Where next?

Out of the Intro, into the Frying Pan (100 - 100k)

While I could write a step by step guide and every mob to kill that would take a very long time. Keep killing things that are around x1.25 to x2 your powerlevel and move up to the next mob when appropriate. Keep working on your skills to unlock more abilities and your transformations, like Super Saiyan and Mystic.

You'll want to become familiar with a helpfile called HELP BAL (bigarealist). This is a nearly exhaustive list of all the gaining areas in the game. Most of these areas have a helpfile, for example HELP LEGENDE or HELP PLANETNAMEK, which will give you an overview of each area, and how to get there.

Take note of the room you spawn in after the tutorial. This is the central room of LEGENDE (which I'll refer to this room as COL from now on) and you'll be sent back here if you use a newbie capsule or the STUCK command. Which is only available until about 1 million PL. Not to worry, you'll be able to use Instant Transmission soon after that. Unless you're an android. You can LOOK MAP to see a layout of the area.

From COL (center of legende) go: up, sw, sw, and SAY CAPSULE a few times and stow these away in your backpack. If you don't have a backpack you can buy a utility belt from the store in Legende, which is found to the west and then north of the area. There are a few items here you could buy but none of them are really noteworthy. Shop speedwalk from COL: wwwwwwnwnn

The next point of interest is in the east and the north area. These are the transporters which will take you to almost every location within in the game. Transporter speedwalk from COL: eeeeeenenn

You can begin gaining here in LEGENDE if you'd like, but it is not my preferred starting zone (more on that below), just to the south then follow the exits down and wander around a bit. There are plenty of different PL mobs to fight, you can LOOK MAP at each level as you go down to see the several levels of PL to fight. LEGENDE does have the one advantage of sometimes dropping wound care manuals, which you can take upstairs from COL and go e, e, and give the manual to the doctor for a free heal.

When you start out most equipment won't have enough stats to make a difference, however, each 1000 you get in armor will give you an immediate large effect to your damage mitigation. Ask on OOC or ASK global channels if anyone has some newbie gear or Kaio gear, most people are pretty helpful but you might want to gain a bit of PL first to show people you're planning on sticking around. You'll be fine without armor in the beginning if you don't fight things too strong. The next best set of equipment for newbies, although expensive, is from Bear Forest, or from fighting the mobs in The Ginyu Base, but some of these are a really low drop rate.

In my opinion the two best areas to begin in are Soltari City (on Vegeta) or Sonata.

Remember to keep working on your skills. Use all your energy on energy ball, kick, punch etc, then meditate up. You'll want to focus on increasing these skills to unlock more skills. Follow HELP SKILLTREE

Vegeta, Soltari City (200 - 40k)

Head to the transporters (see above) and go to the Northwest room, and SAY SOLTARI CITY. After you transport successfully (wear a capsule or use STUCK if you end up somewhere weird), go sw, nw, w and you'll be in the entrance to the training complex. Down is the healing room, up and south is the practice master for learning more skills. The areas you'll be focusing on for gaining will be in the North and Northwest. You can look sign in these rooms to see how to use it. SAY POWER, to know the power, and SAY BEGIN to start a fight.

The north area has mobs of 200, 500, 750, and 1,000. The northwest is 2,000, 5000, 10,000, and 20,000. Keep fighting in this area until you're around 40k PL or higher if you'd like.

My preferred method is to fight in Soltari until 5k, then swap over to Sonata (see below), one of the big reasons being that the Sonata mobs actually drop zeni! While also taking trips to Icerian Proving Grounds to do the mini quests.

Sonata, Bushido Training Grounds (50 - 150k)

Head to the transporters (see above) and go to the Northeast room, and SAY SONATA MOUNTAINS. After you transport to Sonata head 3s, 1e, and you'll be in the Bushido Training Grounds. If the transporter screws up and sends you somewhere else use STUCK or WEAR CAPSULE (if you picked up newbie capsules) to get back to Legende and try using the transporter again.

Head east and south to find the trainer and vendor of the area, Ashira. Most of it isn't noteworthy but you can buy a few pieces for extra armor if you'd like.

Further to the east from where you entered are several Mannequins you can fight. Pay attention to the room descriptions and find the appropriate leveled Mob for you to fight. If you become too injured go back to Ashira and sleep in that room to heal faster. You'll know you're in a healing room when you see green text when you rest/sit/sleep stating Your wounds begin to heal, if it is white text instead of green you're not in a healing room. You can meditate and heal at the same time!

There is a chance that the mannequins will explode when you defeat them and you'll have to wait for an area reset for them to come back, this is one of the big downsides to this starting area. Work on sense or something else if both of the mobs for you PL have exploded.

To train sense quickly find an area with a lot of mobs and SENSE <DIRECTION>, SENSE WEST for example, the more mobs you sense at once the quicker it will go up, and use more energy. A good area for this on Sonata is west from the center you first arrived at when transporting. DO NOT fight anything here as they will surely destroy you. Find some mobs that are lined up and sense in that direction. You will blow through your Ki quickly and be able to train sense and meditate. In short, sense to blow all your energy, meditate to get it back, repeat.

It is a good idea to use your energy to work on meditate and then sense, so you can unlock powerup.

Icerian Proving Grounds (1k - 1m)

This area has recently been updated. The quest directions should be relatively the same, however the process has been streamlined to allow you better training of skills.

From the LEGENDE transporters (from COL speedwalk eeeeeenenn) go to the NW room and SAY THE GINYU BASE, to be transported close. The Ginyu base is one of the best Newbie zones so you can go downstairs to gain there if you like, however it is not my favorite. More on that later.

To get to the IPG, head all west and all north after you are transported to The Ginyu Base.

This is not the greatest gaining area because the mobs have too large of gaps between them at higher levels but there are mobs at 1k, 5k, 10k, 25k, 50k, 75k, 100k, 500k. The mobs tend to wander and do not automatically respawn often on death. It is fine for gaining though, just not the very best.

The main attraction to this area is that it will help you train your skills, but you must have them unlocked before you can benefit from the training. And it can also drop gems. Which are special items that you can turn in for items or zeni. Do not confuse these with the other shards you get from this area for the quests.

You can learn suppress and fly from the first Sage. This can be completed at any PL but it may require at least 50k PL before he'll teach you, just look for a crystal nearby (exa crystal) and give it to the Sage. This will raise suppress and fly to 50%.

You can learn meditate from the Sage deep within the cave. At any PL, no combat required. From the first room head east and all the way down, past the 500k and 1m mobs and wait within (might have to be resting) the Master's Sanctuary. After a random time you'll receive a message saying that you have gotten a blessing and you'll get a Small Rainbow Crystal. Take this back to the master all the way back up and north and all the way through the other cave. Give the crystal to the Sage of the Soul and you'll get more meditate!

You can learn punch, kick, and energy ball, from the Sage of Power. These are likely worth skipping if you have more than 50% kick, punch, or energy ball. He has two separate quests for you. First go slay a bunch of beasts, they are 10k PL, and then return the shard to the Sage of Power. You'll need to be at least 50k PL to kill the monster for this one. This will teach you kick and punch, but you likely already have more % than he'll teach you. I believe he will only raise it to 50%. When you're around 50k you can find the cave in the area with the beasts and icers and SAY HRUKTHAR, kill him and take the head back. Likely you have more energy ball then he's willing to teach you.

If you complete all 3 you can travel back through the northern gave and you will receive the Proof of Body and Soul, which is a permanent light, it will unequip itself after 10 million or so base powerlevel though.

I personally don't gain in this area but travel back here to complete the quests for skills and then leave.

The Ginyu Base (500 - 100m)

This area has mobs starting from 500, 2.5k, 5k, 10k, 50k, 100k, 200k, 400k, 800k, and on up to 100 million! The powerlevels start out low in the basement and get bigger as you go up. This is arguably one of the best newbie areas because you do not have to go anywhere else. However it is not always the best because of some of the gaps, you can make up for this by using powerup and/or suppress once you've unlocked those skills. If you want to go to this area and just gain all the way up it is not entirely a bad idea. The Icerian Proving Grounds are very close nearby and you can hop over to do those quests at any time and come back.

There are shops all the way upstairs which have some very good scouters for newbies. If not a bit pricey. Remember to ANA BUY <item> before you purchase to see its stats. You can also pick up an easy shield in these shops, shield items are pretty rare so it can sometimes be worthwhile to pick one up, but isn't so great that you have to.

This base is laid out in circles, wander around a bit pay attention to room descriptions for PL or scan them.

  • Mobs in the lower level combat simulator drop gear items with a <1% drop rate.

    • Saibaman 500 : Exo-Saiba Radius-Segments (Wrist, Str +2, AR 75)

    • Saibaman 2.5k : Exo-Saiba-Humerus-Segments (Layer 2 Arms, Str +1, Frt +1, AR 25)

    • Saibaman 5k : Exo-Saiba-Femur-Segments (Layer 2 Legs, Spd +1, Frt +1, AR 25)

    • Saibaman 10k : Exo-Saiba-Ilium-Segments (Layer 2 Waist, Frt +2, AR 25)

    • Saibaman 50k : Exo-Saiba-Vertebre-Segments (Back, Spr +3, AR 200)

    • Saibaman 100k : Exo-Saiba-Cranial-Segments (Head, Spr +3, AR 250)

    • Raditz (150k pl) also wanders around here, dropping A Red Power Armlet (Layer 128 Arms, Str +3, Spd +3, AR 25)

Planet Namek (250 - 750k)

Big fields full of nameks. If you take the transporters from Legende to here head north and look in the fields for plenty of Nameks to kill. Don't go northeast if you wander all the way north, this is a much higher PL area. Just south are some worker huts that seem to mirror the same PL of the ones in the field.

Kill them all if you'd like, they start at 250, 1k, 4k, 15k, 50k. If you head further south, sw, and then nw at the fork in the plains then travel further north you'll find 100k, 250k, and 750k mobs.

The BIGGEST attraction here is the (Glowing) The Eternal Dragon Statue . It is 100% worth getting on every newbie character, especially if it is your first one and you do not have another item to hold. This quest starts to the east of Mephablo. Mephablo is at where you first enter Planet Namek from the transporters on Legende. Head east from him.

Heading east from Mephablo, go as far as you can and then go up until you meet the Namek Elder.

SAY WHAT QUEST? (punctuation is important in this quest, make sure you use .'s and ?'s in some places)

SAY I'd like to take on this quest

Follow the instructions and try to figure out the quest. Spoilers below if you need it.

Bear Forest (50 - 100k)

Head back to the Legende transporters and go into the north exit, SAY BEAR FOREST, to get transported here.

If you go two south from that spawn point you'll run into Lorren, type list to see all the things he has for sale. They're quite expensive but well worth the money once you reach 100k PL. Try to get the ones with lots of armor, the beaded items and the warpants and shirt. All of the items are probably worth getting if you can afford it though.

You can make a decent amount of zeni by murdering all the critters for their pelts and taking them back to Lorren.

There is a hidden healing room in the southwest edge of the map. Look for a room with the description "There appears to be a crevice in the rock large enough for a man to enter." Type ENTER to go in.

This area has a lot of different mobs but not too many of each one. You can gain here if you want to take it slow or make a bit of extra cash as you go up in power. This area has far and away the best zeni for a newbie.

The grandfather bear in this area has a chance to drop a nice hands item, so try to kill him every time he is up, he is 100k PL., however you must be getting the LUCKY message to have them drop. Which probably isn't possible at this level unless you have a crazy good luck roll, this luck roll can change every day. When you kill him you will see "You're feeling Lucky!" in pink/purple if you have enough luck. Kill him several times to get the bear claws.

Object: \\\\Steel Bear Claws////, 450 armor hands, no layer, 6 str 6 spd

Some other choices

Darkhaven has some mobs starting at 10k up to 1mil.

Gin Mountains has several good gaining mobs. Don't forget to ENTER some of the caves.

Gaining post 1 million

Somewhere in the 100k's you should have unlocked powerup and as it goes up in % you can powerup all the way to x8. Some people prefer to keep this around x4 because stats gain a little better, however this is up to you on how you like to gain. Once you've unlocked powerup and suppress you are more easily able to tune your powerlevel to whatever area you go to. Check in the next sections for some ideas of where to go.

Eternal Dragon Statue Spoiler

You'll need to be at least 50k PL to complete this (and punctuation), and I suggest doing it as soon as you can.

Head to the namek elder, all east and up from Mephablo, and SAY WHAT QUEST? then SAY I'D LIKE TO TAKE ON THIS QUEST

EXAM SAPPHIRE, EXAM SCUFF, find the Elder of Wisdom in one of the huts below the Elder, and SAY KOUSENGAN

Return to the Elder with the Head then you'll get A Dull Ruby, visit the Elder of Strength in the hut below, then head west to the blacksmith.

GIVE RUBY BLACKSMITH, head just to the east and go to the Overseer, SAY KOUJARI SENT ME. Return to the blacksmith and GIVE ORDERS BLACKSMITH. You'll get a beautiful ruby and head back to the Elder of Strength.

Return to the elder with the Body and you'll get a book. Take the book to the Elder of courage. GIVE BOOK ELDER. Then head west back to the same overseer you saw for the blacksmith. SAY MOSHEEGA SENT ME. (with a period)

Head back west to where Mephablo is, and then head north and kill nameks in each of the fields to the east and west until you get one of each seed. You'll need 5 seeds total. Walk back to the overseer who gave you the task and you'll get a vial.

Walk back to the elder, BUT DO NOT leave the room too quickly or you won't get the item. Once you have the arms go back to the elder.

Go to the empty elder hut and wait in this room until the final elder pays you a visit. You'll get the final piece which is the base. Return back up to the elder and get your Dragon Statue!

The Eternal Dragon Statue is a hold item, with 5 str, 5 spd, 4 spr, and 3 frt, the biggest thing is it gives you an extra 5% gains!