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These are some shorter quests that don't need their own dedicated page.

Eternal Dragon Statue

You'll need to be at least 50k PL to complete this (and punctuation), and I suggest doing it as soon as you can.

Head to the namek elder, all east and up from Mephablo, and SAY WHAT QUEST? then SAY I'D LIKE TO TAKE ON THIS QUEST

EXAM SAPPHIRE, EXAM SCUFF, find the Elder of Wisdom in one of the huts below the Elder, and SAY KOUSENGAN

Return to the Elder with the Head then you'll get A Dull Ruby, visit the Elder of Strength in the hut below, then head west to the blacksmith.

GIVE RUBY BLACKSMITH, head just to the east and go to the Overseer, SAY KOUJARI SENT ME. Return to the blacksmith and GIVE ORDERS BLACKSMITH. You'll get a beautiful ruby and head back to the Elder of Strength.

Return to the elder with the Body and you'll get a book. Take the book to the Elder of courage. GIVE BOOK ELDER. Then head west back to the same overseer you saw for the blacksmith. SAY MOSHEEGA SENT ME. (with a period)

Head back west to where Mephablo is, and then head north and kill nameks in each of the fields to the east and west until you get one of each seed. You'll need 5 seeds total. Walk back to the overseer who gave you the task and you'll get a vial.

Walk back to the elder, BUT DO NOT leave the room too quickly or you won't get the item. Once you have the arms go back to the elder.

Go to the empty elder hut and wait in this room until the final elder pays you a visit. You'll get the final piece which is the base. Return back up to the elder and get your Dragon Statue!

The Eternal Dragon Statue is a hold item, with 5 str, 5 spd, 4 spr, and 3 frt, the biggest thing is it gives you an extra 5% gains!

Icerian Proving Grounds

You can learn suppress and fly from the first Sage. This can be completed at any PL but it may require at least 50k PL before he'll teach you, just look for a crystal nearby (exa crystal) and give it to the Sage. This will raise suppress and fly to 50%.

You can learn meditate from the Sage deep within the cave. At any PL, no combat required. From the first room head east and all the way down, past the 500k and 1m mobs and wait within (might have to be resting) the Master's Sanctuary. After a random time you'll receive a message saying that you have gotten a blessing and you'll get a Small Rainbow Crystal. Take this back to the master all the way back up and north and all the way through the other cave. Give the crystal to the Sage of the Soul and you'll get more meditate!

You can learn punch, kick, and energy ball, from the Sage of Power. These are likely worth skipping if you have more than 50% kick, punch, or energy ball. He has two separate quests for you. First go slay a bunch of beasts, they are 10k PL, and then return the shard to the Sage of Power. You'll need to be at least 50k PL to kill the monster for this one. This will teach you kick and punch, but you likely already have more % than he'll teach you. I believe he will only raise it to 50%. When you're around 50k you can find the cave in the area with the beasts and icers and SAY HRUKTHAR, kill him and take the head back. Likely you have more energy ball then he's willing to teach you.

Brother Mhenlo - Lotus Temple Quest

You'll need to be at least 75mil PL to complete this. The requirement of the items however is 25mil base PL.

IT to Mhenlo or walk here by leaving the SE part of Hydia city. You'll find the Temple proper past the maze like forest area.

Talk to Mhenlo first. Follow his red word prompts say TROUBLED, HELP, SACRED WATER, CASK, to learn about the quest. Head into the forest and find Deios inside a Dark Cave. When you do SAY SACRED CASK then SAY LURE. He will inform you that you need to go find a Holly Leaf.

Go murder flying squirrels until you find A Golden Holly Leaf. Once you have it head to the NW section of the forest and Cerenbul will appear. He is 75m PL. Take the hide you get from Cerenbul back to the cave with Deios and get a cask. Head just south of Deios and your water cask will be turned into an even better water cask. You can drink from this cask for a regeneration buff, and also refill it when you need to. You can refill it at the waterfall or in other fountain locations in the MUD.

Head back to the young monk near Mhenlo and he'll mention needing not only a cask but some flowers. Go to the nothern section of the temple and find the room with "A great rushing waterfall is here." Workout, meditate, or hangout in this room for a while for a chance at getting a flower. You can get one while standing or meditating or whichever. You might need to have the cask. You can get multiple at one time if you'd like to sit here and wait till you have multiple. You will a total of 8 for every reward from this quest.

Once you have a lotus flower (or 8) go to Deios for a Healing Salve.

Return to the young monk east of Mhenlo, and GIVE SALVE YOUNG. Now you'll need to defeat the demon for a horn.

The demon PL mirrors so be ready for a fight. From the young monk you can speedwalk esstywrwyywwyt to get to the demon. And speedwalk back with rqeeqqeteqrnne. Once you arrive back at Mhenlo he will ask you if you value Strength, Wisdom, or Courage.

Respond with Courage : A Chain of Lotus Flowers, wrist ankle 75 armor, 1 str 1 frt 2 spd 2 spd 1% gains (can wear 4 of these)

Respond with Strength: An Amethyst Ring, finger 75 armor, str 2 spr 3, 2% gains (can wear 2 of these)

Respond with Wisdom: A Healing Ankh, neck 75 armor, 2 spd 2 spr 2 frt, 2% gains (can wear 2 of these) also a chance for a healing buff.

All require 25m base to wear.

Salome Castle weekly Wednesday Event (guide needs updated)

  • Begins from the Questmaster in CoE - you pick up one of the 8 capsules that are on the ground

  • The first part, you find your way through the maze.. then answer a couple questions.

  • The basic thing with this quest/area is that you get items at each ‘continue or leave’ point. The answers to the ‘choice’ questions are simple; what would Goku do?

  • The first reward you can leave with is Courage

  • The second reward you can leave with is Wisdom - pick the right jewel!

  • Next part it's either a west (Pleasure) or an east (Pain)

  • Final part is either Victory! Or… Endurance.

Yemma’s Vault

  • Personally I recommend this quest at above a base of 10-12b - you get slayed for going over specific PLs in either section. My preferred PLs were 4b and 8b, respectively, but according to Aoloth, you can go as high as 5b and 12b respectively.

  • Start the quest by ITing to Dabura [or anyone in HFIL] and heading roughly central north.

  • A guard will ask you if you’re a thief. Respond accordingly and the quest will begin.

  • The quest mostly involves killing enemies until you find a key for various doors. A step-by-step won’t be provided here.

  • When you get the 5th key, you will enter a second section where the PL requirement goes up (to 12b at most).

  • Be cautious when leaving this area to suppress back down to 5b or you will be slain. The keys deathrot!

  • In the second area you will face off against 3 “mini bosses” which drop items - collectively these items summon the final area boss.

  • Bring the item he drops back to the guard in the eastern quadrant of the vault’s opening area and you will receive a very nice reward for your trouble. There are four to choose from, you pick one each time.

  • In the path leading to the vault is a secret room to the west, you can find it by carefully reading room descriptions. This leads to an alternate reward path for the quest, giving you zeni. [1.75m] - this quest is a repeatable source of zeni if you are patient. This alternate path also leads you to a shop which sells some expensive [1.5m each], but powerful gear.

Darkhaven (10k to 1m gaining PL) - you will need a light

  • Green shadowbeasts (10k)

  • Yellow shadowbeasts (50k)

  • Red shadowbeasts (100k) - they transform into a 200k(?) PL mob that drops an Aura with +2 to all stats.

  • To the west is a quest area with a hold item (inferior to the Namekian Statue), a sword (if you’re not weaponless) and a shield (comparable to the ones sold on Ginyu but inferior to the best one, however free). You can also take the ark back to the noble in his castle and he will give you a crown (head item) which has reasonably high stats for this point in the game.

  • The locations for sacrificing the ark are as follows: Stairway to heaven, a diamond shaped area with a central room will cause the ark to react (sac here for shield), the skeleton of a demon to the far west of the winding passages, take the fork that doesn’t go to the hellkites (sac her-e for the sword), a forest shrine to the very far north of the area with shadowbeasts (sac here for skull), and finally north of town in the castle, you can find the noble [forget his name] who outright takes the ark in exchange for a crown.

  • The executioner in town also offers his blade, but has a prog dealing a flat 20 damage which he uses with abandon, and a PL limit for his drop that makes the fight a challenge.

  • The rock elementals also drop shadowiron ore which can be taken to the blacksmith northeast of the shadowbeast’s area, allowing him to forge layer 16 armor, leggings and sleeves.

  • The shop in this area has some Spidersilk gear that improve your Ki regen during your healing tick and has decent stats. The bandages are layer 2 body, about, leg, hands and feet. The shop also sells a shirt and a robe.for layer 8 body and about respectively.