Google Doc Dump

This is a dump of miscellaneous google doc stuff that I have not yet verified. Most of it should be true but I haven't sorted through it yet.

Ginyu Basement (~2b)

  • It is rec ommended you be at least 2b before venturing into this area, in spite of what the sign says. “Cybernetic Behemoths” are not only aggressive, but unreasonably powerful for their respective PL - be advised that fighting them at even double their PL is challenging.

  • This area houses cybernetically enhanced beings. These creatures all have a luck-based drop for a cybernetic enhancement - it appears that the drop rate diminishes over time to prevent continued farming, but it’s a great way to earn 5 distinct layer128 items (back, body, waist, legs, arms) and any excess medcybernetic enhancements may be exchanged with Cybrus for 250k zeni a piece. It is easily possible to farm in upwards of 8-10m zeni from Cybrus before the drop rolls diminish to a point you can’t receive enhancements. Be sure to collect all the gear you want before this occurs.

Darkhaven (10k to 1m gaining PL) - you will need a light

  • Green shadowbeasts (10k)

  • Yellow shadowbeasts (50k)

  • Red shadowbeasts (100k) - they transform into a 200k(?) PL mob that drops an Aura with +2 to all stats.

  • To the west is a quest area with a hold item (inferior to the Namekian Statue), a sword (if you’re not weaponless) and a shield (comparable to the ones sold on Ginyu but inferior to the best one, however free). You can also take the ark back to the noble in his castle and he will give you a crown (head item) which has reasonably high stats for this point in the game.

  • Hint: Give Skull to northeast, Give Shield northwest, Give Sword north. Go south to the requiem, then give hourglass req for the Ark.

  • The locations for sacrificing the ark are as follows: Stairway to heaven, a diamond shaped area with a central room will cause the ark to react (sac here for shield), the skeleton of a demon to the far west of the winding passages, take the fork that doesn’t go to the hellkites (sac her-e for the sword), a forest shrine to the very far north of the area with shadowbeasts (sac here for skull), and finally north of town in the castle, you can find the noble [forget his name] who outright takes the ark in exchange for a crown.

  • The executioner in town also offers his blade, but has a prog dealing a flat 20 damage which he uses with abandon, and a PL limit for his drop that makes the fight a challenge.

  • The rock elementals also drop shadowiron ore which can be taken to the blacksmith northeast of the shadowbeast’s area, allowing him to forge layer 16 armor, leggings and sleeves.

  • The shop in this area has some Spidersilk gear that improve your Ki regen during your healing tick and has decent stats. The bandages are layer 2 body, about, leg, hands and feet. The shop also sells a shirt and a robe.for layer 8 body and about respectively.

Jingle Village (75m - 1b Gaining PL)

  • located through the western forest south of capsule corp, to the north-east of the Western Desert

  • (Initial bits are a perfect gap filler between Ginyu Base and Feldron)

  • Required to complete a mini-quest to gain entry to the area (it involves monkeys, and leaves, and goo, and hidden rings!)

  • Mobs start at 50m (Spiders, Monkeys, frogs etc.)

  • Once through the plane crash (bring something to heal yourself with!) the mobs are 200m+ (Hawks, Foxes, Hares)

  • From where you land after the crash, to the north is Jingle Village

    • Here, there is a single shop that exchanges items for ‘ice shards’ - its not clear how to obtain these

  • Avoid the down exit to the west (until you can kill them ~700m), as its full of agro 400m Ice Demons

    • The Demons have a chance to respawn on their death.. perpetually.. Pay close attention to your life, as there's only one direction to flee that doesn’t have more angry demon’s trying to gouge flesh from your face.

  • To the east is Muscle Tower, through Mt Shiver, where the Red Ribbon Army resides (Guards start off at 300m) - avoid going past the second level, as there is no way to get down from here unless you get past the 800m Major Metallitron mob.

Kanassa (900k to 15m gaining PL?) i

  • instant auo or catch the Homeworld Transport, or Capsule Corp transporter

  • Kanassa Child (900k), Kanassa Villagers (1m)

  • Kanassian Pilgrims and Waywatchers (2m - 2.5m)

  • Kanassan Students (3.5m - 4m)

  • Psychics (5m)

  • Invisible students (6m)

Yardrat Forest (1B to 15B Gaining PL)

  • inst yak

  • Young Yak’s are 1B (Northern Field)

  • Adult Yak’s are 3B (Western Field)

  • Young Goretusks are 5B (Southeastern Field)

  • Adult Goretusks are 7.5B (Southwestern Field)

  • Both Yaks and Goretusks drop pelts of their respective type and occasionally drop “Perfect” pelts, all of which can be taken to the tanner to make leather [and armor], and the latter of which also grants you a sizeable zeni reward.

CCARF: Super Android 13

  • Inst Marron

  • Speedwalk nnnennnessssseeeeeeeeennnnnnessss

  • Located near Tree of Might area.

  • Mobs range through about 10b to 100b

Cordican (5b to 75b Gaining PL, with some gaps)

  • inst Isaac

  • Androids can fly to the metal system in a ship

  • It’s advisable to supplement this area with other spots - there are some large gaps between some PLs

  • You will have to explore the area heavily to obtain keys, and a knowledge of the various PL mobs locations.

  • You will need some way to breathe in space (it can be found somewhere nearby - don’t worry, it won’t kill you instantly)

  • You will need a light

  • Most [if not all] mobs in this area drop a “seed” you can exchange for gear. These pieces of equipment are restricted to HARDCORE (Not including Super Hardcore) characters only!

Bibidi’s Stronghold (30B to 300B Gaining PL)

  • inst Yemma

  • go west and say yes

  • Area drops 1b PL Req. stackable feet gear, supplemented by a shop in the area for the complete set (Except layer 128).

  • Majin Warriors (30b mobs)

  • Majin Soldier (65b mobs) - Drop door key for steel door

  • Majin Lieutenants (100b mobs)

  • Majin Captain (125b mobs)

  • Majin Commander (150b mobs)

  • Cave Beast (160b mobs)

  • The Bright Yellow Rooms have a low chance to spawn a mob.

  • Note: You can hand in the looted/bought equipment in this area to the Supreme Kai to turn them into int-gear.

  • Killing Bibidi in here runs through one of the two quests in this area - he can be found inside the stronghold behind a closed door on each level

  • At the bottom floor of the quest when you fight Salrot, he drops a decent necklace.

  • At the e1nd of the quest, after killing Buu you have a chance to get either a perma-light or a layer 2 armor.

Leviathan’s Shipwreck (150b to 450b Gaining PL)

  • Area is found to the south of the ship bay on Leviathan, and is essentially a continuation on from the storyline in Cordican Shipwreck - including HC-only gear. You may still need your spacesuit (space breathing) from Cordican! Again, like Cordican, some of the mobs drop material (I *think* 4 different coloured Symbiote Dataseed’s in total) which you hand in at the Bethany Character, for more hc-only gear.

  • Head to the west when you can, and find Bruce - ask him about the door.

    • The mobs through here, and in the entire area are predominantly load-on-entry, so always be ready to fight!

    • Symbiote Hatchlings (100b)

    • Symbiote Broodmothers (150b)

    • Symbiote Genesplicers (200b)

  • Symbiote Warriors (200b)

  • Once you’ve got the keycard, head to the eastern area now

    • Symbiote Termagaunt (200b)

      • Fight these guys for long enough and they’ll load Rippers (150b)

    • Be sure to exmaine the area here carefully to find the password for the bridge

    • In the bridge area, you’ll find the key to the southern asteroid area

      • Symbiote Juggernaughts (200b)

      • Symbiote Splicers (175b)

  • Through the Southern, Crystal door

    • Symbiote Ravagers (225b)

    • Crystal Symbiote (200b)

Planet Kayin (45B to ?)

  • Say “Kayin” to the guy in the CoE Konatsu Armory

  • Jungle Bandit (45B)

  • Konatsu Assassin (50B) - Aggro

  • Razor Panther (75B) - Chance of Panther Eye Necklace

  • Shadow Stalker (85B)

  • X’zorfin (1T)

  • Ik]ui] Say “City” to get through the gate

    • Twitch gives you a key to get through the gate for 500k

    • Be sure you stop and say hello to Quon, he will show ya how to get to the next part

  • Saiyan Taskforce Member (200B)

  • Doax (345B)

  • Meigs (450B)

Vendetta (200B to 600B Gaining PL)

  • The bulk of the gaining mobs in this area are relatively simple to kill - you can quite easily fight them at even PL.

  • inst controller

  • Go E and N till you can go NE

  • You will see the spacepod

  • say open

  • say launch

  • Maintenance (200B mobs)

  • Cabins (400B mobs)

    • Shadow’s Room - waiting in here at a current PL <500b will spawn a mob that drops a Scouter

      • Enhanced Sense Vision from Cowardly Student

    • Lebain’s room - must be sitting/resting - spawns a 300b puppy - drops a 128 feet item

      • Plush Husky Dog Fur Boots

    • Tebow’s room - Mysterious fighter - 750b - drops earrings (Tainted Pride)

    • Merron’s room - spawns ‘Boink’ - drops a 16 Legs item - Spider Carapace Leg Armor

  • Cargo (600B mobs, two 1T mobs)

  • If you aren’t an android, you can effectively ignore the plasma cells. Androids will likely buy them at auction, as they are healing items, or you can eat them as you get them.

ICERD (1.2T to 3T Gaining PL)

  • To get there, you can either fly your spaceship (unknown which solar system its in though!) or use the transporter in Capsule Corp (say ICERD to be transported)

  • May be max PL for drops. 2t works.

  • First mobs you’ll run into are the Janitors and Maintenance Workers - both drop 100bil req. gear (uniform layer 64 body and gloves layer 8 hands)

  • The first door (and there are two others inside just like it) are password doors - password can be found by looking closely at descriptions (One of the rooms mentions some dropped paper..)

  • Once you’re through the door, be careful! You’ll enter into a room of 4 aggressive 1T Icerian Guards, who have a chance (rather high chance) of spawning their Supervisors of death (1.2T). Both drop gear (Kneepads layer 32 legs and Boots layer 4 feet respectively)

  • Saiyan Warriors drop Leather Saiyan Leggings (layer 2 legs)

  • The second door to the south-east of the area - the code can be found from the Janitors. Behind here are the Saiyan Clones - 1.1T mobs that have a chance to respawn.

  • Third doors passcode (the one in the north-east section, past the locked door) can be found by looking (at the floor) through the kitchen/dining room area. Through here, there is a single mob - Icerian Surgeon, that drops the key to the locked door.

  • The area seems to have a ‘quest’, which starts with a mob through the Saiyan Clone area, asking to be fed, and suggesting that you head to the kitchen and find something (he should randomly prompt it). The cook should ask you to find him a cookbook, and once you return it to him you’ll end up with a Sushi that you can take back to the starving Monkey.

  • The Monkey gives you the combination to the coloured button door on the western side of the area

  • Codes are84870 8484870870, 13375, red blue white, and 49085

Overlord’s Lookout (800B to 6T Gaining PL)

  • inst Duto

  • There is a Portal on Kami’s lookout, for you non-IT capable folk, through the Guardians of the Earth - you ‘enter’ the area through the Winds.

  • Asgard in the northern portion

    • Has a low drop chance for a tritone mask, has good stats but no armor.

    • [Avatars 2T]

    • Each avatar drops their respective aurasuras, which you take to the Lightning Avatar for a chance at an Aura of Elemental Mastery (+15 to all stats, with a really good healing tick) or an Aura of Wrathful Skies (better stats, but no heal tick)

    • The alternative dimension time chamber thingy can be found through the throne room - say hello to the mobs inside to find out more! - Rumor has it that each area has a Runestone, that when collected unlocks a fourth alternative reality area..

    • Each ‘named mob’ in this alternative chamber reality drops an item (to be confirmed!)

    • Has a low drop chance for a tritone mask, has good stats but no armor.

    • Age of Invaders (1T) - Boss 3T & ??T

    • Age of Demons (1.8T) - Boss 4T

    • Age of Champions (3T) - named mobs are 4T

    • Age of Kings (10T) ←- Alleged 4th Reality

Vessen Village (5t - 25t)

  • To get there, IT dreina, or you can find your way by taking the ship east of yemma, navigating through Grand Kai’s Planet to find the portal - it’s not too difficult - key’s in his car, find the right dsphere.

  • War’s minion (5t) are north of the IT point

  • Plague Elemental (6t) - south of the IT point

  • Famine’s Demon (7t) - west and north-west of the IT point

  • Dragon Teen (7.5t) - west and south-west, through the village

  • Shadow Elemental (8t)

Planet of the Kais (8t - 10t)

  • Find the first camp leader to start the quest here.

  • Kaio Researcher (8t)

To get there, IT Shin, or use a Capsule

EvE (1t - 10t)

  • Get there by flying your ship or through the capsule corp transports

  • IT Point is SAM

CCARRF: Tree of Might (1m - 100m PL)

  • Area is to the south of the Holographic rooms in Capsule Corp - instant bulma, then there’s a speedwalk in the ‘help speedwalk’ help file

  • Pretty straightforward area - examine things, read things, kill things

  • You get the ‘Fruit of the Tree of Might (partially, fully, holy-crap its ripe!) out of the quest, which once eaten, gives you a x5, x10 or x15 PL modifier (Sadly only the x5 fruit can be obtained now.)

  • Mobs start off at 1 million PL, and jump to 5 million once you get through the first area.

The Lotus Temple (10m to 80m)

  • Instant Mhenlo

  • You can also walk from the spaceport (the transport point from a capsule / capsule corp), by heading south and taking the south-east exit

  • Aside from the quest in this area (see quest area below) there are also nice gaining mobs

  • Inside the temple, Hydian Students range from 10m, 20m, 40m, 60m and 80m

  • Each section of the students has a single piece of equipment, useful for relatively low [25m PL] characters.

Zobraizubre Mountains (150m - 2b?)

  • instant 2.ike

  • Land of the Bio-Warriors - be careful when entering area, as there is an agro 350m mob to the north-east

  • Bio-warriors start at 100m PL

  • There are aggro mobs just after the doors (that need keycards), so be careful!

  • Next level of Bio-warriors are 550m PL (past th0e locked door)

  • Almost all named mobs (Ebifura, et al) in this area drop a piece of gear.

Maima Region (150m - 2.25b)

  • Instant Maima

  • Or walk west from landing area

  • Higher level quest for a decent item.

Capsule Corp (350M Junkions)

  • inst marron

  • speedwalk

    • nnnwnnnwnwwwdssssddddde

  • Junkions are a gap-filler until you can kill things on Feldron - you want to be fighting them around 450mil depending on your equipment

  • Junkions drop the S-3 suppression chip, a stopgap suppression chip for Androids which quarters your base PL. It’s not especially useful since you can’t countermand the effect with a command, and it uses up your shield slot, but it is a free alternative to the incredibly expensive underclock chip, in the interim.

Feldron (600M to 2b Gaining PL)

  • inst dumastin

  • Crystal District (100m - 200m mobs)

  • Quartz District (300m - 400m mobs)

  • Onyx District (400m - 500m mobs)

  • Galactic Spaceport (650m - 700m mobs)

  • Courtyard & Castle - (800m - 1 x 1b mobs)