Race Trainers

Some races need to go to specific trainers to learn skills. Usually this is the person from the show who used that ability.

Ki-Heal and Split-Form

While I highly suggest you do the quest instead for ki-heal and kitransfer (see the sidebar) you can also practice them at Piccolo  inside bear forest.

Instant to Zaede and go w, n, n

Kaio skills:

Instant Transmit to Pikkon and head north, then east. 

inst tien or 2.yamcha 

If you dont have IT yet

Get to Yemma

Say “Snake Way”



you must complete his quest:

Note: Both have a chance of leaving the room as you enter it 

Dodon-Type Attacks: Tien

See above for snake way directions.

Icer: (non-trainer-trained-attacks)


On Korin's Tower


From Base of Korins Tower:

Speedwalk eeeeeeeeqeeqnnn

say “kamehameha” and follow Roshi’s instructions to complete the quest

Note: having IT will make this quest go a little faster

Roshi also teaches Super Kamehameha!

Namek (split-form):

IT Sabre and find the Battlescarred Clearing

Destructo Disk: 

Can be found on the SW side of Capsule Corp

Kanassian Trainers: