

[773] Ryune     01/21/16 Rearranged frieza's drop prog in frieza's castle. No numbers were changed, just the order of the progs firing.

[774] Ryune     01/21/16 Conservation Chips/Schematics are nocontainer now to make the force give progs work.

[775] Ryune     01/21/16 Fixed a prog in delta with color bleed and a syntax that could make you drop a mermaid-pearl armor and sac it instead of the mermaid tear pearl if you had the armor in inventory.

[776] Rakam     01/22/16 All of the Vessen Village Elder's items are now wearable by any race, Daio Kaioshin armor got a slot change and Legion got a new drop. Blade of Hellfire is no longer obtainable.

[777] Rakam     01/22/16 Altered the stats on Nightwing's Veil. Might need to... Rethink that one.

[778] Ryune     01/22/16 Yasai City mob drop progs fixed.                       

[779] Rakam     01/23/16 Nerfed Earth's Champion Emblem, Overlord's Wrath, and the two super Auras from Overlords Lookout

[780] Rakam     01/25/16 Made some rooms around the mud "Frozen" which increases icer gains while in them. Frieza's Castle, Shenron Saga and Icerian Proving Grounds.

[781] Ryune     01/29/16 I've added a high luck check on potk's gain mobs. Researchers and Cave demons for their coins.

[782] Riz       01/30/16 Kayin mobs have adjusted gear and finally aren't so boring

[783] Riz       02/14/16 Saiyan War Embroidery updated. Turn in old ones for the new hotness.

[784] Ryune     02/14/16 I nerfed the slayer mobs zeni. Never really foresaw it as something people would do over and over again.

[785] Ryune     02/14/16 The Expensive Focus items have been given a slight increase to triggering since they were the same chance as the normal ones.

[786] Rendo     02/18/16 Splits now have half damage in PK.                     

[787] Rendo     02/18/16 Splits should no longer be able to bypass a skills delay.

[788] Rendo     02/18/16 Can no longer create clones/splits while in Zanzoken   

[789] Rendo     02/18/16 Neon Bible Nexus butthole set to nogain.               

[790] Ryune     02/20/16 Lightning Shower Rain has always been absorbable for bio's. It now has a pl for bios. Report issues please.

[791] Ryune     02/20/16 Fish forms have changed their stat distribution swapping the str and int. the skills say they've been changed but actual changes arent happening. i suspect after next reboot it will change. if it hasnt by tomorrow inform me and ill take another look.

[792] Riz       03/04/16 Dragonfist has been restored to the Saiyan alist with fresh new look,

[793] Ryune     03/07/16 Made a Hercule smob. He's in rotation. Enjoy.          

[794] Rendo     03/08/16 Blackstar wish, surge of power has a cap to how much can be gained

[795] Rendo     03/09/16 Rankkills now grant a 60 second pk safety timer.       

[796] Rendo     03/09/16 help rankrules updated.  Read ALL RED shit near bottom 

[797] Ryune     03/10/16 Hydraulic strength enhancer has been fixed. Stats nerfed and the weird energy loss removed

[798] Ryune     03/23/16 the nooby namekian collars have been changed from +2 str spd int to +1 str spd int.

[799] Rendo     05/01/16 Super-Androids can no longer core/cpu extract lolololol

[800] Rendo     05/27/16 Old skills that would do negative damage (Kamehameha) no longer do negative damage.

[801] Rendo     06/06/16 Kaio's that use the first name of explorer's get Split-form.  But only those already created before this change.

[802] Rendo     06/07/16 TMC rank thing actually updates again, so start voting.

[803] Rendo     06/09/16 If your character name has double letters in it, ex Pollo, and isn't surrounded by repeating letters, ex Pollo. You get split-form.

[804] Rendo     06/09/16 Android's named Pollo get split-form!                  

[805] Rendo     06/09/16 If your character has never held a rank, starts with P and ends with O, you get split-form.

[806] Rendo     06/09/16 Split-forms can make their own split-forums.  Database not provided.

[807] Rendo     06/09/16 Every character named A-O and Q-Z get split-forms      

[808] Rendo     06/11/16 Wolf Fang Fist calculates damage properly.             

[809] Rendo     06/11/16 Slight adjustment to how melee skills damage is calculated

[810] Rendo     06/12/16 All race ranks drop after 24h                          

[811] Rendo     06/12/16 Grav Training in HBTC raises stats faster.  Gains are reduced a bit because of this.

[812] Rendo     06/13/16 Split/Tri/Multi/Clones all have reduced stats.         

[813] Rendo     06/15/16 Everyone but Pollo gets splits.                        

[814] Rendo     06/19/16 Biomass gained is doubled, regenerate biosmass required cut in half

[815] Rendo     06/19/16 HBTC timer reduced to 600 seconds.  Superpill reduced to 600 seconds.  Superpill cost reduced by 25% (75m).  ALL races, heal fully when not in combat while in HBTC/Fake HBTC

[816] Rendo     06/19/16 HBTC reset increased to 4 days                         

[817] Rendo     06/19/16 Non split, non hbtc/arty spars have improved pl gains  

[818] Rendo     06/21/16 Players can only racechange once from dragonballs.     

[819] Rendo     06/21/16 If you die/flee from a fight, you no longer lose pl.  Instead you are given a pl gains penalty until its timer runs up.  SHC still lose pl AND get the gains penalty.

[820] Rendo     06/21/16 PK White changed to 2x range                           

[821] Rendo     06/21/16 Gtrain, med gains, focus gains all affected by flee/death penalty now

[822] Rendo     06/21/16 PL Gains message updated.  Regular gains are still white.  Death penalty gains are RED.  Double Gains are GREEN.  Double gains WITH death penalty are YELLOW.

[823] Rendo     06/21/16 You'll receive a message when your gains penalty has ended.

[824] Rendo     06/21/16 Immortality and Conservation reduce the effect of the death/flee penalty.  The other death bonus thingers (Aloe, preservation, md regen, etc) reduce the duration

[825] Rendo     06/21/16 Hardcore PK Timer reduced to 10minutes.  Softcore PK Timer reduced to 15minutes.

[826] Rendo     06/21/16 Spam PK preventation timer disabled                    

[827] Rendo     06/21/16 Fixed a Tuffle infect bug.                             

[828] Rendo     06/21/16 Gravity training messages changed to THIS COLOUR     

[829] Rendo     06/21/16 The new PL penalty is for EVERYONE but Pollo.  He DOES lose pl still.

[830] Ryune     06/22/16 All skills that aren't coded: kamehameha, wolf fang fist, oozaru mouth cannon: for saiyans, humans, and halfbreeds have been given their proper crit messages. A few of them were fixed as well missing the right $ sign. I'll do the others tomorrow after work.

[831] Ryune     06/22/16 Namekian and Icer skills have been updated to display critical hit messages. More to come after work.

[832] Rendo     06/23/16 Mpdamage no longer causes pl loss on death.  Keke :b   

[833] Rendo     06/23/16 See Announcement for item generation details           

[834] Rendo     06/23/16 Bios gain a bit more ki when they om nom nom           

[835] Rendo     06/24/16 Kaio Create now goes to 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999%, if it fails you get split-form

[836] Rendo     06/25/16 Kaioshin sword changed to 0pl, but only works until 10m base.

[837] Ryune     06/27/16 The Monster Slayer Gear from Yasai City has had the spammy message reduced. The life regen has remained the same proc time, however the message that shows with it no longer appears as frequent. It no longer heals in combat either since it wasn't ever meant to.

[838] Ryune     06/27/16 Android-H/E/FM, Bio-android, Kaio, and Demon alist skills have been updated with the proper critical hit messages. More to come.

[839] Rendo     06/27/16 Flee penalty timer reduced by half.  Was too damn high!1!111

[840] Rendo     06/28/16 Character creation provides better helpfiles for information

[841] Khonsu    07/01/16 All Hydian alist abilities should now have revamped help files. Also, all slist skills helpfiles should have been updated as well.

[842] Rendo     07/08/16 Flee/DeathTimer now start with a static number (2 mins for flee, 5 mins for death) and increase based on your rank.

[843] Cithine   07/08/16 Added helpfile for Deathtimer, Supremekai, ITQuest, updated flee/death/start/speedwalk/alias/armo(u)r, among others.

[844] Ikenbon   07/08/16 Gin Mountains stalled to DB:I                          

[845] Ikenbon   07/08/16 Help Gin_Mountains for more information regarding the area

[846] Rendo     07/14/16 Fixed android t3gewgew;lgew;lk whatever                

[847] Rendo     07/16/16 Added some additional PK prevention shit to mystic/awaken learning

[848] Ikenbon   07/19/16 Fixed some bugs with the grav-lifts and mob spawns in Gin Mountains

[849] Razic     07/21/16 After some discussion, we have decided to remove the 10x and 15x fruit drops from the Tree of Might. Turles now only drops 5x fruits.

[850] Rendo     07/21/16 Fixed a Pollo level bug.  Stupid shit.                 

[851] Cithine   07/27/16 All fusion skills, as well as the missing Kanassian skills should now have what resembles a helpfile. 

[852] Riz       08/02/16 Wolf Fang Fist is now set as melee                     

[853] Rendo     08/08/16 help forumpassword added it's for creating on the forum

[854] Ikenbon   08/08/16 fixed some stuff in Kayin                              

[855] Ikenbon   08/14/16 Temple of the Eternal Dragon added to DB:I             

[856] Ikenbon   08/14/16 Help namektemple                                       

[857] Ikenbon   08/15/16 increased drop rate of amulet fragments in TotED       

[858] Ikenbon   08/16/16 Veritas removed from Smoblist, Captain Ginyu added to smoblist

[859] Ikenbon   08/16/16 fixed some room descriptions in TotED and the respawn for ghosts

[860] Ikenbon   08/18/16 Fixed a lot of things in the TotED. A lot of quest items changed to nocontainer (take incense out of bags if you haven't already), the final quest item is unique (you should not be able to load more than one. Solrun should take you to the temple without having to remove the advanced amulet. You can no longer load more than one Ritual paint at a time.

[861] Ikenbon   08/18/16 Crazy Jack removed from smoblist, Dabura added to smoblist (say challenge to fight)

[862] Khonsu    08/19/16 Saiyan, Halfbreed, Human, Namek, and Icer skills should be updated. Let me know what I ruined.

[863] Rendo     09/02/16 Saiyan Spar gains increased.  Saiyans have a 10% shorter spar timer because they love fighting and stuff.

[864] Rendo     09/14/16 Androids can no longer use the Energy fountain.  There's a delay on it as well.

[865] Khonsu    09/24/16 All helpfiles related to skills for races should be updated now.... 97.4123% sure.

[866] Rendo     09/28/16 Minions cost a % of your ki to create now.             

[867] Rendo     09/30/16 The base minimum items you can carry increased from 10 to 15.

[868] Riz       10/05/16 New social "Nerfed" added.                             

[869] Riz       10/21/16 Dr. Evil has been removed from the Super Mob List      

[870] Rendo     11/11/16 Cordican/Leviathan blocked from using speedwalk.  Stop abusing

[871] Rendo     11/16/16 SHC gains reduced.                                     

[872] Rendo     11/21/16 Can no longer learn ugly before 5m base pl.            

[873] Ikenbon   11/29/16 Chaos has been removed from smoblist. Gotenks has been added to smoblist (He's tough guys, fair warning)

[874] Ikenbon   11/30/16 War Greymon removed from smoblist, Freiza added to smoblist

[875] Ikenbon   12/01/16 General Blue added to smoblist (If your level is greater 6 you cannot gain his drops)

[876] Rendo     12/01/16 Slays no longer work on NPCs cause like, crashes and shit.

[877] Rendo     12/01/16 For room slays D:                                      

[878] Razic     12/04/16 Majin Lieutenants don't bodyslam anymore. Rejoice.     

[879] Rendo     01/24/17 Added the schwifty social  IM TINY RICK MOTHER FUCKERS 

[880] Rendo     02/05/17 A set of quest items are flagged nocontainer now regarding the dragonballs Feb 5th 2017.  If I find them in bags, you'll regrets.

[881] Rendo     05/13/17 Fixed a USSJ1/USSJ2 rage building issue with gtraining in HBTC

[882] Rendo     05/26/17 Fixed Tapion because whomever made it is a retard.     

[883] Rendo     07/19/17 Pabcheck command added, shows when and what the last PAB was.

[884] Rendo     07/19/17 You can no longer claim a rank as soon as you log on, you have to stay logged in for 10 minutes.

[885] Rendo     07/19/17 Tuffles gains are nerfed by 10%.                       

[886] Rendo     07/19/17 Addendum to the last change, if a Tuffle keeps the same infect for a period of time, their gains are only reduced by 5%

[887] Rendo     07/26/17 Nopkstate readded, removes your nopk status            

[888] Rendo     07/26/17 Or crashes the MUD, who knows.                         

[889] Ikenbon   07/26/17 Race Change will be removed from rprewards             

[890] Rendo     08/02/17 Global RPP gains capped at 20%.  Individual RPP gains capped at 20%.  Blame the RP Admins who give out RPP like candy.

[891] Rendo     08/07/17 Fixed a small bug from learning ugly form.             

[892] Rendo     08/08/17 The Elder in the introduction area has his keywords italicized to be more obvious

[893] Ikenbon   08/12/17 ginyu's chance for bodyslam and stun have been lowered. You can get his drop by being below 15b. He can still multiply his pl. His damage resistance has been lowered and his stats.

[894] Khonsu    08/14/17 Happy hunting! The Maima region has been added to Namek

[895] Rendo     09/14/17 Statreset a flat 25m now, regardless of use.           

[896] Rendo     09/15/17 Can no longer use banish while sparring.               

[897] Rendo     09/15/17 Or fightingz.                                          

[898] Rendo     09/20/17 Spacewars no longer automated on Sundays, can be triggered by players via spacewars start, conditions must be met for it to work.

[899] Rendo     09/27/17 Made some changes to speed hit rates against mobs if you're slower than them.

[900] Rendo     09/27/17 BA Tail Absorb now affected by gains penalty           

[901] Riz       10/17/17 Cleaned up Wizlist a bit. 2017 Quota fulfilled  

No.  Admin        Date        Change


[ 0] Rendo     04/01/18 Weekend                                                

[ 1] Rendo     04/01/18 Things have changed.  Lots of things.                  

[ 2] Rendo     04/04/18 Transformations/similar skills only increase when you're in them.  If yours doesn't increase, leave a note.

[ 3] Rendo     04/04/18 Calling all Hydians, ugly triggers with dependencies met.

[ 4] Rendo     04/06/18 Android forms grow while in them now, no longer grow on use/fail

[ 5] Ryune     04/06/18 Some of the former androids might default to saiyan now since we deleted 2 of the 3 android races. Please report other mobs that should be androids but have defaulted to saiyans

[ 6] Khonsu    04/07/18 Please check help newstuff, and help newstuff2 occasionally. Help skilltree also added for a preview of how the new skills work.

[ 7] Rendo     04/07/18 Stats to splits/tri/etc apply spirit properly. Growth/Giant grow while in.  Super Namek now uses a dependency requirement to unlock via meditate.  Also will take longer similar to SSJs.

[ 8] Rendo     04/08/18 Magic-Demons have a skill dependency requirement instead of pl for getting super/kid forms.

[ 9] Rendo     04/08/18 BioAndroid transformations gated behind PKs, lots of PKs.  Start murder.

[10] Rendo     04/09/18 Saiyan/Halfbreed rage only grows when you meet the conditions for your next SSJ form.

[11] Rendo     04/09/18 GGM formula adjusted.  Scales down with more people now instead of up.  This is for nightowls/Aussie region people.

[12] Rendo     04/10/18 Meditate gives more energy per success.  Meditate will at minimum stop at 50% of your max ki now.  (Would stop based on your % learned 10% = 10% of max ki)

[13] Rendo     04/10/18 Shield skills no longer grow when using, only when in them.  Report ones that don't.

[14] Rendo     04/10/18 Kick and Punch damage values increased.                

[15] Rendo     04/10/18 Meditate increases your spirit a bit.                  

[16] Rendo     04/11/18 Fixed a rounding issue (Thanks Path, touch his weener).  Damage will be more consistent and not wonky as fuck.

[17] Rendo     04/11/18 Mobs with potential should be less scary.              

[18] Rendo     04/11/18 Electric Shield only grows while you're in it now, using it does nothing.

[19] Rendo     04/11/18 Some minor adjustments made to block and dodge.        

[20] Rendo     04/11/18 Hardcores MEGA BUFFED.  YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW.  HC MASTER RACE.  Skills start at 10% instead of 5%.  Watch out softcore plebs.

[21] Rendo     04/12/18 Weapon hax fixed and small tri-form bug.               

[22] Rendo     04/12/18 Namek Elder awaken power BS fixed.                     

[23] Ryune     04/13/18 Fixed an issue with the scouters from Frieza's ship and reconnected Yasai City so it isnt accessable only by IT

[24] Ryune     04/13/18 Monster Hunter items are nogive noauction groundrot like they're suppose to be. if you got one previously by this way consider yourself lucky

[25] Razic     04/14/18 Shortened the IT quest in a ton of places. Let me know if you find stuff broken

[26] Razic     04/15/18 Transformation rework. See Announce Board for details  

[27] Razic     04/15/18 Reduce number of Android-H forms                       

[28] Rendo     04/15/18 Bio and Droid forms do stuff properly.  Heart disabled.

[29] Riz       04/16/18 Kayin drop rates nerfed                                

[30] Rendo     04/16/18 Makyo no longer does hax.  10x for all mods and no bonus until it's reworked to do stats or something.

[31] Khonsu    04/17/18 All alist/slist skills helpfiles should be up to date now. If there is incorrect info, or missing info, please let me know by note or tell as soon as possible. Most form info has been moved to 'help forms' and 'help formlist'. 

[32] Ryune     04/17/18 Fixed some mobs in Yemma's vault that had static_stats flag making them uber weak.

[33] Ryune     04/17/18 Fixed some of the camp mobs in Yasai City. Static Stats again.

[34] Rendo     04/18/18 ICERD/Battlenova/Frieza's ship all back                

[35] Ikenbon   04/20/18 Krillin in the intro is now a training mob and will tell you how to 'practice' new skills if you ask him

[36] Rendo     04/21/18 Stat growth flattened out.  Growth rate doubles at 1k stats now.  Caps at 5x base rate for new stats (2400 to a stat)

[37] Rendo     04/24/18 Powerup now boosts all your stats by a bit instead of next to nothing.

[38] Khonsu    04/24/18 Mini Buu slay PL lowered to 15t                        

[39] Khonsu    04/24/18 Addendum, slay removed completely.                     

[40] Rendo     04/24/18 Med gains now work at 100k max energy                  

[41] Rendo     04/24/18 Some adjustments to stat growth, there were some rounding errors (GO FIGURE)

[42] Rendo     04/24/18 Solar/Darkness Flare reduce your chance to hit.  Also cuts your block and dodge chance in half.

[43] Rendo     04/24/18 Sense now gives you a basic stat comparison.  You want to be Goku, not Krillin.

[44] Rendo     04/24/18 Split powerup shit fixed, only 1 crash <_<             

[45] Rendo     04/24/18 Split form now creates at same pl (Split buff), Tri-form old split value, multi old tri value.

[46] Riz       04/25/18 Stat growth increased during spars (player v player) Praise Riz

[47] Ikenbon   04/25/18 Can no longer IT to intro. There is now skip for the Dragon Radar quest (say "I know they're not real Dragonballs"), Vegeta and Android 18 now discuss the new stats and point you to those helpfiles.

[48] Rendo     04/25/18 Icers get a base racial bonus crit increase of 1% to all skills.  Ranked icers get 2%.  If you crit, your skills grow moar.

[49] Rendo     04/25/18 Ussj/ussj2 hbtc restrictions removed, can gain outside of time chamber.

[50] Ikenbon   04/25/18 Don't mess with Goku.                                  

[51] Rendo     04/25/18 Double Training PAB bonus added.  It can roll separately 20% chance, or combined with double gains and damage 10% chance.  Doubles skill learning and stat growth.

[52] Rendo     04/25/18 Superpills also trigger double training.  Super pills ggm reduced to 200%

[53] Rendo     04/25/18 Mob stats less crazy between 50-800m pl.  Might get adjusted up depending on how easy they are.

[54] Rendo     04/26/18 Slist shows energy costs again.                        

[55] Ryune     04/28/18 Overlords Look out "Bosses" stat buffed                

[56] Ryune     04/28/18 Kaio Researchers are no longer sentinel                

[57] Ryune     04/29/18 Base Zeni drop of Mobs in Yasai City has been lower to make them less efficient than some Top Tier areas

[58] Ryune     04/29/18 Lotus Temple "Boss Mob" got a slight stat boost        

[59] Ikenbon   04/30/18 Cell's stats buffed. Regeneration nerfed. % chance for Solar Flare lowered. Zeni lowered.

[60] Ryune     05/01/18 Gorrim's transformed no longer has 1 pl. 5t now.       

[61] Ryune     05/01/18 axehandle given crit message                           

[62] Rendo     05/01/18 Fixed an issue with mppldamage.  You'll probably take a bit of damage from things now.

[63] Rendo     05/02/18 QOL, if you type meditate and you aren't resting/sitting, it'll do it for you and being meditation.

[64] Ikenbon   05/02/18 keyring is layer 256, kanassa quests no longer have a pl requirement

[65] Rendo     05/02/18 Growth/Giant Size/Sauzer, all work, kind of.  They don't apply their stats if you use just the skill, but will apply once in your form.  Also powering down while in snamek and giant size with growth will break your shit.

[66] Rendo     05/03/18 Added some skilltierness to skills.  They affect a skills growth rate.  Values will be adjusted, so things may feel slower for a bit.

[67] Rendo     05/03/18 If a skill doesn't have a crit message, it'll use the regular message.

[68] Rendo     05/04/18 Stat growth stops if a spar lasts more than 30 seconds.

[69] Rendo     05/04/18 If you block or dodge an absorb, it no longer drains energy.

[70] Rendo     05/04/18 Can bid on auction items that are above your pl.  It'll let you know you can't use it when you bid.

[71] Rendo     05/05/18 In addition to stat growth rates, skill tiers affect skill growth rates.  Higher tiers are slower, lower tiers faster.

[72] Ryune     05/05/18 All skills have been assigned a tier of 1-3            

[73] Razic     05/05/18 Kanassian skills rebalance/overhaul for damage/cost. Let me know if stuff looks out of whack.

[74] Rendo     05/05/18 If you start a fight with a skill, it does half damage, costs double energy and the delay is twice as long.

[75] Razic     05/06/18 Adjusted some misc. skills. Cleaver is now melee, go wild.

[76] Rendo     05/06/18 Uncapped mob stats a bit more, things will be wonky over 1b.

[77] Rendo     05/06/18 PL gain tiers adjusted.                                

[78] Rendo     05/07/18 Close to finalizing mob stat shit.  Single formula now, less need to balance mobs, need to balance growth rates, see announce.

[79] Rendo     05/07/18 STat growth rates increased a bit                      

[80] Khonsu    05/07/18 Rendo forgot to tell you that you will not gain stats if you're not gaining PL. so don't go over x5

[81] Rendo     05/07/18 Style buffaroo.  Evasive style increases speed growth rate and also dodge chance.  Defensive fort growth rate and block chance.  Aggressive improves spirit growth.  Berserk strength.

[82] Rendo     05/07/18 Sense has an energy cost now.                          

[83] Rendo     05/08/18 Berserk won't block fleeing now.                       

[84] Rendo     05/08/18 Powerup stat boost increased from 2% per mod to 4%.    

[85] Rendo     05/08/18 Zanzoken is on a single skill now.  Zanzoken one works by default, zanzoken two if it's over 50%, zanzoken 3 over 75% and zan instant if maxed and have IT.  It doesn't drop while fighting, it turns off at end of fight.  Skills growth at 1/4 rate.

[86] Rendo     05/09/18 Old bonuses to styles removed.  Damage buffs/reductions, chance to hit modifiers.

[87] Rendo     05/09/18 Weapons nerfed across the board.  All weapons use base damage rolls, Konatsu and other weapon related bros get a slight damage buff to compensate

[88] Rendo     05/09/18 Fixed some stat overflow fuckery, we're all good for at least 50 years before someone gets a few billion stats.

[89] Rendo     05/09/18 Bonesword reduced to 20k cost.                         

[90] Razic     05/10/18 Forms got buffed. Especially lower forms               

[91] Rendo     05/12/18 Fort growth rates adjusted up slightly                 

[92] Rendo     05/12/18 The reuseable repair capsule makes you repair all, say return.

[93] Rendo     05/13/18 Armour damage reduced if hit by smaller hits, or should be, it's late idk :(

[94] Rendo     05/14/18 You'll only ever fight 3 mobs at once now max, so you can't abuse stat growth shit.

[95] Ryune     05/14/18 fixed stupid issue with Tao in north city. Is now working properly.

[96] Rendo     05/14/18 Curve for stat growth stretched out more.  Doubles at 5k stats, 4x at 10k.

[97] Ikenbon   05/15/18 removed static_stats from a lot of smobs, also added transformations to several prominent ones. Let me know if the transformations on any smobs make them too hard to fight below their death prog pl checks.

[98] Rendo     05/15/18 If you're in evasive style, dodge rolls before block now.  Any other style, block goes first.

[99] Rendo     05/15/18 Booboo fix with fort growth.                           

[100] Rendo     05/16/18 Splitform hax fixed.  Splits now set their stats to your base stats with any forms, instead of current stats, which allowed them to powerup bigly strong.

[101] Rendo     05/16/18 Death/Flee timer affects stat growth, at a lower rate than the pl gains penalty.

[102] Ikenbon   05/17/18 Majin Buu revamped... watch out.                       

[103] Rendo     05/20/18 Due to weapon damage changes and block/dodge changes, weapons no longer reduce your chance to land attacks.

[104] Rendo     05/20/18 Thoughtcraft now increases your spirit, similar to meditate.

[105] Rendo     05/20/18 Fixed a meditate/thoughtcraft spirit growth bug.       

[106] Rendo     05/21/18 Mobs missing you no longer give you speed growth. (It doesn't give you speed growth if you miss)

[107] Razic     05/24/18 Rebalanced all forms. Differences in stats for each form are less pronounced.

[108] Razic     05/24/18 Buffed Cleaver, Tentacle attack is now a melee attack  

[109] Rendo     05/26/18 WFF and Kamehameha added to skill driver, their bullshit skill change things no longer work.

[110] Rendo     05/26/18 Kaioken, Growth, Giant Size, Sauzer Blade all removed for the time being.

[111] Rendo     05/27/18 Clones, Minions, Tri/Multi form should all have their stat stuff fixed.

[112] Rendo     05/27/18 Fixed the aurashield stacking bug.... maybe?  Other stuff might be broken, didn't really put a lot of thought into it. :b

[113] Rendo     05/30/18 sparcheck/fullreport now track your stat growth since logon

[114] Rendo     09/11/18 Rankkill has the same timer as claimrank now upon logging in.

[115] Rendo     01/21/19 Yasai City is no longer a juicy zeni party.            

[116] Rendo     01/30/19 Death penalty affects spirit growth while meditating.  

[117] Rendo     02/08/19 Fixed a sparring bug that prevented a player from gaining stats.

[118] Rendo     02/09/19 Fixed a bug with sense <direction> that would move you in that direction if you were out of energy.

[119] Rendo     02/09/19 Fixed the sense message that does stat comparison.  Everything is no longer Goku!

[120] Rendo     02/09/19 Updates that happen per second (Timers) no longer work while you're LD.

[121] Rendo     02/10/19 Spirit bonus for meditate gains capped and nerfed.     

[122] Rendo     02/14/19 Players Luck stat will change once every 24 hours.     

[123] Rendo     03/01/19 Adjusted an issue with demon/ghetti weapon creation that prevented you from making them.

[124] Rendo     03/08/19 You can no longer wish for power of the dragon from Porunga.  It may get rehauled in the future and brought back.

[125] Rendo     03/11/19 Fixed a crash that happened with ships trying to land on Namek.

[126] Razic     03/16/19 Fixed layer on roundhouse sneakers so they can be useful

[127] Razic     03/16/19 Gave races who can make swords the Slash ability       

[128] Rendo     03/18/19 Adjustments made to spar gains tiers, report anything that even looks remotely off (lower/higher/etc)

[129] Razic     03/20/19 Slash now requires a weapon be wielded                 

[130] Rendo     03/22/19 MD transformations energy cost adjusted to be in line with other forms.

[131] Razic     03/24/19 Sauzer Slash moved to alist for consistency            

[132] Ikenbon   03/29/19 Static_stars flags removed from boss mobs in Kayin.    

[133] Ikenbon   03/29/19 static_stats flags removed from boss mobs on vendetta  

[134] Ikenbon   04/13/19 increased Jace's PL in C_Rainforest so that he can hold more items and complete his trades.

[135] Ikenbon   04/13/19 Removed some static_stats flags from mobs in Maima_Region

[136] Ikenbon   04/13/19 Removed PL Requirement from T-4 Chip                   

[137] Ikenbon   04/18/19 Namekian workers now echo when loading their drops.    

[138] Rendo     05/09/19 Pushup (str), Shadowbox (spd), and Situp (fort) commands added.

[139] Rendo     08/24/19 Blackstars show up as Big Event in progress when they're out.

[140] Rendo     08/24/19 Blackstars no longer block PABs.  While blackstars are out, a player has a 25% chance to increase the PAB trigger chance.  (Better than no chance!)

[141] Rendo     09/03/19 Can no longer gain rage if you're not standing.        

[142] Ikenbon   09/07/19 Some changes to the drop % for certain 'shady' items.  

[143] Rendo     09/14/19 Fixed a crash that occured with mana mend and splits out.

[144] Rendo     09/14/19 Added save writes to obtaining forms to prevent rollbacks from crashes.

[145] Ikenbon   09/16/19 The 'wiki' social has been updated with a link to the new Roleplay WorldAnvil

[146] Ikenbon   09/16/19 help roleplay updated with the new world anvil link    

[147] Rendo     09/18/19 Did a thing for Luke.  He's so creative.               

[148] Ikenbon   09/18/19 I've changed some random % chances in the Godquest / planet plant.

[149] Rendo     09/19/19 Gear stats no longer apply to your character.  If you notice any weirdness, let me know.

[150] Rendo     09/20/19 Fixed a crashbug with splitforms.                      

[151] Rendo     09/20/19 Gear Stats relevant again, read announcement.          

[152] Ikenbon   09/20/19 Skybase Cybernetic Beings (you know the ones) had their zeni drops changed

[153] Rendo     09/21/19 Workout commands now follow the same rules as meditate/sparring. (No effect launched or someone elses ship)

[154] Rendo     09/23/19 Stat growth display message now shows what your stat is now at.

[155] Rendo     09/24/19 On maxing a skill, you'll now receive a prompt informing you the skill is maxed.

[156] Ikenbon   09/24/19 Fixed a small bug in ToTED                             

[157] Rendo     09/28/19 Life regeneration updated.  Read announcement for more information.

[158] Rendo     09/28/19 You now receive a prompt when you reach max hp.        

[159] Rendo     09/28/19 You will receive a prompt when you begin to heal from sit/rest/sleeping.

[160] Rendo     09/28/19 Ramp up time for healing boosted by fort.              

[161] Rendo     09/28/19 Added new heal related commands for consumables for use with the new regen system.

[162] Ikenbon   09/28/19 Double Tacos and Meliorate Items from Ginyu have new healing properties. They no longer heal flat amounts, they give bonuses to healing regen.

[163] Ikenbon   09/28/19 Mystic Pizza, Kuma Spirits, Healing Anhks, Sacred Water Cask, Fusion Vest, Saiyan Bread, and Dinosaur Steaks have ben updated with new regen mechanics.

[164] Rendo     09/29/19 Fighitng multiple mobs no longer gives stat gains.     

[165] Ikenbon   09/30/19 A lot more items, and Bulma have been converted to the new regen changes. The mpslay of the police uits in SA13 now check your current hps to determine if they slay.

[166] Ikenbon   10/01/19 Lots of little changes for the Intro to DBI            

[167] Rendo     10/04/19 Ramp up time to heal outside of heal rooms reduced by 50%

[168] Rendo     10/04/19 Small bug with aggressive mobs fixed.                  

[169] Rendo     10/06/19 Gear Stat bonus shows up in score now.                 

[170] Rendo     10/07/19 Stats can no longer go beyond 20 in the Intro area because people lack reading comprehension.

[171] Ikenbon   10/09/19 Icer Proving Grounds on Ng Yelo has been restored to teach skills. This is a very good area to get basic abilities to 50% that is near Ginyu (You must be able to practice those abilities to learn them but there are additional pl caps built into the quest as well).

[172] Ikenbon   10/09/19 There should be no more items in the game that give flat heals.

[173] Rendo     10/10/19 Couple small fixes to things, nothing important.       

[174] Rendo     10/11/19 Bodyslam delay reduced, damage increased, set to tier3 and it only has a 25% chance to knock people down. (Likely to change pending issues)

[175] Rendo     10/11/19 Split, Tri and Multi forms increase learn % by being in them, no longer gain anything from using.

[176] Rendo     10/11/19 Fixed config +brief so it works with the enhanced compass.  Useful for mobile users to reduce clutter.

[177] Rendo     10/11/19 Brief now shortens directions on autoexit.  North = N, Northeast = Ne, etc

[178] Rendo     10/11/19 Prompts have config +brief options now, default prompts ONLY have colour changing for Ki and HP at certain tiers as warnings

[179] Rendo     10/13/19 Luck applying fixed, was broken since gear stat change.

[180] Rendo     10/13/19 Aggressive mobs show up as @ on the enhanced compass.  Pacifist mobs no longer show up on autosense.

[181] Ikenbon   10/14/19 Drop %'s in Cordican Starship have been increased and you might be even more successful on a lucky day.

[182] Ikenbon   10/14/19 Leviathan's drop rates have been increased and you might be even more successful if it's your lucky day.

[183] Rendo     10/15/19 Gag will block the Healing effect wears off message.   

[184] Rendo     10/15/19 Only the same mobs will join in combat now, multi mob stat gaining is back but at a reduced rate (75% when you're fighting 2, 66% when you're fighting 3)  PL checks may be added for additional balance

[185] Ikenbon   10/16/19 Lots of QoL changes for Mt. Areukk.                    

[186] Ikenbon   10/18/19 Lots of QoL improvements fro the Infinity Program.     

[187] Ikenbon   10/18/19 Kami's Lookout has had its rooms connected so it's less... ugly

[188] Ikenbon   10/18/19 Infinity Program's PL range has been adjusted from 100b-500b to 250b-1t, items from the level have had their pl requirement increased to 75b

[189] Rendo     10/19/19 Moonball will give an update message with 1 minute left letting you know it's about to expire.

[190] Rendo     10/20/19 LLG updated.  Base Saiyan gains increased 20%, first tier of LLG roughly same for Saiyans, second tier slight nerf, major nerf for lowest tier (20hp).  All races get access to LLG stat rate increase at 20hp, Saiyans and HB get access at the 40 and 60hp benchmarks.  Saiyan have best LLG effect.

[191] Rendo     10/20/19 Also have to be within 1.5x pl for LLG to work.        

[192] Rendo     10/20/19 Android combat prompt should be fixed.                 

[193] Rendo     10/20/19 config +brief minimizes skill messages (Everything isn't done yet)

[194] Rendo     10/20/19 Ki Heal, Regenerate and Mana Mend no longer heal.  Instead they provide a temporary heal buff.  The skills will be reworked properly to fit their new use.

[195] Rendo     10/22/19 Config +brief blocks pl gain messages from damage as well as the red text when you're below 25hp.

[196] Ikenbon   10/22/19 Lorren in Bear Forest has had his zeni rewards for pelts lowered for the larger ones. I recommend when turning in pelts to do them one at a time (don't spam the command) or his mpjunk may missfire. I've also increased his STR so he can hold more items.

[197] Ikenbon   10/25/19 Couple little bugs in Crystal Rainforest addressed.    

[198] Ikenbon   10/26/19 EDF members in champions are no longer total pushovers.

[199] Ikenbon   10/26/19 The days of free powerlevel gains at Overlords is over.

[200] Rendo     10/27/19 Stunned bug with < 0 lf should be fixed.  You'll heal out of it now.

[201] Ikenbon   10/27/19 Lots of little changes. Fixed some exits in Snake Way, increased drop rates in Ginyu Base. Nappa no longer drops OoLP, but has a new item replacing it with a much better drop chance. Ice-Encrusted Buster Sword is a Konatsu Weapon now. Fixed some colors and some mob stats in Crystal Rainforest.

[202] Ikenbon   10/27/19 Blood Elementals had their damage reduced drastically due to their multi-assist.

[203] Ikenbon   10/28/19 Good guy Blood Elementals are bad guy blood elementals again. :(

[204] Ikenbon   10/28/19 Vendetta's gaining mobs have been given special attacks. I also adjusted some ridiculously low drop percentages.

[205] Rendo     10/28/19 Various bugs fixed.                                    

[206] Rendo     10/29/19 Forums work again!                                     

[207] Rendo     10/29/19 Mana Mend and Regenerate give its own bonus for healing, it boosts the ramp up time and can stack with heal items.

[208] Rendo     10/30/19 Ki Heal has same treatment as Mana Mend and Regenerate.  Skills will be redone completely in the future.

[209] Rendo     10/31/19 Brief now reduces text spam for attacks fired by enemies.  Default skill colour for mobs changed to purple, green way gross. TOKUSENTAI

[210] Rendo     11/07/19 Added MSSP support.  :D                                

[211] Ikenbon   11/26/19 Sonata Mountains has been added to DBI                 

[212] Riz       11/27/19 Kayin return console will send you back to Sonata      

[213] Ikenbon   11/27/19 Scroll racks in Bushido Temple actually have scrolls now -_-

[214] Ikenbon   11/29/19 Metal Coolers keycard and other drops rates increased (and the keycards should only load if you don't already have one)

[215] Ikenbon   11/29/19 I updated some Konatsu skills with new names / descriptions. There's a few left to do. This might have reset some of your skills, just ask an admin and we'll sset you.

[216] Ikenbon   11/30/19 Until I can figure out why the scroll room isn't resetting, Master Han "sells" the scrolls needed for the Sonata Mountains Resonance Shrine quest.

[217] Ikenbon   12/01/19 It's very ugly but Help SoantaMountains2 provides some additional information about completing the quests and other information to know about the zone.

[218] Ikenbon   12/02/19 Added a new melee skill for all races. Moderate damage with a chance to paralyze.

[219] Ikenbon   12/02/19 Help MeteorStrike added.                               

[220] Ikenbon   12/03/19 There are still some updates needed to be made, but the roleplay wiki's information regarding rules, posting logs, and acquiring abilities should be accurately reflected now.

[221] Ikenbon   12/04/19 A "State of the 'Verse" article has been added to the RP Wiki under the Setting Information Category that describes current events in RP

[222] Ikenbon   12/04/19 Ox King Valley and John's Farm removed from DBI        

[223] Ikenbon   12/05/19 A new article titled "Setting Lore and Character Creation" has been added to the RP Wiki. This article talks about our RP setting and how to make an interesting and dynamic character for CHAT. Hope to see some new bios soon.

[224] Rendo     12/05/19 Thoughtcraft increases at twice its previous rate and has been adjusted to a tier 1 skill (learns faster)

[225] Ikenbon   12/06/19 I've added a more expanded range of mobs to the Kanassa psychic cells (pls 5m-9m) and fixed some of the fighting programs for those mobs.

[226] Ikenbon   12/07/19 I've made some minor changes to crimsoncity. The mobs in the main area have been increased to 500m-5b. The Maze quest for the mask of loathing has been left alone. Some of the demon items dropped in the mansion have been made better (and are statranged). It would take a lot of work to redux this area and fix all its problems and shortcomings. What I'd like to do is instead rebuilt the zone from the ground up using it as a base.

[227] Ikenbon   12/12/19 Gotenks, King Piccolo, and Ultra-Perfect Cell smobs have been updated with the new smob changes (100pl, mpstatmirror progs)

[228] Ikenbon   12/12/19 for the new smob changes, all smobs will be 100 pl (you must be 100 to get their drops), use the 'ready' command to begin battle with them, and their smobdrops will be 100pl requirements only

[229] Ikenbon   12/12/19 Buu has been updated with smob changes                 

[230] Ikenbon   12/14/19 added a newbie capsule rep to Sonata Mountains         

[231] Ikenbon   12/16/19 Color Delux, Rabbit of Caerbogg Cave, Toronto Hockey Player, SSJ4 Vegeta, Bill the Landlord, Super Piggy Bank, Curry Master Maverick, Kaon, Korra, and Master Ca'en have been removed from smoblist.

[232] Ikenbon   12/16/19 Turles, Dabura, and Captain Ginyu (and their items) updated to new smob system

[233] Ikenbon   12/16/19 Kami, Grandpa Gohan, and Frieza have been updated with the new smob changes

[234] Rendo     12/17/19 You can no longer start fights against supermobs with any attack.  Kill no longer works on supermobs.  Use smobkill to begin combat.  It will tell you why you can't.

[235] Ikenbon   12/20/19 Tapion has been updated.                               

[236] Ikenbon   12/22/19 Janemba updated.                                       

[237] Ikenbon   12/22/19 Janemba has been buffed (watch out) and has a new drop.

[238] Ikenbon   01/15/20 Brolly / Drop updated                                  

[239] Rendo     01/21/20 Fixed a program bug in infinity program, updated Super Android 13 for smob change.

[240] Ikenbon   01/25/20 Super Android 17 and item updated for smobs            

[241] Rendo     01/26/20 Hildegarn updated.                                     

[242] Rendo     01/26/20 Smobkill has a delay before you can use skills. :P     

[243] Rendo     01/28/20 Evil King Piccolo updated for smobkill.                

[244] Rendo     02/01/20 Shenlong fixed.                                        

[245] Rendo     02/01/20 Can no longer donate for supermobs when one is out.  Smob PAB won't trigger if an Smob is out.

[246] Rendo     02/02/20 Meteor Strike stun chance reduced a bit.               

[247] Rendo     02/03/20 Oozaru and Golden Oozaru give some stats now, report any issues.

[248] Rendo     02/05/20 Fixed Powerup issue with BA Forms.                     

[249] Rendo     02/07/20 Adjusted the mob stat formula.  Mobs have lower stats at lower pls,  mobs have been uncapped a bit.  15k is roughly the cap now.

[250] Rendo     02/09/20 Autopowerup bug with powerup corrected.                

[251] Rendo     02/09/20 Fixed a quest item that got incorrectly renamed.       

[252] Rendo     02/09/20 Fixed mystic issue with autopowerup.                   

[253] Rendo     02/12/20 Workout commands now scale up by a % amount instead of flat.  The base growth rate has been increased.  The longer you workout, the more growth you get.  It's roughly 30% better now.  You also no longer can gain energy while working out, and Androids no longer get their energy regen bonus while working out.

[254] Rendo     02/12/20 Turles programs adjusted to not be so violent          

[255] Rendo     02/14/20 Demon King Piccolo and his drop properly updated.      

[256] Rendo     02/14/20 Fixed a Luke booboo in Sonata.                         

[257] Rendo     02/15/20 Skills will land 50% of the time below 50% learned.  Skills do half damage below 50% learned.  Accuracy and damage increases to full effectiveness from 50-100% learned.

[258] Rendo     02/17/20 Can no longer gain bounties from rankkilling.          

[259] Rendo     02/17/20 Captain Ginyu SMOB no longer does his powerup.         

[260] Rendo     02/21/20 Scouter Transport no longer works while you're sitting/resting/sleeping.

[261] Rendo     02/21/20 When you start a PK fight, both parties forced to be standing.

[262] Rendo     02/21/20 Suppress and Fly learning speeds improved.             

[263] Rendo     02/21/20 Minor changes made to dependencies for tentacle attack and cannonball.  Both have had their damage increased.

[264] Rendo     02/22/20 With config +mobile enabled, just typing kill will auto target mobs. If they are stronger than 1.25x you it skips them.  Skips players, smobs, pacifist mobs, splits etc.  Report any bugs.

[265] Ikenbon   02/24/20 Cherry pies restore fixed.                             

[266] Rendo     02/26/20 MD form quest corrected in Delta.                      

[267] Rendo     02/27/20 QOL for PAB Super Pill roll.  It will be on a 5 minute timer before it fully activates giving time to notify people, get to gaining areas, etc.

[268] Rendo     02/29/20 Ki restores fully after spars in HBTC.                 

[269] Rendo     02/29/20 Added nospeedwalk flag to a section of Skybase.        

[270] Ikenbon   02/29/20 Sections of the Ginyu Saiba basement removed (creating a gap), armor on Ginyu Hardened Armor reduced. More changes planned.

[271] Ikenbon   03/01/20 Ginyu Base reset time increased from 10 minutes to 13 minutes, all mobs in ginyu base have more attacks.

[272] Ikenbon   03/01/20 Seer's chamber in delta can no longer be IT'd to or spawned in

[273] Ikenbon   03/01/20 Dodoria has been added as a wandering, assist mob on the outer ring of Ginyu Base. The Gold Ginyu Scouter, and Black Spandex armor from the Ginyu shops have been given to her as item drops and removed from the shops.

[274] Ikenbon   03/01/20 Nappa in Ginyu base now assists and wanders the area.  

[275] Ikenbon   03/01/20 Raditz in Ginyu Base now wanders, and assists          

[276] Ikenbon   03/01/20 King Cold, and Zarbon now wander and assist in Ginyu Base.

[277] Ikenbon   03/02/20 SA Core Processor and Fused Potara Earrings set to 100pl. Also touched up their colors just a little.

[278] Rendo     03/02/20 Made some changes to requisite skills.  Energy ball requires 2nd attack.  Destructive Wave, Destructo Disk, and a few of the mid level general energy attacks require 3rd attack.  Anyone that has progressed past this stage, will have the appropriate skill set for them.

[279] Rendo     03/03/20 If your Strength or Spirit is more than 75% of the opposing stat, 75% of the higher stat is what's used for smob stat mirroring.

[280] Rendo     03/03/20 Slight bug with workout commands and Android energy regen fixed.

[281] Rendo     03/03/20 Supermobs updated to have a scaleable mirror percent now instead of double your stats.  This is to allow some smobs to be more challenging then others, and others significantly easier.

[282] Rendo     03/03/20 Saiyan Invasion has been updated.  All mobs are flagged as smobs now, so you must use smobkill and the same rules as smobs apply.  They use the mirrorpercent now, so the lower class ones are significantly easier than the stronger ones.  The stronger ones use more powerful attacks more often.  They may be too strong, so adjustments will be made.

[283] Rendo     03/03/20 Kibito Kais SMOB mirror percent adjusted.              

[284] Rendo     03/04/20 Saiyan Invasion adjusted.  Mobs have had their drop rates doubled.  Mobs have had their mirror percents lowered.  (King Vegeta was 1.75x your stats, now he's 1.4 as an example)  All of their skill useage has been reduced a bit.

[285] Rendo     03/04/20 Day/Night cycle fixed and working now.                 

[286] Rendo     03/05/20 Total Powerlevel Gained message will show up in red if you have a deathtimer.  This is for people who use config +brief/gag

[287] Rendo     03/06/20 Turles SMOB mirrorpercent reduced.                     

[288] Rendo     03/06/20 Android's have a unique melee skill called Barrier Punch.  It's pretty tough.

[289] Ikenbon   03/06/20 adv_newbie academy, galactic dojo and CoE removed from DBI, Legende added.

[290] Rendo     03/07/20 SA 17 SMOB mirror percent adjusted.                    

[291] Ikenbon   03/07/20 The Orb has entered phase 1.                           

[292] Ikenbon   03/07/20 Help Orb.                                              

[293] Rendo     03/09/20 Flag used in end of POTK quest updated to not be as rough.

[294] Rendo     03/09/20 Brolly SMOB tweaked, his item improved.                

[295] Ikenbon   03/09/20 couple little misc things: added higher respawns for stryx, dryads, and drigers in Sonata. Changed Predator Senses to 1b pl req. Fixed the sign on armada so it tells you to say legende when examining system. Fixed some spawn problems and lowered spamming for the ORB. Other ORB stuff.

[296] Ikenbon   03/10/20 Fixed some bugs in the Sonata Quest with Yarrow's letters, the Spirit Flower should work as intended now, and the Training Dummies in the Bushido Training Grounds now explode and won't "respawn" until reset happens.

[297] Rendo     03/11/20 Hildegarn SMOB mirrorpercent adjusted down a smidge, his slay is significantly less common now.

[298] Ikenbon   03/11/20 Broly juiced a little. His mpstatmirror has been increased, but his damage reduction was lessened. Item drop changed to reflect the DBS Broly waistrobe

[299] Ikenbon   03/11/20 Some slight adjustments: Mini Majin Buus in Hologram Sagas have been given some more punch to their attacks. I've made some adjustment to the Asgard Clones (basically lowered tri-beam to 3% from 10% but added some more mid-tier skills in between and flattened out the higher % skills to be less damaging)

[300] Ikenbon   03/11/20 Li Shenlong removed from smoblist. Prince Vegeta added to smoblist.

[301] Rendo     03/11/20 Sense messages now change the + to different colours depending on your stats vs their stats.  Red Yellow Green Blue White order from terrifying to ez pz.

[302] Rendo     03/11/20 Made some adjustments to the pl gains penalty to tiers.  It used to fall off at 1.75x hard, when it was intended to fall off after 2x+.  Should make gaining slightly easier when you're moving on to stronger enemies.

[303] Rendo     03/12/20 Electric Shield for Androids nerfed.  Used to hit 1500 added to armour, now only does 1k.

[304] Rendo     03/12/20 All Androids have a higher armour cap now, each Android racerank increases it further.

[305] Rendo     03/12/20 Android skills now have rankbonus, though weaker than the other Races.  Only applies for War Machine and Terminator.

[306] Rendo     03/12/20 Darkness Illusion Melee skilled added to Ghettis.      

[307] Ikenbon   03/12/20 Halfbreeds now have 'SDS' (Soaring Dragon Strikes), the move that Gohan used to obliterate Cell and Cell Jr's.

[308] Ikenbon   03/12/20 help sds added                                         

[309] Ikenbon   03/12/20 help darknessillusion added                            

[310] Rendo     03/12/20 Trap Ball updated to be a melee skill for Icers.  Removed as absorbable for Bio-Androids.  Requisites updated.

[311] Ikenbon   03/12/20 Namekian now possess the melee skill 'Demon Rend'. Help Demonrend added.

[312] Ikenbon   03/12/20 Help Barrierpunch added                                

[313] Ikenbon   03/12/20 Hydians have received Ruthless Hyacinth as a new melee move. Help RuthlessHyacinth

[314] Ikenbon   03/12/20 Demons have had cleaver's damage reduced, and gained Bunkai Crusher as a higher tier melee ability. Help Bunkaicrusher.

[315] Ikenbon   03/12/20 Kaios now possess the Spirit Severance melee skill. Help SpiritSeverance

[316] Ikenbon   03/13/20 Melee skill Volleyball Attack added for humans. (Help VolleyballAttack)

[317] Ikenbon   03/13/20 Kanassians now have the Vital Point Attack melee skill (Help VitalPointAttack)

[318] Ikenbon   03/13/20 removed nocontainer flags from AotEDF                  

[319] Ikenbon   03/13/20 The gaining mobs in Vessen have a higher chance to respawn, but they're more equipped to fight as well.

[320] Ikenbon   03/13/20 Mid Tier Saiyans in OL have been weakened slightly. I increased the drop rates on most of the named NPCs in the area except for the Auras (I think)

[321] Ikenbon   03/13/20 Meteor Strike's chance to paralyze has been increased, but its duration is only 1 round. Damage slightly reduced both min/max.

[322] Ikenbon   03/13/20 A new melee skill  called Telekinesis (Help Telekinesis) has been added for nameks, kaios, humans, kanassians, bio-androids, and icers

[323] Ikenbon   03/14/20 Final Shine removed. Spirit Bomb added for Saiyans (help SpiritBomb)

[324] Ikenbon   03/14/20 Bulma has been added to smoblist ("piggy bank")        

[325] Ikenbon   03/14/20 Soul Discharge has been reskinned as 'Solar Kamehameha' (Help Solar Kamehameha)

[326] Ikenbon   03/14/20 Saiyans can now learn the Kaioken Rush ability from King Kai in snake-way. (Help KaiokenRush)

[327] Ikenbon   03/14/20 Beerus, God of Destruction added to smoblist.          

[328] Rendo     03/15/20 Block/Dodge automatically turn back on when you spar.  

[329] Rendo     03/15/20 The Spar and Split Sparring stat boost that was added forever ago, didn't work.  Now it does and it's also settable in game for easy balancing.

[330] Rendo     03/15/20 Capped out workout commands at 25k energy as the max drain.  This allows people with more energy to workout longer generating better stat growth.

[331] Rendo     03/15/20 Can no longer kitransfer people who are working out.  Fixed the display messages stopping for workout commands.

[332] Rendo     03/15/20 Armour no longer gets damaged, nor mitigates damage while sparring.

[333] Rendo     03/16/20 Fixed block/dodge bug with sparring <_< >_>.           

[334] Rendo     03/16/20 Adjusted stat growths of workout commands, they should scale a bit better the further you go.

[335] Rendo     03/16/20 Block/Dodge enabled by default.  No longer able to turn them off.

[336] Rendo     03/16/20 Added a 4th skill tier, moving all "ultimates" into that tier.  They have the same growth rate as before.  Adjusted tiers of most other skills, as well as damage and speed.  Some skills are weaker, some slower, some stronger.

[337] Rendo     03/17/20 Rejoice Nameks, Kaios, and Hydians.  Your forms now are variable again from 1-3.  form 1 gives you 50% stat boost, 2 is 75% of your forms max, and 3 is max.

[338] Ikenbon   03/18/20 Increased drops on Quetz from Deadzone.                

[339] Ikenbon   03/18/20 The rooms for Isaac and Bethany on cordican/leviathan are now healing rooms

[340] Ikenbon   03/19/20 Changed "how" the drop for Hydra in Vessen Village rolls. You have a chance to load the item on each kill instead of just when it dies.

[341] Ikenbon   03/20/20 Fixed a bug in Salome's Castle.                        

[342] Rendo     03/20/20 Preservation/Regen spawning you at old CoE fixed.      

[343] Rendo     03/22/20 If you uh... have more than 8k armour, you'll notice you're taking more damage now.  Royally fucked up when I did Android armour cap change. Whoops!

[344] Ikenbon   03/24/20 Cooler added to smoblist.                              

[345] Rendo     03/26/20 Section of POTK made nogain to prevent abuse.          

[346] Ikenbon   03/28/20 Adjust the mirrorpercent on Dabura from 100 to 50, increased the crystal drop rates from Pysaibamen in Crystal Rainforest, and changed the Planeswalker gear to match colors.

[347] Ikenbon   03/28/20 Raditz added to smoblist                               

[348] Ikenbon   03/28/20 Fixed the exit in Kami's Lookout. Made the Yesterwind Thief from Yemmas Vault pacifist. Fixed typo in SDS. Added hitroom description for Burning-slash. Fixed color codes on Reliquary of the Void. 

[349] Ikenbon   03/30/20 Fixed some of the CC teleporters that would send you to CoE. Added ICERD to the transporters on LEGENDE.

[350] Ikenbon   03/31/20 Made some changes to western desert drops. Added some high luck drop rates, gave some items a recolor on their names and adjusted the stats on one or two.

[351] Rendo     03/31/20 Ranged gear now applies to stat bonuses.  Whoops!      

[352] Rendo     04/01/20 Smobs start at full life every fight.                  

[353] Rendo     04/01/20 help channel updated.  Has a link to download a MiniChat plugin for Mushclient, courtesy of Kaiza.

[354] Rendo     04/01/20 Corrected a minor bug with the daily luck roll.        

[355] Rendo     04/02/20 Corpses are no longer able to be picked up.            

[356] Ikenbon   04/02/20 Elementals Avatars in OL have had their drop rates increased and a high luck chance added.

[357] Rendo     04/03/20 HBTC gains boosted a bit with a low chance for a big boost (1 in 8).  HBTC boosts stat growth by 50%

[358] Ikenbon   04/03/20 Changed some of the drops in Yasai Jungle to stat range. Icreased drop rates. Added luck drops. Added jewel drops.

[359] Rendo     04/04/20 Added a program to Armada.  Say available in the rooms with Fake Chamber and Heaven will tell if the rooms are in use or available.  No further reimbursements will be given out for lost keys.

[360] Ikenbon   04/04/20 Jewel drops added to Big Getti Star                    

[361] Ikenbon   04/04/20 Jewel drops added to Mount Areukk  

[362] Rendo     04/05/20 Reduced an idle disconnect thing to boot people faster (Helps prevent already connected issue)

[363] Ikenbon   04/06/20 Buffed z-sword to +17 all. Gave it the "keep" flag (if you die, you 'keep' it), and lowered pl req to 5t

[364] Ikenbon   04/06/20 I've added a new gemtype for the "Jeweler" on LEGENDE. Chipped Gems spawn on Yasai and Castle Vegeta for the moment at a much higher rate than normal gemstones. 10 Chipped Gems can be turned in to 'Jim' the Gemelizer to create a jewel shard of your choice (amethyst, ruby, sapphire, or topaz)

[365] Ikenbon   04/07/20 Dont. Fuck. With. Goku.                                

[366] Ikenbon   04/07/20 Goku's early forms have 3 new stat-ranged drops. Luck helps. Also, maybe some really secret happens if you have enough luck. >:)

[367] Rendo     04/08/20 Drowning/Choking to death no longer generates death certificates.  They also give you a deathtimer.  Anyone who abused this for "shady" things better contact us or we'll smite.

[368] Ikenbon   04/11/20 Jim should no longer mpjunk gemstones                  

[369] Rendo     04/18/20 HCs now have a stat gaining penalty (90%)              

[370] Rendo     04/18/20 NoAssist mobs actually work properly now and should join in all the time instead of what seemed randomly.

[371] Rendo     04/18/20 MultiMob stat growth reduced significantly.            

[372] Rendo     04/18/20 Attacks that blind avoidance chance decreased significantly.

[373] Rendo     04/18/20 Landing ship range increased.                          

[374] Rendo     04/19/20 Overlords Champions respawn rate reduced.  The number of Champions reduced (Too many, too easy)

[375] Rendo     04/19/20 Babidi Saga Majins buffed.  Their wombo combo is actually dangerous now.

[376] Rendo     04/19/20 Worms and Mini Super Buus respawn a bit more.  Worms do more stuff.  Buus adjusted a little.

[377] Rendo     04/19/20 Made some adjustments to Deadzone.  Imps have been increased to 2t, mobs have a wider range of skills.  Some mobs respawn more often, there are also more mobs in some places.

[378] Ikenbon   04/24/20 I've added a new page to the RP world anvil that discusses techniques and inventions to provide a guideline for new players and some advice.

[379] Ikenbon   05/02/20 Aroun social added.                                    

[380] Ikenbon   05/15/20 CCARRF: Fusion Reborn added to DBI                     

[381] Ikenbon   05/27/20 gem should be fixed for bios/mds                       

[382] Khonsu    06/04/20 Namekian Wilds has been added to DBI.                  

[383] Rendo     06/13/20 Fixed an issue with Beerus that affected people with lower stats.

[384] Rendo     06/14/20 Cleaned up some warnings in the code.  Things may explode since I'm bad. <_<

[385] Ikenbon   07/04/20 Darkness Badge + Shadows Superspeed mpkirestore BS nerfed.

[386] Rendo     07/06/20 Fixed a dirty dirty workout exploit.                   

[387] Rendo     07/07/20 Fixed SSJ failure, whoops!                             

[388] Ikenbon   07/09/20 Fixed the pl's on the otherworld fighters on grand kai's planet, and it shouldn't be possible for dballs to spawn in FR anymore (hopefully)

[389] Ikenbon   07/09/20 Master Han in the Bushido Temple now instructs you to type 'list' to see the scrolls for his test

[390] Rendo     07/14/20 Eldraxalion from Vessen Village has stats now.  :o     

[391] Ikenbon   07/23/20 Adjusted the Ginyubase Saibamen chambers               

[392] Ikenbon   07/24/20 Added another clue to the zanzoken quest regarding the captain's door, and changed the verbage of the echo in the deadly encounter quest to specially tell you to type the underscores.

[393] Ikenbon   08/03/20 Mercenary Tao added to smoblist.                       

[394] Rendo     08/08/20 Meditate gets slightly better the more spirit you have for spirit growth. (Until future changes :P)

[395] Ikenbon   08/12/20 fixed some echoes in the Zanzoken quest and increased the time between the majority of echoes throughout the deadly encounter sequence (so you have more time to read it)

[396] Ikenbon   08/13/20 General Blue (from dragonball) added to smoblist. He drops several items that have a stat-range so the smoblist won't be able to detail his items beyond the name/pl req/layers and flags.

[397] Ikenbon   08/13/20 (1) Ginyu Base reset freq. adjusted from 13 to 17, Bear Forest reset frequency from 9 to 12, Dark Haven from 15 to 12. (2) I also cleaned up some progs on Marron (from CC) to make it easier to get the Hologram passkey. (3) I added Oolong to the Intro to DBI. He teaches you about the GBOARD system and gives new players a handout with other useful starting tips and HFILES.

[398] Ikenbon   08/17/20 Master Roshi added to smoblist. Each kill adds 500k zeni to doubles.

[399] Ikenbon   08/17/20 Fixed the hitroom and hitvictim echoes for Multi-Tribeam

[400] Ikenbon   08/17/20 new android melee skill: endgame                       

[401] Ikenbon   08/17/20 Help Endgame added                                     

[402] Ikenbon   08/17/20 New Android finisher and hfile added: Hellzone Barrier 

[403] Ikenbon   08/18/20 I have done my best to baby-proof the Honden by having the Gohei's push you out of the room if you're at the wrong one at the wrong time. If you still lose your seal you can speak to Yasao inside the Honden for more.

[404] Ikenbon   08/18/20 Blackstar Dballs can no longer spawn in the quest sections of Planet EvE

[405] Ikenbon   08/18/20 (1) Fixed the Monster Hunter and Sonicshield hfiles (2) Fixed some descriptions for Ronin Betrayers in the Honden, and some room descriptions in the Zanzoken Quest (3) Added some checks for npcs in cordican (4) Gave more keywords to ice owls in Soltari

[406] Ikenbon   08/18/20 (5) Also added exits for the water basin in bear forest, and the Koi Pond in Sonata so that if you don't have fly you can escape.

[407] Ikenbon   08/18/20 (6) Fixed a bunch of typos in rooms descriptions. (7) Fixed typo / updated skill description for Destructo Disk (8) Fixed a typo in Help LEGENDE (9) Fixed typos reported in Fusion Reborn (10) fixed hfile for Multi-tribeam (11) Fixed reported typos in the Intro (12) Fixed room desctription typo in Yardrat Forest (13) Fixed some typos on Kanassa (14) Nerfed the x10 Kamehameha and fixed typos on Goku (15) A bunch of other little misc things.

[408] Ikenbon   08/19/20 Nerfed the Frozen Quiver, Scouter, Helmet, and Visor from Skybase. Ragnarok Warhammer has been made into a Konatsu weapon. Honor's stats have been smoothed out. All the cybernetic enhancements, bracings, and skeletons have been changed to stat-ranged.

[409] Ikenbon   08/19/20 Nasus in Skybase will now trade in cybernetic skeletons, bracings, and enhancements for zeni.

[410] Ikenbon   08/19/20 You can now give Ronin and Ninja items from the Honden tombs to Yasao for some zeni. You can also now give items found in the upper floor of the Honden to the attendant at the entrance for a small amount of zeni.

[411] Ikenbon   08/19/20 You can turn in Hardened Ginyu Gear to Solrun at the beginning of TotED area for zeni, and you can  now turn in items from inside the temple to the Solrun outside the temple.

[412] Ikenbon   08/20/20 You can now give Mithria Nanotech and Mithria Meta-skeleton items from Infinity Program to Gamma Program for zeni.

[413] Ikenbon   08/20/20 You can trade invasion gear to the wounded namek in maima for some zeni.

[414] Ikenbon   08/21/20 The wounded namek in Maima can now actually trade in invasion items for zeni. If you have any old Scout belts, they won't work, however. I had to change their name in order to make the program fire correctly.

[415] Ikenbon   08/22/20 The Tailor in Soltair City can now accept the Primrose Bandit Gear for zeni.

[416] Rendo     08/22/20 Added a new mob flag for Ikenbon.  Oh oh.....          

[417] Ikenbon   08/24/20 There is a mob now in Legende (IT point is 'sell' or you can go north of the Legende IT point) who will buy items from you. I set every item in the game to have a cost. As of the time of this change shopset isn't working as intended, and he's only buying for 10% of the value. If you sell something to this mob, it's gone, it will not bein reimbursed whatsoever.

[418] Ikenbon   08/24/20 Other misc change: I buffed purple chains (but they're stat ranged). I buffed Vortex gear (and they're stat range). I adjusted a bunch of color codes, change the names of the "Devil" items from shadowbrook and removed their biblical echoes. Probably a bunch of other stuff...

[419] Ikenbon   08/26/20 I added a little hint about the 'staircase' in the intro where a lot of new folks get stuck.

[420] Ikenbon   09/05/20 wayne social added                                     

[421] Rendo     10/21/20 Fixed an issue with Salome Capsules not spawning correctly.

[422] Rendo     10/25/20 Can land and launch ships on BattleNova again.         

[423] Rendo     10/27/20 Senzu Beans disappearing on death, while in inventory fixed.

[424] Ikenbon   10/31/20 Black Spandex Bodyarmor from Ginyu Base nerfed.        

[425] Rendo     11/12/20 Fixed Shady man death certificate bug.                 

[426] Ikenbon   11/16/20 Tailor in Soltari temporary disabled until I have time to work on him.

[427] Ikenbon   11/19/20 infinite roomba bug in Sonata should be fixed          

[428] Rendo     11/19/20 Some adjustments made to the Creepy Tomb and the Tomb Demons in POTK

[429] Ikenbon   11/21/20 fixed a little thing in the IT moonbase                

[430] Ikenbon   11/23/20 Super Android 17's slay has been removed, his other fighting progs were buffed.

[431] Ikenbon   11/23/20 I have redesigned Hirudegarn. He has 2 new drops. The music box is a reuseable repair capsule, and the sinew is a stat-range item.

[432] Rendo     11/27/20 Maima, Yasao, and Nasus all should work now with their gear exchange things.

[433] Rendo     11/29/20 Monster Hunter mobs drop 0 zeni now.                   

[434] Rendo     12/01/20 No longer heal standing in HBTC, only full heal after spars.

[435] Rendo     12/01/20 Sparring PL gains tightened, optimal gains are within 1.25x.  Going beyond that they drop off.  Over 2x is 0 gains.

[436] Rendo     12/01/20 You can only use tier 1 and 2 skills while sparring now.  See announcement for reasons why.

[437] Rendo     12/01/20 Spar timer for sparring splits in HBTC increased to 2 minutes.  Decreases at same rate it did before (4 seconds to reset) while inside HBTC.  Goes at normal rate outside.  Prevents walking in and sparring split, then leaving to maximize sparring time.

[438] Rendo     12/01/20 Skilltiers added to alist/slist                        

[439] Ikenbon   12/02/20 increased drop rate of lotus flowers                   

[440] Ikenbon   12/07/20 increased drop rate of invader's rune, removed static_stats from the vegeta mob

[441] Rendo     12/07/20 Androids can use the Ki Fountain again (Was removed before when we had unlimited ki)

[442] Ikenbon   12/09/20 Solar Kame adjusted to Tier4                           

[443] Ikenbon   12/09/20 This might be reversed, but for now I've set Demon Rend and Volleyball attack to skilltier 3

[444] Ikenbon   12/09/20 Nerfed stats on the cybernetic meta-skeleton gear from Ginyu Base. Removed the wander flag from Raditz, Nappa, Zarbon, and King Cold. Removed the 'ginyu' keyword from Dodoria.

[445] Ikenbon   12/09/20 Nerfed Primrose Gear (any versions currently loaded I believe are now 0 stats), and removed the gender prog that prevents non males from wearing them.

[446] Ikenbon   12/15/20 Deathball, and Aurora Flare changed to skill tier 4    

[447] Rendo     12/18/20 OMC starts at 100 now for Saiyans/HB

[448] Rendo     12/28/20 Split timers are fixed for the Artificial Time Chamber.

[449] Rendo     12/31/20 Adjusted some skill tiers since some skills were power for tier they were in.  (Double dodon get rekt)

[450] Rendo     01/03/21 Grandpa Gohan adjusted.  He's a lower level SMOB now.  

[451] Khonsu    01/04/21 Adjusted vessen village PL's to have more variance. War's Minions 4t and Heaven Warriors 5t. (copyright Rendo)

[452] Rendo     01/05/21 Most of Crystal Rainforest and Yasai City set so you can't IT to the rooms.  See note.

[453] Khonsu    01/05/21 Maima area should not allow IT'ing to most rooms anymore as well.

[454] Rendo     01/11/21 Sense no longer works while in combat.  Sense area has a delay on it.  Sense planet has a larger delay.  (To prevent sense spam PVP related you cowards)

[455] Rendo     01/17/21 Buu Smobs have had their heals reduced and stat mirror reduced (Was double before).  Drop rates reduced to make up for the nerf.  NERFS FOR NERFS.

[456] Rendo     01/17/21 Ultra Perfect Cell adjusted a bit.  He has less stat mirror now, has an adjusted heal program and his drop rate increased slightly.

[457] Rendo     01/18/21 Fixed the double Goku program in Fusion Reborn.        

[458] Rendo     01/18/21 Fixed a boo-boo I made a long time ago.  Mobs can have races again without resetting to Saiyan.

[459] Rendo     01/18/21 Capsule Corp all mobs updated with proper races.       

[460] Rendo     01/18/21 All Android mobs should be set as Android again. :o    

[461] Ikenbon   01/21/21 Mt. Areukk, Ginyu Base, Frieza's Castle, Icer Training Grounds, and ICERD have had their gaining mobs race-set.

[462] Ikenbon   01/21/21 Also, Skybase Tempest                                  

[463] Ikenbon   01/22/21 Kanassa, Crystal Rainforest, Cordican, and Leviathan mobs race-set

[464] Ikenbon   01/22/21 Vessen Village, Vendetta, and Overlords Lookour have been race-set. Do not bug me about these if the races don't match up to descriptions.

[465] Ikenbon   01/22/21 Crimson City, Shadowbrook, and Darkhaven have been race-set

[466] Ikenbon   01/22/21 BGS, Planet Namek, and Dragon Temple race-set          

[467] Ikenbon   01/23/21 Maima Region, and Namekian Wilds have been race-set.   

[468] Ikenbon   01/23/21 Planet EvE, Primrose Desert, Lotus Temple, and Rose City have been race-set

[469] Ikenbon   01/23/21 Myuu Lab, Kayin, and Frieza's Ship have been race-set. 

[470] Ikenbon   01/23/21 Yardrat Village, Temple, Moonbase, and Forest have been race-set. I used 'Ghetti' for Yardrats.

[471] Ikenbon   01/23/21 Soltari City, Castle Vegeta Yasai Jungle, and Yasai City have been race-set (EZ street)

[472] Ikenbon   01/23/21 Western Forest, Bear Forest, Gin Mountains, and Sector 8 have been race-set

[473] Ikenbon   01/23/21 Yemma's Vault, Snake Way, and Grand Kai Planet race-set

[474] Rendo     01/23/21 Hint added in Jingle Village for the location of the hidden Petal

[475] Ikenbon   01/25/21 Feldron, Rebel Base, and Polluted Delta have been race-set

[476] Ikenbon   01/25/21 Devastated Garden, Bibidi's Stronghold, Planet of the Kais, Roshi's Island, and West City race-set

[477] Ikenbon   01/25/21 Kami's Lookout, Z Mountains, and Piccolo's Wilderness race-set.

[478] Ikenbon   01/26/21 CCARRF - Tree of Might, CCARRF - SA13, and Western Desert race-set.

[479] Rendo     01/27/21 Can no longer use smobkill while splitformed.          

[480] Rendo     01/27/21 Scatter Shot style skills have had their delay reduced.

[481] Ikenbon   01/28/21 tfspopoo added                                         

[482] Ikenbon   01/28/21 tfstien and tfsgoku socials added                      

[483] Ikenbon   01/30/21 /./ | :: | -/  -:- | /:\ | :\  :-: | \:\  : | .:. | : | .:- | -/ | :.: | :-: | :.: | :.

[484] Ikenbon   01/31/21 help showrank updated to be consistent with help rankrules

[485] Ikenbon   01/31/21 gong social added                                      

[486] Ikenbon   01/31/21 Angouleme social added                                 

[487] Rendo     02/01/21 Roshi SMOB now banks the doubles and releases after item drop.  If only King Kai were here to celebrate.

[488] Ikenbon   02/01/21 King Kai added to smoblist.                            

[489] Ikenbon   02/02/21 North City and Holograms race-set                      

[490] Ikenbon   02/02/21 Deadzon, Jingle Village, and LEGENDE have been race-set.

[491] Ikenbon   02/02/21 Fusion Reborn, and Sonata Mountains have been race-set. All gainable mobs in DBI now have a race.

[492] Ikenbon   02/03/21 PL Requirements for Tiers have been removed, and the Red's necessary for achieving RP Tiers have been adjusted.

[493] Ikenbon   02/03/21 ginyu social added                                     

[494] Rendo     02/03/21 Config +Mobile kill now has a delay like regular kill if there are no mobs present.

[495] Rendo     02/03/21 All skills now have a delay if there is no target.     

[496] Rendo     02/03/21 Aggressive mobs have a delay when you engage them in combat.

[497] Ikenbon   02/04/21 Yokai, and Indon socials added                         

[498] Ikenbon   02/05/21 RPP in-game rewards, and benchmark custom items no longer purchasable.

[499] Khonsu    02/06/21 help mysocial added                                    

[500] Ikenbon   02/06/21 Added a new section for Lenne / Caimen on the master Arc page of the RP forums, and updated other arcs.

[501] Khonsu    02/06/21 help rpdeath, 100 lines of bliss                       

[502] Khonsu    02/07/21 help rpcopycolor, REJOICE, copying colors for RP just become very easy

[503] Ikenbon   02/07/21 -- This article describes our new RP Energy rules, and guidelines. I will be working this week to update other RP articles on the worldanvil, and our in-game hfiles.

[504] Rendo     02/14/21 rpenergy command added for setting your rpenergy.  It posts on chat ooc whether you increased or decreased.  Additional stuff will be added for it, like reasons for admin tracking purposes.

[505] Rendo     02/14/21 rpskill# commands added for creating rpskills.  You need an authorized bio for it.  It shows up in rpfinger, you need it authorized to see it.  (Currently only rpskill1 is done, will add more later)

[504] Rendo     02/14/21 rpenergy command added for setting your rpenergy.  It posts on chat ooc whether you increased or decreased.  Additional stuff will be added for it, like reasons for admin tracking purposes.

[505] Rendo     02/14/21 rpskill# commands added for creating rpskills.  You need an authorized bio for it.  It shows up in rpfinger, you need it authorized to see it.  (Currently only rpskill1 is done, will add more later)

[506] Ikenbon   02/16/21 There may be some tweaks to this article, but Onekay and I discussed making the criteria we use to award RPP points available to the players, and encouraging roleplay logs to include a "Synopsis" of the roleplay in the header of the log. You can find this information in the link:

[507] Khonsu    02/21/21 Updated help files for rpenergy, rperecovery, rpmasterskills, rpfreebies, rpskillslots, and rpgalaxy. These may be subject to change in the coming days/weeks.

[508] Rendo     02/22/21 rpskill1-5 added                                       

[509] Ikenbon   02/27/21 The Enhanced Ability Slot System is live:

[510] Ikenbon   02/28/21 The New RP Rewards are live:

[511] Ikenbon   02/28/21 The RP Dragonballs are no longer innert!

[512] Khonsu    02/28/21 help rprewards, rpbenchmark, rpbcreation, rpdragonball, rpdragonball2 have been added. skill slots and other rp helpfiles for skill slots should be up to date with current info from the world anvil

[513] Ikenbon   03/18/21 Yamcha now warns newbies if their pl is <=150 before they head on to Tien

[514] Ikenbon   03/18/21 Tien, Yamcha, and Buu in the intro are all trainers now. Tien heals you after fights.

[515] Ikenbon   04/19/21 Roshi's mirror percent nerfed. Slay removed. Full power kame nerfed.

[516] Rendo     05/06/21 Fixed a prog bug with Tien in the intro zone.          

[517] Rendo     05/22/21 If doubles are active when you login, you'll receive a message with how much duration is left and of what kind.

[518] Rendo     06/08/21 Hurrah!  Custom prompts now utilize the QOL colour changes for your HP and KI.

[519] Rendo     06/23/21 Weapon damage no longer displays for anaylze and auction info because it does nothing.

[520] Rendo     06/25/21 Demon Weapon requirement moved down to be accessible earlier.

[521] Rendo     06/27/21 Minions temporarily removed due to heal abuse thinger. 

[522] Rendo     06/30/21 Should no longer get sneak attacked by your split trying to takeover as you if you were mid spar in HBTC.

[523] Rendo     07/01/21 Various fixes to exploitable parts to the Monster Hunter Quest.

[524] Rendo     07/01/21 Fixed BA Tailsuck issue with Android mobs and mobile kill.

[525] Ikenbon   07/07/21 Warpcrystal Swamp added to DBI                         

[526] Ikenbon   07/07/21 Help warpcrystalswmp for more area information         

[527] Ikenbon   07/07/21 bigarealist and kanassaplanet hfiles updated           

[528] Ikenbon   07/07/21 Teleporter for WCS added to LEGENDE                    

[529] Ikenbon   07/07/21 fixed some bad teleports in WCS                        

[530] Rendo     07/07/21 Fixed an issue with armourshred.                       

[531] Rendo     07/08/21 Repair mobs should no longer be derps and repair if they're blinded/can't see

[532] Ikenbon   07/09/21 fixed the 'missing' shop on sonata_mountainss          

[533] Ikenbon   07/09/21 I went through and tested/repaired all the konatsu soul weapons with the smith.

[534] Ikenbon   07/09/21 Fixed progs on Primrose Desert gear                    

[535] Ikenbon   07/11/21 The ecosystem in WCS should be fixed now.              

[536] Rendo     07/12/21 Added a mobflag for Luke and his ecosystem             

[537] Ikenbon   07/12/21 More tweaks to the ecosystem. Should be less animals, they should despawn better, and they shouldn't show up on compass.

[538] Ikenbon   07/13/21 Phase 2.                                               

[539] Ikenbon   07/17/21 Goku Black is watching.                                

[540] Ikenbon   07/17/21 Goku Black added to player kill list.          

[541] Ikenbon   07/17/21 Goku Black added to smob list                    

[542] Ikenbon   07/17/21 Rendo donated his time to something long asked for.    

[543] Ikenbon   07/18/21 Class I/II/III/IV armor has been nerfed. The armor values on these items were extremely out of balance for their slot (that slot's maxarmor value was 100, class IV armor gave 1100). If you have any of these old versions drop/sac them or talk to me and I'll oinvoke a new one.

[544] Rendo     07/18/21 PAB Double Training issue fixed.                       

[545] Ikenbon   07/19/21 I removed the requirement to get the 4 different ritual paints for the TotED quest. The books should load in sequence in order to finish the quest.

[546] Ikenbon   07/19/21 TotED aura has been nerfed.                            

[547] Ikenbon   07/19/21 I have "buffed" the tri-tune mask from OL. It is a stat-range item, and I gave it armor (it has a pretty high load chance).

[548] Ikenbon   07/19/21 I nerfed Rainbow Coral necklaces as well btw           

[549] Rendo     07/21/21 T5 added, skills moved around a bit.  T3 skills can be used in spars.  Report any massive issues (Damage should be around 25-38) for T3s assuming same pl/stats.  Anything beyond or below that needs adjusted.

[550] Rendo     07/22/21 If you're below 1m base, Yemma sends you to LEGENDE.   

[551] Rendo     07/22/21 If you're below 1m pl, you can use stuck to transport to LEGENDE.

[552] Rendo     07/22/21 Fixed it so you can't kill an important Yardrat IT mob.

[553] Rendo     07/22/21 Smobs in LEGENDE no longer give you a death penalty.  Anywhere else they do.  Goku says hi.

[554] Rendo     07/24/21 SA 13 drop rate boosted, and mirror percent reduced slightly.

[555] Rendo     07/26/21 Lights will now display on analyze/auction if they are a permanent light/how much remaining time is left.

[556] Rendo     07/26/21 Also fixed Cooler bracer item.  It wasn't set to an armour type so it wasn't granting armour it had set.

[557] Rendo     07/27/21 Fixed a transformation bug with the range forms and powerup.

[558] Rendo     07/29/21 Fixed a crash issue with WCS because Luke didn't like Khonsu being the most recent MY AREA BLOWS UP MUD champion

[559] Rendo     08/01/21 Fixed a spawn issue with WCS that could/did break the MUD.

[560] Khonsu    08/11/21 Listen social added...                                 

[561] Ikenbon   08/12/21 Majin Wasteland added to DBI                           

[562] Ikenbon   08/12/21 Help Majinwasteland                                    

[563] Ikenbon   08/16/21 I lowered the sonata quest stat requirement for Saichiko's quest from 400, to 200

[564] Rendo     08/16/21 Can no longer start a spar in zanzoken, or use zanzoken in a spar.

[565] Rendo     08/18/21 History snippet added for channel histories.  FUCK. OFF.

[566] Rendo     08/18/21 Khonsu building thing added.  Oh my.                   

[567] Rendo     08/18/21 Stone Spit updated.  No longer destroys gear, but wipes armour off the chosen piece.  Chance to happen much higher.  Also does damage.  Pew.

[568] Rendo     08/19/21 Broly's drop rate doubled.                             

[569] Rendo     08/21/21 Flash Freeze damage reduced slightly, Death Ball "better" as a result.

[570] Rendo     08/24/21 Bonesword and Demonweapon start at 100%                

[571] Rendo     08/24/21 Leffa is fixed.  Praise.                               

[572] Khonsu    08/25/21 You no longer slip on ice if you fly.                  

[573] Rendo     08/25/21 Updated Planet Namek with better prompt/hints to proceed through quest.

[574] Rendo     08/25/21 Can no longer delete while you're helled.              

[575] Rendo     08/30/21 Fixed autopower bug.                                   

[576] Rendo     09/01/21 King Kai/Roshi or whoever smob, does 10 minutes minimum now for their doubles.

[577] Rendo     09/01/21 Hydian day bonuses also check for indoors sector.  If you're indoors (room isn't flagged indoors) it won't work.

[578] Ikenbon   09/02/21 armorshred removed from Janempa/Janemba in FR          

[579] Rendo     09/02/21 Fixed a crash bug.  Monster Hunter Belt echos only send to the person now.

[580] Rendo     09/03/21 Variable Transformations now apply first form correctly.

[581] Ikenbon   09/23/21 You can now give Yeva Primrose Desert gear for zeni.   

[582] Ikenbon   09/24/21 The veils and the dresses for primrose that have been loaded before this change will not be tradeable unfortunately due to color codes.

[583] Rendo     10/20/21 Polluted Delta set to nospeedwalk.                     

[584] Rendo     11/25/21 Paralysis skills fixed for sure in HBTC/Arty/Maybe normal spars too

[585] Khonsu    12/10/21 Gete mobs of the Namekian Wilds have recently been noticed with a blue tinge in their eyes...

[586] Ikenbon   12/13/21 Nerfed Goku's senzu BS.                                

[587] Ikenbon   12/13/21 Legion drop rate buffed, luck helps, gave him some actual attacks

[588] Ikenbon   12/15/21 Buffed Emerald Orb                                     

[589] Khonsu    12/19/21 Gorrim now has a chance to drop his item for races other than Demon, however it is at a MUCH lower chance.

[590] Rendo     12/28/21 Extreme has an additional skill prerequisite.          

[591] Rendo     12/30/21 Zanzoken 1 renamed to Zanzoken, may those who were not online at the time suffer with doing the quest or remaxing.

[592] Ikenbon   01/04/22 Once you collect the 7 Hologram Dballs you'll receive a Shenron Saga keycard that will let you bypass having to collect them again to reach the area for future runs.

[593] Ikenbon   01/05/22 Skullcrack added to MD Slist (Help Skullcrack)         

[594] Rendo     01/07/22 Players show up on map as Yellow now.  BA absorb is yellow as well.

[595] Ikenbon   01/09/22 MD's now have the 'Majin Blitz' melee skill. Help Majinblitz.

[596] Ikenbon   01/09/22 Pearl Flash added to MD alist (help Pearl Flash)       

[597] Ikenbon   01/09/22 All the items dropped by mobs in warp crystal swamp now have the keyword 'trophy' (I updated the help wcs hfile to include this).

[598] Ikenbon   01/10/22 A bright wave of light passes over the Polluted Delta...

[599] Ikenbon   01/12/22 A strange quay has been spotted in the southeast corner of the Polluted Delta.

[600] Ikenbon   01/13/22 Spirit Bombs damage and energy cost reduced. SB added to Halfbreed, Kaio, and Human Alists.

[601] Ikenbon   01/13/22 New Saiyan Finisher: Blaster Meteor (help blastermeteor)

[602] Rendo     01/13/22 HBs gains reduced by about 10%                         

[603] Ikenbon   01/15/22 Help Delta has been updated                            

[604] Ikenbon   01/17/22 Garlic Jr. added to smoblist                           

[605] Khonsu    01/17/22 The denizens of EvE have got a little more gusto now. The mobs should offer a bit better of a gaining range, and might just be a little tougher now. mpdamages removed, and a few other things touched up

[606] Ikenbon   01/19/22 BGS pl range changes to 1-15t. Mobs have been buffed significantly.

[607] Rendo     01/20/22 Can no longer use stuck command in playerships.        

[608] Ikenbon   01/28/22 Spirits in FR should not appear on maps (after boot), and gaining mobs in Vendetta drop sapphire gem stuff.

[609] Rendo     01/30/22 If you hold a racerank, you can no longer turn off wartalk.

[610] Ikenbon   01/30/22 Keys to Heaven / Arty Keys made into... keys. Typo in Primrose respawn messages fixed.

[611] Rendo     02/01/22 Luck drops and other minor adjustments made to ICERD.  

[612] Ikenbon   02/09/22 Gyutou Slash added for Ghettis (help gyutou slash), requires sword)

[613] Ikenbon   02/09/22 Unaju Fire added to Ghetti alist (help unajufire)      

[614] Ikenbon   02/10/22 Khonsu created a new T3 demon tehcnique, Help Blood Bomber

[615] Ikenbon   02/11/22 The SAiyan Invasion "zodiac" rewards have been significantly buffed.

[616] Ikenbon   02/11/22 Kai/Kaio/Kaioshin gear have all been significantly buffed.

[617] Zote      02/12/22 Kais need a racerank to make mid-tier and top-tier kaio gear. kaio gear now PL restricted to 100m

[618] Zote      02/12/22 All skill hfiles updated to reflect the prerequisite skills needed to unlock that ability

[619] Rendo     02/12/22 Rounding issue with crit multi fixed.  This also may mean mobs actually crit now....?

[620] Ikenbon   02/13/22 Androids have a new T3 SPR ability. Accel Dance. (Help Accel Dance)

[621] Ikenbon   02/13/22 Androids have a new T4 ability. Fission Flare (help fission flare)

[622] Ikenbon   02/13/22 Androids have a new T3 Melee skill. Finishing Driver (Help Finishing Driver) 

[623] Ikenbon   02/13/22 Androids have a new T5 skill. Super Electric Strike (Help Super Electric Strike)

[624] Ikenbon   02/13/22 Welcome to critty city. Enjoy the ride.                

[625] Rendo     02/14/22 Skills cannot crit until they are above 50%            

[626] Ikenbon   02/14/22 Heaven-Splitter Cannon has been replaced for Nameks by Nova Storm (Help Nova Storm).

[627] Ikenbon   02/14/22 Belly Blast has been replaced for Ghetti's by Pepper Flash (Help Pepper Flash)

[628] Zote      02/15/22 Help Spacewars2 added. Feel free to hit the spacewars button and redirect people who say "idk how to spacewars"

[629] Rendo     02/21/22 Added questbits, they're fucking fantastic and will make so many things easier for builders

[630] Khonsu    02/21/22 Goku now has a qbit, once you get his "super secret" drop, that character will not be able to get another one

[631] Rendo     02/22/22 Aggressive stuck combat bug fixed....??????            

[632] Rendo     02/22/22 Aloe, Preservation, Bio Regen, MD Regen, and Immortality recover ki to 10% of max.  Aloe, Preservation and Immortality recover you to 20hp.  MDs and BAs recover to 50hp.  Ranked BAs get a recovery boost to 75, with top rank a full hp restore.  Immortality cuts the per level DT in half now.

[633] Khonsu    02/22/22 Icerian Proving Grounds skills quests have been greatly improved. The order should be a lot more fluid and useful now for all new characters.

[634] Khonsu    02/22/22 Oh yeah, IPG is the first area to use abits!           

[635] Rendo     02/24/22 Luke Affect                                            

[636] Rendo     02/28/22 Mana Mend changed.  Shard cost increased.  Has a cooldown.  Can be used twice max.  Only works when on targets below a certain health treshold.  Rank increases threshold.  Intended more for spars, dying, or getting super low.  Additional adjustments may be made.

[637] Rendo     02/28/22 Derp.  Heals a flat amount now. 

  [638] Khonsu    03/06/22 Arlen in the Western Forest can now craft you a big ol' rucksack!

  [639] Zote      03/17/22 Helpfiles added for Lotus Temple and Darkhaven. More area files will be added in coming weeks.

[640] Rendo     03/23/22 Critty City back...?                                   

[641] Picard    04/02/22 Mudconnect spam is gone.                               

[642] Picard    04/02/22 score now shows your deathtimer if you have one.  Its not  formatted in human things yet.  That will come later.

[643] Picard    04/03/22 Discord integration                                    

[644] Rendo     04/03/22 Various things added to discord notifications.  PABs, Admin adjusted gains, etc

[645] Picard    04/05/22 speedwalk recording added.                             

[646] Picard    04/07/22 Config +skillpercentage added. But it doesn't do anything yet. 

[647] Picard    04/09/22 armor is now color coded in prompt like HP and KI      

[648] Picard    04/09/22 you can get all zeni from corpses even if your inventory  is full. 

[649] Picard    04/16/22 aggro death changes see announcement                   

[650] Picard    04/16/22 discord has its own channel now.                       

[651] Picard    04/16/22 config +skillpercentage works now    

[652] Rendo     04/22/22 Smob donation amount reduced to 10m zeni, for the timebeing. IkEbOnUs InTeNsIfIeS  

[653] Picard    04/27/22 multi attacks now show skill percentage if it's on.  

[654] Rendo     04/27/22 Smob tiers added for donate, making it slightly more deterministic.

[655] Rendo     04/29/22 Gear Stats can put you in the negatives now.  Limbo links to LEGENDE instead of CoE.  Overflow autohit damage fixed.  Coded Infinity Dragon.

[656] Picard    05/02/22 changes 20 now shows the last 20 changes 

[657] Rendo     05/05/22 Timer to be logged in to claim rank reduced from 10 minutes to 5.  Also applies to _ALL_ Ikebonus stuff now too.

[658] Picard    05/14/22 skill percentage now shows on misses      

[659] Picard    05/16/22 per request q will not quit anymore you must type quit

[660] Picard    05/17/22 if you set an alias q to quit it will work now.  

[661] Picard    05/28/22 added the ability for the builders to make TCG cards, if other items start acting weird let us know..

[662] Rendo     05/31/22 Added a NOIT flag to mobs, Luke has made WCS mobs NOIT AROUN.

[663] Rendo     06/11/22 Because Luke is a treason little shit.  Androids now have Simulacrum.  It is a code copy version of splits, I will make it its own  skill with PVP restrictions and some other stuff probably.

[664] Ikenbon   06/20/22 HELP DBICONTEST  

[665] Rendo     06/25/22 Ki Absorb updated.  Lower tier skills are more likely to be absorbed than higher tier skills.  Lower tier skills more likely to have larger damage reductions than higher tier skills.  What a shame player Android's  don't have access to this.

[666] Rendo     06/25/22 Simulacrum have their own unique messages now. Simulacrums do not join in fights.  Simulacrums match your pl and stats. Simulacrums have 100hp.  Praise.

[667] Rendo     06/25/22 Absorb for Android mobs has a fresh new description. Its chance to hit is now based on how much life their opponent has left.  Less life?  More likely to get sucky suckied.

[668] Rendo     06/26/22 Electric Shield merged into a single skill, similar to Zanzoken.  It also does <redacted>. 

[669] Rendo     06/26/22 Overclock added to Androids.                           

[670] Rendo     06/27/22 Android-h renamed to Android.                          

[671] Rendo     06/27/22 Some Androids have access to <redacted>  It is affected by racerank.  If you die you come back at higher life values (Similar to BA)

[672] Rendo     06/27/22 Androids are still unscannable, but Androids can now sense other Androids.

[673] Rendo     06/27/22 Skills can now be set to require you have activated/be in overclock before they can be used.

[674] Rendo     06/27/22 Items generate drop times now, legacy items don't have a droptime.  Androids  that create after July 1st 2022 00:00:00 automatically  will be flagged as in the contest.  You cannot wear items generated before the  contest if you are in the contest.  This likely won't cover everything, but it should at least cover gear.

[675] Rendo     06/27/22 Contest participants are unable to spar with people created before the contest.

[676] Rendo     06/28/22 If you are <redacted> and in Overclock and have Electric Shield up, you take 20% less damage, this stacks with sanctuary.  If  you are <redacted> and in Overclock your enhanced damage is boosted and your skills do more damage.  If you are <redacted> and in Overclock <redacted> your <redacted> receives a flat 35% increased across the board.

[677] Rendo     06/28/22 Androidranks removed.  Now use raceranks like other races which can be configured live.  Android rank names updated.

[678] Rendo     06/29/22 Scouter Transport removed.  If you have completed the IT quest, transport capsules and the CC/Legende transporters no longer work for you.

[679] Rendo     06/30/22 Android Update Announcement.  Someone with Discord skills post it on Discord, otherwise read changes I dumb

[680] Rendo     07/01/22 Androids are the first race that will be set to a universal xp_mod.  Their current pl gains are 30% below what they were before.

[681] Rendo     07/03/22 Archetypes show up on finger.                          

[682] Rendo     07/04/22 Now that potatoes have discovered and completed the related quest.  Androids have a new skill called Tesseract.

[683] Rendo     07/04/22 Android default combat prompt now uses shortened tls.  Fixed a dragonball wish crash.

[684] Rendo     07/04/22 Moonball practices at 100% now (Get fucked Saiyans).  Railgun practices at 50% now.  Railgun charge requirement reduced to 20.  FM Archetype charge generation doubled.

[685] Rendo     07/04/22 Custom program damages now automatically determine skilltiers (Previously they were all assumed to be tier 1)  This means you'll gain more stats from stronger attacks.  They also can flag if they're a ki attack or melee. Ki Absorb now works on these skills.  These will all need to be flagged, but for now all are assumed to be ki attacks.  Please report absorbing a skill you should not (Like if it says they slam you to the ground, etc)

[686] Rendo     07/04/22 Overclock lasts twice as long against mobs, same as before in PVP/Spars

[687] Rendo     07/05/22 Skill learnering is somewhat faster.                   

[688] Rendo     07/07/22 Android-H get a 10% bonus to pl gains while in overclock.  Android-H also heal slightly faster than other races when below 20hp.

[689] Rendo     07/08/22 Death Certs drop if you're within PK White Range.      

[690] Rendo     07/08/22 If you are paralyzed, you can no longer block or dodge.

[691] Picard    07/10/22 builders can now remove death messages                 

[692] Picard    07/11/22 suppress deathbug should be fixed.  if not let us know. 

[693] Rendo     07/12/22 Your Simulacrum no longer ki absorb in spars.          

[694] Rendo     07/14/22 Small player sparring stat bug fixed. <_<              

[695] Rendo     07/20/22 Heart is permanently removed from the game and will not return.

[696] Rendo     07/21/22 Bio-Androids no longer can breath in space or underwater by default.  Interesting.

[697] Rendo     07/22/22 Demon Night Bonus has been updated.  They now get boosted damage at night, similar to Hydians during the day.  They also get boosted stat gains at night.  Konatsu, while in evasive style, have a boost to dodge ability.

[698] Rendo     07/22/22 Unified damage boost code to reduced multiplicative effect.

[699] Rendo     07/22/22 As a prelude to August 1st, powerup has been made perfect.  It is almost time to go beyond, plus ultra!

[700] Rendo     07/23/22 Ambush and Feeding Frenzy added for Bio-Androids.      

[701] Rendo     07/23/22 On the journey towards being the perfect being, sometimes a misstep, ends the journey before it could even start.

[702] Ikenbon   07/24/22 Future Trunks added to smoblist (tier2)                

[703] Ikenbon   07/25/22 The Dark Future... has been added to DB:I              

[704] Rendo     07/26/22 Smob change.  If an offensive stat is dumb lopsided against your fort, an smobs fort is set to 90% of your highest offensive stat.

[705] Rendo     07/27/22 The DNA command has been beautified.  It's a shame it will remain hidden until... the emergence.

[706] Rendo     07/29/22 New EQ slot added for contest items.  All gains have been normalized (Everyone gains the exact same for now)

[707] Rendo     07/29/22 Bio-Android Update Announcement                        

[708] Rendo     07/31/22 All existing Bio-Androids have had their skills wiped in preparation for August 2022 Contest

[709] Ikenbon   07/31/22 Bio-android a/slist updated. Help BIOANDROIDSKILLS     

[710] Rendo     08/01/22 Penaltys and Timers for BA increased.                  

[711] Ikenbon   08/02/22 Help DBICONTESTWINNERS                                 

[712] Rendo     08/02/22 Glance now shows something's race.                     

[713] Rendo     08/03/22 Expert Tag added to Bio-Android on creation            

[714] Rendo     08/06/22 Slight boost to tailstab effectiveness.  Frenzy has a biomass cap now so you can't insta fill up biomass.  Frenzytier boosts tailstab chance at obtaining DNA.

[715] Rendo     08/08/22 Scattershot abilities working again, still need some more work.

[716] Khonsu    08/09/22 The Neon Abyss has been added to the game: help neonabyss. and good luck!

[717] Rendo     08/09/22 Missed a check with T3s, they're slightly faster now at progressing.

[718] Ikenbon   08/13/22 Princess Snake's Castle has been updated to be a 1-3t sub-zone of Snake Way. The mobs inside it are Hydian, and Kanassian.

[719] Rendo     08/14/22 Hardcore players can now revert at any pl back to normal.  You cannot use this if you are currently in a contest, or wearing HC only gear.

[720] Rendo     08/14/22 Tailstab has a 50/50 chance to be melee/spirit based   

[721] Rendo     08/16/22 Proper powerup messages added to prelude and perfect (Not ultra yet, the placeholder must be discovered first).  Tailstab chance doubled.

[722] Rendo     08/16/22 Shortdna added, but may not work properly at first.    

[723] Rendo     08/16/22 Doubledoubles/double gains apply to DNA gains from mobs.

[724] Rendo     08/17/22 Blind skills no longer work outside of combat.  Blind skills have an increased rate of learnage.  Blind skills no longer do the yell message.  Blind skills now let you know if the target gets blinded or avoids the blindery.

[725] Ikenbon   08/21/22 SSJ4 Goku replaced with UI Goku. UI Goku, Beerus, Goku Black, Buu (all forms), Gotenks, SSJG Vegeta - damage nerfed, fighting progs removed, HP set to +100 removed, all heals lowered.

[726] Rendo     08/25/22 Final powerup message added for Ultra Perfect powerup, for no particular reason.  BA now default to powerup prelude if available for autopowerup.

[727] Ikenbon   08/30/22 The room leading to Deadzone now has the nogains flag. 

[728] Rendo     09/01/22 Base Androids have the FM penalty by default now.      

[729] Rendo     09/01/22 Full gems no longer drop.  Fragments only are the highest level of drops.

[730] Ikenbon   09/02/22 HELP DBICONTESTWINNERS updated.                        

[731] Rendo     09/05/22 DBIContest Item Bonuses now work.                      

[732] Rendo     10/28/22 Can no longer IT to princess snake mobs and golden kois.  Demon Lord Tink drop rates nerfed.  Yemmas Vault drop rate slightly nerfed, and can no longer load multiple orbs.

[733] Rendo     10/28/22 Giant Metal Cooler drops adjusted.  Yesterwind gear price reduced, Yemma Soul Box zeni reward reduced.

[734] Rendo     11/09/22 MDs no longer take damage twice from a critical attack they don't avoid through their ability. EAT MY CUNT ROLLO

[735] Ikenbon   11/17/22 Emeralds have been added to a few areas. Drop rates in snake castle lowered/adjusted.

[736] Ikenbon   11/18/22 Eve Quest set to nogain.                               

[737] Rendo     11/28/22 Invasions now post an Infinity Message and a discord notification.

[738] Rendo     11/28/22 PL Increase PAB removed.  SuperPill PAB chance reduced.

[739] Rendo     11/28/22 Ikebonus Spill chance nerfed.  No numbers shall be given.  It could be a sizeable nerf, or a negligible nerf.  WHO KNOWS

[740] Rendo     11/28/22 IKCounter renamed to Crits on hiscore sheet.           

[741] Rendo     11/28/22 Renamed some trivial things, for no reason.  @stare    

[742] Rendo     11/30/22 December announcement posted                           

[743] Rendo     12/01/22 Insignia wear location added. :o                       

[744] Ikenbon   12/13/22 Bojack added to T3 smoblist                            

[745] Ikenbon   12/15/22 Grandpa Gohan's drop has been changed. Note: this item can remove halos granted by other means.

[746] Rendo     12/22/22 Sparreset formula adjusted to fit current stat system.  Shortest timer achieved with 2500 fort.

[747] Rendo     12/24/22 Ikehohobonus added                                     

[748] Rendo     01/06/23 Pirates added to PAB Invasion.  If mobile is configured, DNA uses a shortened version.

[749] Rendo     01/06/23 Max Ki Formula changed.  Fort provides 35, Spr 35, Spd 20, Str 10 per point.

[750] Khonsu    01/09/23 BGS is safer now, if under 4t the guards will not see you as a candidate for energy donation.

[751] Khonsu    01/09/23 Namek dballs should not spawn behind locked BGS doors. Earth dballs not allowed in pirate maze, and no longer spawn in Jingle Village.

[752] Rendo     01/16/23 Can no longer pick up a ball while ambushed, can no longer ambush while carrying a dragonball.  Can no longer pick up a dragonball if you are below the requirements to pick one up (Time played/Min pl)

[753] Rendo     01/22/23 Redeemtoken updated.  Some things remove, some things added.  Some things don't work.

[754] Ikenbon   01/23/23 HELP RPDICESYSTEM                                      

[755] Ikenbon   01/25/23 RPHealth and Rpdice added. We'll have HFILES that discuss the commands but the short version is: These commands are meant to be used to separate the concept of energy and health in roleplay (while they often are interchangeable they are not the same things). You can view rphealth and rpdice from rpfinger.

[756] Ikenbon   01/26/23 Help RPHEALTH added                                    

[757] Picard    01/29/23 for players scouter transmit now says the player name  

[758] Picard    01/29/23 help area modified for newbs.  Announcement forthcoming in a minute.

[759] Rendo     02/02/23 If you block/dodge a knockdown, you no longer drop your frenzy as a BA

[760] Khonsu    02/09/23 Namekian Wilds hunt (help foth) items now only require 1t base PL. Shenron saga items have been buffed a decent bit and now appropriately require you to collect all the dragon ball items from the other sags for a drop. 

[761] Rendo     02/19/23 Most statgrowth bonuses are now additive.  This is for future reasons.  Splitforms now behave like Simulacrum.  They do not join in on combat.  They now match your stats and have 100 hp.  Creating one reduces your ki by half instead of 75%. Splits/Sims now use block and dodge to emulate a real spar.  Sparring bonuses now adjust your stat gains based on what you require for your next statgrowth.  This means stat gains from sparring is the same regardless of your stats.  This is a 4x nerf to low level sparring.  Tri and Multi form disabled.

[762] Rendo     02/20/23 Medgains removed from meditate.  PL gains from spars reduced.  Stats from sparring juiced.

[763] Rendo     02/20/23 Kirestore gear no longer restores ki if you are fighting or working out.

[764] Rendo     02/21/23 Outside of HBTC/Arty, splits merge back with you after a spar.  You need to be at full ki to create a split.  Energy regen moved to per second instead of per tick.

[765] Rendo     02/23/23 Meditate boosts your energy recovery rate, it no longer chunks of ki per meditate message.

[766] Rendo     02/24/23 Multi-form and Tri-form removed.  Split-form a single skill like Zanzoken now.  Mastering Split to certain percents unlocks tri and multi form for races that have access to them.  Tri and Multi form has slightly more hp (Over 100)

[767] Rendo     02/28/23 Ki Heal removed from every race, except Namek, MD and Kaio

[768] Ikenbon   02/28/23 Dragon Pursuit added to Namek Slist                    

[769] Ikenbon   02/28/23 Dragon Revenge added to Namek Alist                    

[770] Rendo     03/01/23 Ranked Nameks can contribute to the Dragon Power pool. 

[771] Khonsu    03/05/23 Nameks now have a new t4 to fit between Makosen and Nova Storm. ANTENNA BEAM!

[772] Rendo     03/17/23 Dragon Knowledge added to ranked Nameks.  Awaken Power transformation removed.  Elder Namek no longer can unlockpotential.  Dragon Knowledge boosts the learn rate of skills and transformations.  Higher the rank longer the duration, 15,20,30 minutes.

[773] Rendo     03/17/23 TEST ADDITION messages removed, you will be missed.  If you have arm stretch learned, it boosts the chance of preventing flee automatically.

[774] Khonsu    03/17/23 The Icerian Empire has expanded its training facilites on Mount Areukk.

[775] Ikenbon   03/18/23 Hrimfaxi's Evergaol added to DBI                       

[776] Rendo     03/22/23 Clothes Beam added to Nameks.  Items don't provide any bonuses to stat growth yet, still working on that.

[777] Rendo     03/24/23 Each piece of Namekian Swag, reduces your current stats by 4%.  This does not apply to spars.

[778] Ikenbon   03/25/23 Requiem Blade add for Konatsu                          

[779] Ikenbon   03/25/23 Reverb Wave add to Konatsu                             

[780] Ikenbon   03/29/23 Masalatomic Drop added for Ghetti                      

[781] Rendo     03/30/23 Contest participants automatically will be awarded 50m zeni if they meet the requirements after they are removed from contest.

[782] Chatgpt   03/30/23 Dionysus dances across the sky                         

[783] Rendo     03/30/23 Meditate no longer blocked from working for ki if you are in zealotry.

[784] Ikenbon   03/30/23 Once you've completed the puzzles in the honden you now get a qbit and don't need to repeat them.

[785] Chatgpt   03/30/23 Experimentation with socials complete.  New social pick added.

[786] Rendo     03/30/23 Porunga wishes removed.  Namek Dragonballs spawn every 3 days instead of once a week.

[787] Chatgpt   03/31/23 Announcement planned before 00:00 April 1st.           

[788] Chatgpt   03/31/23 April Announcement Posted                              

[789] Rendo     04/01/23 Help Vinian, Help Vinianskills, and the Vinian skillhelpfiles added.

[790] Ikenbon   04/03/23 Increased drop rate for gold/silver keys in mount areukk. Removed aggro from palace guards and increased their pls to 25b

[791] Rendo     04/04/23 Ichor starts to accumulate after you've unlocked fermentation.  Racerank gives bonus chances for added ichor on kill while you're drunk.

[792] Ikenbon   04/04/23 DBICONTESTWINNERS updated                              

[793] Rendo     04/04/23 Ambrosia added, help ambrosia for details.  Vinians have access to Drunken Hoof, help drunkenhoof for details.

[794] Rendo     04/05/23 Drunktalk only works on yell, say and music channel    

[795] Rendo     04/10/23 help namekwishes updated                               

[796] Rendo     04/11/23 Changes to Zeal and Zealotry for Nameks.  While in zealotry, Zeal will always decrease by 1 if you are not in combat.  While in combat, it has a chance to not decrease that scales with race ranks.  Stat bonuses from Zealotry now scale up to an additional 10% calculated from your zealpool.  Higher racerank improves formula for hitting additional 10%.

[797] Rendo     04/21/23 Invaders no longer give DT.                            

[798] Rendo     04/26/23 PL Gains bonus from RPP has had RPP requirements reduced.  RPP Gains bonus players have also applies to stats now.

[799] Ikenbon   04/28/23 Konatsu Assasins, Symbiote Broods, Vessen "Dargon Puppies, Cybernetic Beings (Skybase), and Delta mobs either no longer spawn by moving between rooms, or their rooms have been set to nogain. Any other mobs similar to these should be reported. Failure to report them will lead to punishment.

[800] Ikenbon   04/28/23 SA13 Mark androids and PotK Tomb Demons now either no longer infinitely spawn or provide no gains.

[801] Ikenbon   04/28/23 SA13 Smobdrop has been updated.                        

[802] Ikenbon   05/05/23 UI Goku added as a T3 Smob. Goku from Roshi's Island no longer can go UI. You can still only ever receive one UI by defeated UI goku on your character.

[803] Rendo     05/07/23 Goku Black spawn does a discord notification now.  You now keep all your inventory when you die in the SMOB room, except deathrot, inventory, etc flags that junk items.  In order to fight Goku Black you now must have done a PK since the last Black Spawn.  No PK, no participate.

[804] Rendo     06/30/23 Guldo                                                  

[805] Rendo     07/01/23 Added -FM and -E resource to prompts.  Cleaned up some

hard to see colouring issues with Ki Absorb and bleeding text.

[806] Rendo     07/02/23 Android, Vinian, Namek and Bio-Androids have all been

added to the Invasion pools. Terminus The Super Android, Vinnie Drunken Hoof 

Master, Lord Okarina, and Gizer Pinnacle of Perfection lead these invasion 

forces.  plmax, ggmstat, damboost, stats, and immortal redeemtoken rewards 

enabled for these four races.  Invasions now trigger every 15 days instead of 


[807] Rendo     07/05/23 Dragon Divinity duration reduced, too giga power.  GGM

bonus it applies is now properz.

[808] Rendo     07/06/23 Gained Zeni since logon added.  Gear Gains can now go


[809] Rendo     07/13/23 Earth timer gets reset to when the blackstar wish is

complete.  Namek Dragonballs do not release until the conclusion of Blackstar 


[810] Rendo     07/19/23 Namek Dballs on a 5 day timer now.  You must be 1b base

and have 36 hours played to make a wish.  After a wish, you have to be logged in 

for 10 hours to wish again.

[811] Rendo     07/20/23 Phase 1 of RPPDonate complete.  RPPDonate command and

help rppdonate updated.

[812] Rendo     07/23/23 Rpname command added for all RPC members that don't

start with the letter H.

[813] Rendo     07/24/23 Vinian DNA is now obtainable.  Sucks there aren't any

1t mobs.  Vinian DNA bonus requires 100% DNA and you no longer are affected by 

negative drunk outcomes.

[814] Rendo     07/26/23 Pirate Invaders have had their mirrorpercents lowered a

bit.  Smugglers adjusted to move a little bit less, and heal for less.

[815] Rendo     07/26/23 Vinian DNA bonus for BA, moved to 50% tier.  All Med

gains bonuses changed to ambush/frenzy bonus which extends timers.  Vinian 100% 

DNA bonus is this type of bonus.

[816] Rendo     07/30/23 HB strength bonus slightly adjusted to fix a bug.  Now

sets the strength bonus off your base strength not current (you could repeatedly 

log and juice it a little)  It now adjusts as you gain strength when it didn't 

before.  Smobs subtract the HB strength bonus from their strength.

[817] Rendo     08/01/23 help rankbonus and help racerank updated               

[818] Rendo     08/02/23 Kayin restored to some of its former glory. Assassin's

spawn and are gainable again.

[819] Khonsu    08/04/23 Skybase cyber-icers reupdated take 2. They now have

attacks again, slay if you're over 500b, and the drops should use the proper %'s 

and stuff. All the items are available again since mobs were removed previously.

[820] Rendo     08/05/23 Added hourly pfile backups to prevent significant pfile


[821] Rendo     08/09/23 Because some people are terrible spar partners who make

excuses instead of just grinding, HBTC login requirement reduced to 8 hours from 


[822] Rendo     08/10/23 Minor spawn changes made to Goku Black.  If after 20

minutes Goku Black hasn't been killed, anyone can attack him.

[823] Rendo     08/15/23 Drunk movement is ignored outside of HBTC and Fake


[824] Rendo     08/17/23 Bio-Androids can no longer learn skills through quests

if they're not the appropriate tier.

[825] Rendo     08/21/23 Double Damage/Dragon Fury bonuses no longer apply to


[826] Rendo     08/21/23 Saturday free Double Damage removed.  Saturday free

Double Training added.

[827] Rendo     08/22/23 Updated discordbot to have a delay.                    

[828] Rendo     08/22/23 When the Sun and the Moon clash, legends speak of...


[829] Rendo     08/27/23 Guldo delay returned to smobkill                       

[830] Rendo     08/29/23 Fixed a drunk bug because Yokai is a bad dad.  Magic

Demons are no longer damage immune from crits, they just take normal damage 


[831] Rendo     08/30/23 Double Damage removed from PAB options.  Double options

now include Gains, Training, or Double doubles.  Gains and Training are weighted 

slightly higher than Double Doubles.

[832] Rendo     08/30/23 Khonsubonus removed.  Khonsubonus added.  Nothing of

note about this at all... Yep, nothing.  Just don't spar other players.

[833] Rendo     08/30/23 First Patreon bonus added.  +1% to GLOBAL Stat and PL

gains per Patreon Sub.

[834] Rendo     08/30/23 Second Patreon bonus added.  1 percent reduction to

donation requirements, cap of 20 percent (20 monthly subs)

[835] Rendo     08/30/23 Third Patreon Bonus.  1 percent chance per subscriber

to double PAB contribution.

[836] Rendo     08/31/23 Brief command added.  Replaces config brief/gag. 

Allows players to customize what they see.  Idea board additional 


[837] Rendo     08/31/23 Brief +/- all added                                    

[838] Rendo     09/01/23 Porunga can no longer be summoned, or grant a wish if

Blackstars are out, or a blackstar wish is active.

[839] Rendo     09/11/23 SSJ4 and SSJ3 stat modifiers adjusted.  SSJ3 is much

closer to SSJ4 now to close the gap that HBs suffer from.  This is being done 

for no particular reason because it's not the 15th yet and there's nothing to 

announce so don't read into anything.

[840] Rendo     09/13/23 1 hour cap added to King Kai and Master Roshi SMOB for

their training

[841] Rendo     09/13/23 Fixed a meditate issue.  Fixed channel bug for turning

channels off and on

[842] Rendo     09/15/23 Added <redacted> to Kaios.  Khonsubonus bonus duration

reduced and capped.

[843] Rendo     09/18/23 Kaios given non traditional <redacted>                 

[844] Rendo     09/18/23 Repent command added.                                  

[845] Rendo     09/18/23 F M and A added.                                       

[846] Rendo     09/18/23 Automatic contest entry and removal for Kaio added for


[847] Rendo     09/18/23 2NDROWQWERTYADDED                                      

[848] Rendo     09/19/23 Minor changes to Dr Myuu in Godquest.  He know states

correctly you receive the Way of God for Vinian item instead of Wrath.  Kaio now 

receives the Mercy of God and Kanassian the Eyes of God.

[849] Rendo     09/28/23 F is for Fervor.  Fervor requires M and A.             

[850] Rendo     09/28/23 M is for Mercy.  May it be swift.                      

[851] Rendo     09/28/23 A is for Alignment.  Make your choice.                 

[852] Rendo     09/28/23 KABs activate October 1st.  Praise the KABs.           

[853] Rendo     09/30/23 Kaio Create temporarily disabled.  Kaio Create

adjusted.  Something something soon.

[854] Rendo     10/01/23 Kabcheck command added.                                

[855] Rendo     10/01/23 Stat Ranged items that rolled same stats (2,2,2,3 x2 as

example) no longer will eat each other.  This existed for other stat ranged 

items but was unlikely for people to see unless you hoarded.

[856] Rendo     10/02/23 Mercy gained by killing for Kaio-Z increased.  The

lower your alignment, the more mercy you also gain.  Racerank grants an 

additional mercy per kill.  Kaio-Z given 10% extra stat/pl gains.

[857] Rendo     10/02/23 Kaio-S Retribution boofed.  It now does more damage to

targets the more PKs they have.  Sickle of Sorrow and Holy Wrath for Kaio-Z have 

a chance to break sanctuary.

[858] Rendo     10/03/23 Kaio-s now have a counter that updates while they are

logged in that contributes to KABs.  This resets when they get their daily luck 

update message.

[859] Rendo     10/03/23 Analyze command has mobile functionality now.  Typing

analyze with no parameters will analyze the last time you've obtained.

[860] Rendo     10/04/23 Split restriction for smobkilling removed as they no

longer participate in combat.  Angouleme in shambles.

[861] Rendo     10/04/23 Strife added for Kaio-S.  Strife is a conflicted

interal state that decreases your alignment over time.  While affected by 

strife, workout gains are McJuiced.  Strife automatically ends at +250 


[862] Rendo     10/04/23 If Namek and Earth Balls are out, KAB will skip that as

an option.

[863] Rendo     10/06/23 Mystic automatically removed from non Kaios when they

logon.  You will get a message about it.  KAB PAB and KAB HBTC removed from 

discord notice.  The higher/lower you're alignment the harder it is to swing 

back the other way.

[864] Rendo     10/06/23 Added 2 new ranks between Megapower and Dominator. 

Megapower is 1-3t, Gigapower is 3-6t, and MegaGigapower is 6-10t.  Names could 

change in future, but probably not.  Praise.

[865] Rendo     10/08/23 New Patreon bonus added because we broke 20

subscribers, praise.  Sanc removal skills only remove sanctuary if they get 

through block and dodge.  Strife can now be turned off by using strife if it's 

already activated.

[866] Rendo     10/11/23 Potara Armour/Gains bug fixed.  Please send note if you

need yours updated if they're already maxed.

[867] Rendo     10/11/23 Potara upgrading is now chance based, it gets

progressively harder the more improved the earrings are.

[868] Rendo     10/11/23 Kaiocreate mercy cost reduced to 10.                   

[869] Rendo     10/11/23 Rest of KABs added, KABs slightly adjusted to fit them


[870] Rendo     10/13/23 Burgundy Village filled out a bit more.  There are

things to do in the winery and the sommelier sells... very expensive wine.

[871] Rendo     10/15/23 With some annoyances of Khonsu, suppress can now use

letters.  k t m b q  If you want more precise, add more digits and go down a 


[872] Khonsu    10/19/23 eqsearch command added - Usage: eqsearch <min_level>

<max_level> <location> <layer> - this is a much more robust search for finding 

the gear for your layers and will see gear with multiple slots and show you the 

area location

[873] Rendo     10/20/23 Autopowerup boofed.  It will now automatically make you

stand up from sitting/resting so you can powerup.  Sleep suppressed, died 


[874] Rendo     10/20/23 HC sense planet updated if you have a bounty.  The

bounty must be accepted in order to sense planet the HC.

[875] Rendo     10/21/23 EQsearch command updated to include uh... whatever you

call it.  letter based number scaling 10b 100k 25t etc

[876] Rendo     10/23/23 If you are parterned with someone, that overrides

nofollow and they can follow you.

[877] Ikenbon   10/25/23 Mobs in the dreamplane kanassian form quest reduced to


[878] Rendo     11/02/23 For future contests, automatic tracking of pl, stats

and pk added for determining winners.

[879] Khonsu    11/02/23 wear all should respect layer order now - multi slot

items may go into the wrong place and layer 0 items will be worn last, so other 

items may try to go into a layer first (like keyrings) and block waist

[880] Khonsu    11/02/23 rgrid added for builders - lets builders generate grids

of rooms with all connecting exits

[881] Khonsu    11/02/23 MOLEMODE MONTH! - molemode command added!              

[882] Khonsu    11/07/23 wear location <location> should now work with respect

to layering, for example try using 'wear location arms'

[883] Khonsu    11/07/23 mpchance added for builders, allows for weighted

probability rolls

[884] Rendo     11/20/23 Providence added for Kaio-S.  It helps juice KABs. 

Becomes less effective the closer a KAB is.  No you don't get to know how much 

it's adding.

[885] Rendo     12/04/23 Kaio invasion items now redeemable via the token


[886] Rendo     12/04/23 Kaliben The Sacrosanct and his devout followers can now

invade to bring divine judgement on sinners.

[887] Rendo     12/08/23 RPPDonate Superpill lowered to 35RPP.  RPP reimbursed

to anyone who donated previously (Zofu, Saliath, and Indon)

[888] Rendo     01/01/24 Delay added to Instant Transmission.  Kaio's have

access to "KaiKai" which is nearly instant.  Going to another area on the same 

planet takes less time then going to a different planet.  There is a random 

variance that can make the delay feel a little slower/faster.

[889] Rendo     01/01/24 Max Kaio DNA bonus changed.  No longer does improved

ambush/frenzy timers, now gives speedier IT.

[890] Khonsu    01/01/24 Room titles now contain a hashed vnum. This is to help

with mapping programs that benefit from having unique names.

[891] Rendo     01/01/24 All skill damage reduced, for no particular reason.    

[892] Khonsu    01/01/24 rdiamond added for builders to make... room diamonds   

[893] Khonsu    01/01/24 round program added so items can trigger on a per round


[894] Khonsu    01/02/24 health updated to work with a 10,000 hp based system,

added a config +simplenum so you can see numbers the old way, but will be 

slightly less accurate display

[895] Khonsu    01/03/24 color expand                                           

[896] Rendo     01/03/24 colour*                                                

[897] Khonsu    01/03/24 TCG packs available                                    

[898] Rendo     01/03/24 Timer code updated to no longer update in the violence

update code.  Timers can now be 1 second intervals.

[899] Ikenbon   01/05/24 Fortune is now notransfer. Old fortunes may not have

these flags. I will allow all previous loaded ones to retain that.

[900] Ikenbon   01/05/24 Primrosa is now a smob.      

[901] Rendo 01/14/24 Ultra Instinct Goku Smob has had the qbit check removed since he's no longer a global smob. 

[902] Rendo     01/22/24 Tier 5 Melee added for Hydians, Falling Sequoia        

[903] Khonsu    01/22/24 skill levels added to skills. you can gain exp in

skills and level them! help skilllevels - an unintended side effect in codebase 

differences is that some skills were wiped from your alist/slist... thank you 

for understanding.

[904] Rendo     01/23/24 Health regeneration randomized a bit.                  

[905] Rendo     01/23/24 Nerfsuary for skill xp gains                           

[906] Rendo     01/24/24 Sense direction now has a delay.  If you "find" a

target via directional scanning, it only counts once for learning the skill.

[907] Rendo     01/24/24 Skill levels now reduce the delay of skills used.  This

is a uniform function so a level 50 kick is reduced by the same amount as a 

level 50 hyperbeam

[908] Rendo     01/24/24 Skill levels now can provide a damage increase.        

[909] Rendo     01/25/24 Skill levels now reduce the energy cost of skills.     

[910] Rendo     01/26/24 Dragon Knowledge and all the training bonuses now boost

exp gain for skill leveling.

Rendo-Should be easier to get to all 6 songs on now and they should last for a

bit of time before eventually becoming unsustainable.

Rendo-Due to resonance drain changes, sleeping no longer removes your songs.

Rendo-Super Pill's renamed to Toriyama's Blessing.

Rendo-Can't harmonize while sleeping.  SoS drops off if you engage in the


Rendo-The Shrines of Sonata can sing out if global harmony is achieved.  There

are currently 3 songs that can play.  KoK, AoA and EoE.  You'll have to wait to 

see what they do.  Global Harmony is gained incredibly slow if you're using SoS. 

For active songs, you need all songs active and at 4 power.  The higher your 

combined power, the more in contributes to global harmony.

Rendo-RoR global harmony song added.

Rendo-Can harmonize in sleep again to see your active songs, but not harmonize


Rendo-Song empowerment time reduced a little further, when a song improves, you

get a message now.

Rendo-Areas now reset when you see the area reset message instead of a tick

after, not sure why that was the case.

Rendo-If you're bad like Baark and die, all your song stuff resets.

Rendo-Managing to play Introit of Ikenbon restores your resonance to full.

Rendo-gharmcheck command added to show when/what last global harmony was

Rendo-Total Harmony now grants stat/pl gains increase for non sparring, non


Rendo-Kecak of Khonsu now should give full restore/spar reset if you're split


Rendo-Minor change to global harmony generation.  You no longer need all 6 songs

on, but you do need a minimum combined power to start generating elevated 

harmony gains.

Rendo-Wasn't documented when I first did it, but seems like the day/night bug

where mobs wouldn't spawn sometimes is fixed.

Rendo-Etude of Experience duration increased to 30 minutes, exp bonus formula


Rendo-Fixed a dodge bug with HoH

Rendo-Minor tweak to how HoH bonus works, it's scaleable based on its power. 

Max dodge chance for Konatsu reduced by 1.

Rendo-Split Spar Wins/Losses now tracked, for no reason.

Khonsu-the help command will now provide suggested helpfiles for you when you

type something that doesn't have a help file

Rendo-Some redundant Konatsu skills have been removed from players.  Sonicburst,

Sword Symphony, Wall of Sound, and Flame Crescent Slash.  The skill dependencies 

for Konatsu skills have been updated to reflect this.

Rendo-Konatsu Invaders added.  They are led by Aria, The Rhapsodist.

Rendo-Saiyan and Pirate invaders removed until their racial updates.  The

invasion code has been improved, it now utilizes a mechanism to fairly 

distribute the invasions.  It resets when race has been rolled.

Rendo-Your luck reset time now is displayed in score.

Rendo-Androids are no longer detectable via sense by BA unless they have 50%

Android DNA.

Rendo-Railgun cost reduced to 10 charges.  FM and E archetype Androids have had

their resource drain reduced so they have longer uptime.  H archetypes now have 

partial infinite ki while overclock is running for longer uptime.

Rendo-Archetypeless and FM stats and powerlevel gains penalty reduced.  E

powerlevel gains penalty reduced.

Rendo-Death Timer no longer prevents rankkill.

Razic-Relok has been added to DBI. See Help File for additional information.

Rendo-Satiation system added for no reason.  Doesn't do anything... yet.

Rendo-When you have a world government, and you choose to elect, of all people,

A DOG, it comes with economic ramifications.  Out of control spending on ads for 

the spaying and neutering of cats but not dogs, the housing crisis, climate 

change affecting crops, etc have created the perfect conditions for inflation to 

skyrocket... Specifically targetting beans.

Rendo-You can now eat 2 senzu beans in a row before you are "full".  Over time

this will decrease.  It decreases faster if you are sleeping.  It decreases 

faster if you are a Saiyan.

Rendo-Added helpfiles for next contest.  But you can't see them, lolz.

Rendo-Automatic contest stuff updated for H... no... I...?  Maybe...  I don't


Rendo-Affinity is pretty cool.

Rendo-Yondai DNA is now gettable from mobs and players.

Rendo-Yondai DNA added to DNA command.

Rendo-Affinity for Yondai's shows up on prompts.  as is tradition %D works for

custom prompts and I hate any of you that uses them and made me spend hours 

figuring this BS out.

Rendo-All Air bonuses for Yondai added.  All other T1 bonuses added.

Razic-Affinity helpfile added 

Rendo-Commune command added for Yondai.  This is a multi pronged skill.  When a

Yondai is without their transformation they use this to to seek guidance from 

the elemental spirits.  This drains your affinities with a chance of growing 

your understanding of the Elements place within the Universe.  Through doing 

this you will eventually unlock your transformation Conflux.  If you have 

conflux learned, it serves as an idle way to rebuild your affinities for 

activating Avatar form.

Rendo-Yondai Air, Fire and Water bonuses all in. Earth 1st and 2nd in, rest of

Earth to follow.

Rendo-Yondai 10% bonus added to BAs gains.

Rendo-Fixed %D Yondai Prompt bug.  If you had any other % variable after a %D in

a custom prompt, it'd just duplicate it with %D info.

Rendo-Yondai communing for their form, now get progression messages every 10%

obtained.  Skilltier of skills provides a bonus to affinity chance on skill use.

Rendo-Yondai can now get their Primary and Secondary affinities.... Unless Razic

for sooooome reason never finished the quests.  That would be a huge oversight 

and definitely something worth of ridicule.

Rendo-Worthy...  Typos are worth of ridicule too.

Razic-Yondai quest for Primary Fire attunement in. Visit Master Runir and ask

about achieving "Greater attunement" for more information.